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Default Illuminati drones and whores pt2

This thread i am going to focus on the drones and handlers of the porn industry. A lot of mind control victims (male and female) end up in the porn industry since they want to be seen and perceived has being normal, by a group of people who themsleves are degraded on a daily basis. This is the victims being drawn to their own kind.

A good place to start is the porn "star" Annette Schwarz.

i want to be a porno actress for a few more years, after that I would like to have my own production running, so that I do not have to look like a 40 year old when I turn 25
Schwarz is involved in pissing porn and other more degrading types of porn. Again when you see photos of her she looks robotic and brainwashed.

But the reason she is like that might be down to this porn company:

John Thompson productions deals in difficult and severe porn of a extreme nature. They are responsible for the GGG series of movies that has woemn being severely degraded and abused by groups of men in one shooting. A lot of the women in these videos are probably damged on so many levels that they are essentially drones to be abused.

German Goo Girls

The GGG series started in 1998.[3] It focuses on bukkake [12], however also features gangbangs, lesbian sex and very occasionally urolagnia, and is the most successful of all JT productions. GGG is distributed in the United States by Black Widow Productions, who had to move to a larger warehouse to cope with demand for the series.[13][14] GGG won in the 'Special Video production' category at the 2004 Venus Awards.[15] GGG title 'Cissie's Cum Show' was nominated in the 'Best Specialty Release – Other Genre' category at the 2006 AVN Awards [14][16] The series also won the Adam Film World 'Most Outrageous Sex Series' award in 2005, and is discussed in the 2008 book 'Alles über Porno!', by Marcel Feige.[17][18][19] Importing the GGG title 'Vollgespritzt & Vollgepisst' to Canada is prohibited, due to it being deemed obscene by the Canadian authorities.[20] GGG launched the career of Annette Schwarz; so far the only actress to have worked with John Thompson to have gone on to a successful mainstream porn career in the United States

Again we see this link to Germany with these types of porn videos being made. But more importantly this seems to be a major hub for funding and financing these types of video. Follow the money. When done so it leads to illuminati cover groups. More on this to follow...
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I think i've seen that girl ones, too. she certainly sounds like beeing on H or ex H-addict.
I remember now the GGG production. Its very extreme and I bet they had the girl with the illuminati eye over her "hobbybox".
As far as a guy told me, you can be part in these productions (as a man), too. I mean you dont need to be a porn actor. That should be the reason why the guys almost always wear masks. Certainly nothing what a normal girl understands as a porn. But lots of guys think otherwise.

well if you only take GGG it refers to 777.
G beeing the 7th letter of alphabet.
crowley anyone? ^^

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