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Default William K. Zabel - Columbine a ritual sacrifice.

Unfortunately his site columbineconspiracy.com was shutdown.. This is a 2:30 minute interview, Zabel gives a tell all about the conversation he had with families of the victims, and expensive documents he had to obtain from Jefferson County police (JeffCo).

The event actually lasted from 9am to 3:45pm.
Multiple survivors report multiple SWAT like agents with NATO insignia wielding MP5, were running around like madmen and shooting randomly.
How over 125 people were actually injured (one girl was shot far away and the bullet that hit her head failed penetrate her skull, was unconscious for a little while, and wasn't counted as injured), AND how more people actually died than in the Official story (and parents likely had to file missing persons report with no investigation from the authorities).
One of the victim's parents said their child's 'soul was finally free' in a happy way.
Nearly all of the student's parents were former intelligence gatherers and military officers.
At the memorial there were top generals and pop stars (Powell and Aerosmith frontman) and there were with doves released into the air.
At the columbine HS, there is a Wicca like tree grove built in the library were shots were fired.
Students who reported a hallway full of bodies, were told to forget what they saw or were ACCIDENTED.
Atleast 50 witnesses reporting atleast 3 shooter being and talking together.
Survivors and relatives getting suicided, or into freak accidents/cancers
The alleged perpetrators bragging about staging a school shooting in front of everyone 2 days before.
HAARP emmiting rays on inhabitants of the school to 'docile them' (make them hallucinate or something like that)

Very sick stuff... must listen... surprised this wasn't available on Youtube.. I was going to upload it there but the risks seem too damn great...

i tried uploading it at depositfiles.com and it kept saying it was an illicit file after uploading... Zabel's been studying for a decade now... he said he'll start on Virginia tech next... hopefully he's still alive..

Date of interview is around April 12, 2009..

keywords (so it can be found on google search engine and such): Columbine satanic ritual, Columbine cover up, Columbine psyop

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Is the the Binall Interview? You can download or stream it right from his site:


Binall was never able to contact him after this interview-he just disappeared and that site has been like that forever.

I'm not sure what to make of it but it's worth a listen.
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Interview is with a host from phantomchasers.com but yeah it is 2h27m long.

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Amazing info. I could intuitively feel in my gut that something wasn't quite right about this whole event when it was going down in real time on live TV.

Interesting also the letting go of the doves. Very similar to what was seen at princess Diana's funeral.
"Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes." -- Carl Jung
"The educated person is one who knows how to find out what he does not know" -- George Simmel
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You can see a picture of tree grove artwork

skip to 3:45

Death education taught at Columbine

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It is a fact that the trenchcoat mafia(TCM) clique, of which Harris and Klebold were part, had a very heavy satanic orientation. This fact was carefulloy covered up by the media and police, but it is evident in the statements made by the students and teachers at that school:

1)  TCMer Eric Dutro walking around the school cafeteria telling people that "Satan loves you"(Kelly Beer, 6106) in the spring of '98.

2)  TCM associate Courtney van Dell, aka 'devil girl,'  wore barettes in her hair to make it look like she had horns.  Said to be a 'wikken'(sic) or a devil worshipper(Kristi Mohrbacher(1010), Jessica Lucero(1508 ), Leigh Ann Clark(2723)).

3)  The students seeking shelter with Clement Park worker Steve Ogle(1056) told him the perpetrators were TCM and were "satanists".

4)  Jecoa Catt(1364) told IO that the TCM were satanic.

5)  Jason Jones(1474) observed the TCM playing 'magic' cards in the cafeteria, which were about the devil and about power.

6)  Lacey Shotts(1651) said she believed the TCM students were 'devil worshippers.'

7)  Jen Smull saw TCMer Robert Perry at a halloween party dressed as a worlock(1827).

8 ) Student Perlman(4054) said TCMer Joe Stair used to come to woodshop class with a book he called 'the devil's bible'.

9)  Prior to 4th hour on 4-20, Nicole Ray(4144) saw a male TCMer in the science hall, with his hair fashioned into devil's horns.

10) TCM associate Nathan Dykeman's bedroom wall was supposedly covered with devil posters(4630).

11)  Nathan Dykeman says Harris called him 'devil man'.(10710)

12)  Daniel Burg(5838 ) told the IO that "...the TCM--they're like satanists."

13)  TCM leader Chris Morris told Mark Hengel(5899) "I don't believe in God. I follow Satan's Commandmants."

14)  Sara Lutes(6821) says the TCM were satanic, and that they wore satanic symbols on their shirts, underneath their trenchcoats.

15)  Chris Hooker, 18, said they were "satanic individuals."
"We'd see them every day. They've threatened to kill people ... but nobody thought that was serious," Hooker said.

16)  Library Intern Mary Ziccardi(13647) spent one week at CHS in November of '98.  Says Eric Harris "looked like the devil" and may have worn black lipstick.

17)  Teacher Mr. Long(EP24-17) said he kicked TCM associate Joe Stair out the computer class for accessing satanic sights.  This happened last year.(1998)

18 ) TCM associate Eric Ault(10645) told the IOs that "they were into satanic worship."

19)  Jennfer Harmon(8835):  "...one of their friends-'Becka'-was waiting for the devil to take over the soul."

20)  Brooks Brown(USAToday.com):  "They're(TCM) all big on anti-God Satanism.  They are really just 'pure hate'."

21)  What kind of music did the TCM like?  'Devil' music according to Brandi Wiseman(4751).

22)  Trista Fogerty(1420):  TCM were satanic, when she first got to CHS friends told her to avoid the group.

23)  Nicole Markham(8794):  "Harris was into...heavy satanic music."

24)  Nicole Lawson, sophomore(3526):  (TCM associates)"Stephanie(Kinny) and Kelly(Schwab) would draw "fnords" on the black board.  Fnords are little symbols that were servants of the devil.  They would draw a whole bunch of them.  They did it when no one was looking."    ['fnord' is thought to stand for 'for no other reason, discord']

25)  TCM associate Chuckie Phillips(10866) internet code([email protected]) name was meant to represent a servant of the devil.

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Hello fellow truthseekers, just joined this Forum. I've been searching for info on William K. Zabel, but running into dead-ends. Up until just a few days ago I was listening to his YouTube binnallofamerica interview. But now I see that, according to YT, 'the account holder has terminated their account' or something to that effect. Anyway, he's kinda disappeared. Anyone out there know anything about Zabel's activities in 2010? Last interviews he gave seem all from 2009......
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The late Bill Cooper on the Columbine Massacre:
"It is no accident that these killings were carried out just before Colorado, Illinois, Missouri, and several other States were scheduled to vote on Concealed Carry laws, and just two weeks before the NRA Convention was to take place in Denver. It is the traditional time of human sacrifice demanded by the ancient, New Age, and New World Order pagan gods Baal, Ishtar and Moloch. Your children are being programmed by mind control operations which utilize music, movies, television and computer games. Wake up...the agenda is gun control."

We may have lost 3000 americans on 9/11, but we lost 3 million on 11/5. R.I.P. Bill.

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