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Default Aaron Burr : A True American Hero (Killuminati)

If you are an American that believes in freedom you should already be angry.

Note the term in large letters, "New Constitution." And I can just imagine a pupil in the middle of the Seal...

Writers of The Federalist included Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay. The primary being Hamilton.

In these essays Hamilton also argued against the Bill of Rights, particularly in essay 84.

Hamilton also started the first Central Bank in America, which was widely unaccepted, and unconstitutional. But Hamilton argued for his own Constitution anyway, so clearly that was no issue for him.

Aaron Burr was largely opposed to the Ideas of Hamilton, and on top of their political differences, the two just did not like each other. Hamilton had gone around quite a lot to get people to not vote for Burr. In a battle fore presidency Thomas Jefferson was running against Aaron Burr. The election was a tie, and in the house of representatives more than 30 votes were taken to decide who would win, always resulting in a tie. The tie was broken by Alexander Hamilton stepping in and speaking against Burr and his character. Burr also partially blamed his loss in a later election for New York Governor on Hamilton.

Burr eventually challenged Hamilton to a duel in which he killed him.

Burr and Hamilton were also both Freemasons... On wikianswers one supposed high level mason even gave this bit of information on Burr:

According to Masonic Tradition passed down through the lessons of the Scottish Rite
32-33 Degree Honorary Brotherhood of Free Masons
I will pass on according to that Tradition that:
Yes, Arron Burr was a Free Mason, as were 33 or so of General Washington's Command during the Revolutionary War with Brittan. He was given a Masonic Trial as a Traitor and Expatriate along with a Treason Trial held separately by the government.
George Washington sitting as Master of his Lodge presided over his Masonic Trial, the end result was Arron Burr being banned from the Fraternal Order, and "shunned" by all Free Masons during that period. He was stripped of all his Masonic virtues, and pronounced guilty of Treason and Conduct unbecoming a Free Mason as a result of his guilty verdict.
WB Frank Seeley (PM 83') Blairstown Lodge 165 F&AM

According to the laws of the masonic brotherhood a fight like the one between Burr and Hamilton surely would have this outcome, and Burr must have known that as well.

After all of this, Burr was grievously wounded politically and was eventually accused of a massive conspiracy to basically form his own country as a despot on the Louisiana territory. He eventually went to Europe where he also did poorly, and was even denied residence by another occultist, Napoleon Bonaparte, who would of course follow suit with the Masons in shunning. Did the Masons frame and discredit Burr for his slaying of Hamilton and disobedience to the ideas of their order?
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