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Default The Two Sides of the Serpent Race

The fallowing is my best guess as to the creation of humanity when I compile my research and thoughts into Spirituality, Religion, Science, and culture.

There was a race of serpents that are referenced under many names. (Serpents, daemons, demons, angels, dragons, etc.) They came to Earth and created modern humanity by either interbreeding with and or genetically manipulating advanced primates of the time.

The serpents disagreed as to what to do with us. Some saw the seeds for greatness in us, and wanted us to reach their level of advancement in Spirituality, technology, and civilization. Others, thought that we should stay subservient to their whims as a lower class.

The serpents that saw more for us brought advanced knowledge and technology to humanity and encouraged us to teach ourselves discernment (the knowledge of the difference between good and evil) as well as wisdom.

The other serpents saw this as heresy and betrayal. They punished the serpents that brought knowledge to humanity (either driving them away from our planet, sending them into hiding amongst us, or killing them.)

In vengeance against their serpent brethren and to keep us in line; these serpents decided to try to kill us. They then plunged the planet into a catastrophic state. (Perhaps this was the bringing in of the moon. If not, they could have caused the upheavals other ways.)

Those most tied to the serpent blood rose to lead humanity. However, much like the serpents themselves; there was division in their allegiance. There was also division in the rest of humanity as to where to go from here.

Some blamed the serpents 'gods' that gave us technology 'fire' and condemned them for bringing down the disasters 'floods and other catastrophes.' They decided to worship the "wining" gods and lead humanity into servitude under this race. Others (and this is why I think the serpents on our side are either still with us or are at least still spiritually communicating with us) decided to worship the serpents that brought us fire and saw great potential in us to also 'become gods.'

After the serpents that were against us destroyed our great civilizations on Earth, the serpents on both sides set to re-building Earth in their image. Those against us creating structures of hierarchy with which to rule us; those on our side breaking these systems to set us free.

Some say we were created to be slaves; others say we were created to someday be gods. I think, in a way, both were true. As we were created by a race that became divided on the issue of what to do with us and had different motives for us in mind.

This explains the evolutionary gap and the similarities of so many creation accounts that speak of fallen angels/gods from heaven tempting us to give ourselves discernment, knowledge, and wisdom (serpent in the Garden of Eden, Prometheus, and an almost uncountable amount of others.) It also explains why the two sides are both represented so often as serpents and why the Spiritual/Occult workings of both sides use the same symbols and techniques; they come from the same race that is simply using them in two different ways (light side and dark side.)

This also accounts for why a slew of Spiritual and Religious traditions worship the serpents and about as many scorn them. Way back then and into today people are choosing to fallow the serpents; either the ones that are working with us toward our freedom or the ones that want to enslave us and rule our world.

What do you think?

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I agree, many tribal peoples worship serpent deitys or reptilian beings, there is never any malice in those legends.
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