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Default Barack Obama Clones

Here is the original Barack Obama:

Here is another Barack Obama: look at his face during his laugh at 3:19... who the hell is that?? It ain't Barack, thats for sure! Worst look-alike ever.

And yet another Barack Obama: this one is a better clone but still a fatter face and not the orig. obama! theres a lot more original obama videos out.



look up pictures of Barack Obama up until Late July. His haggard appearance and the use of clones/lookalikes coincides with the release of my expose which can be found on the forums under illuminati/secret societies "Psychic powers, mind control, and freemasons."

This pussy got so haggard and evil and keeps mentally attacking my dog. This is absolutely real stuff going on in this world!
Anyway, blacks in power have a different look. Ever notice that? Louis Farrakhan, Malcolm X, Condoleezza Rice, These three baracks. Even my home city Police Chief Charles Ramsey... also atty general Eric Holder. These individuals are of a different genetic stock! I'm sure if we searched in government we'd find more of these Off-black people. Anyway, they are from a world called Escape, and it's actually the moon. Telescopes can only zoom in so far and after that its all B.S. pictures from NASA. Well, you'll hear more about this and mind control in the upcoming years. Philadelphia is a breaking ground for this movement because it is severely infected. Folks know now that psychic and schizophrenia is the same thing! Freemasons and celebrities give people voices. Period. Check this site out : http://ezinearticles.com/?How-To-Kno...You&id=1135093 along with my expose on this forum under illuminati secret societies called psychic powers, mind control, and freemasons. These writings explain what real psychic powers are.

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I'm running slow now and can't watch the videos, but here's to add to your collection.

:*¨¨*:··:*¨¨*:··:*¨¨*:··:*¨¨*:·:*¨ ¨*:··:*¨¨*:

You've been up all night just listening for his drum
Hoping that the righteous might just might just might just might just come
I heard the general whispering to his aide de camp
Be watchful for Mohammed's lamp
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I don't really see the difference in the video clips but I do in the photo in the post above
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Fuck, this is well and truly up there with the almighty Faul theory. lol
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Default More info

the longhorns video is clear indication of a clone. I paused his face four or five times during the video it is CLEARLY NOT OBAMA!!!! the new guy is also a procured clone from escape

FATFACE is the new guy
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It's called stress. Look how Blair changed.
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