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Default Reviving frozen life under Antarctica

I'm just speculating here but let's say what if there are creatures or primitive people perfectly preserved under the south pole? Is there or will there ever be any technology to revive these preserved beings? I'm sure something already exist that can bring them back but I wonder if it's being done, has been done, or ever will be done? Maybe it hasn't even been thought of yet? I could imagine excavating there and finding a frozen being of any sort and reviving it, excluding any massive beasts with the potential to wreak havoc. The only thing that bothers me about this idea is that if at all possible, would it even be for the eyes and ears of the public?
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When humans (and most animals) freeze, crystals form in the blood which destroy the cells and tissue, leaving the body too damaged to be revived. Ancient people and animals like wooly mammoths HAVE been found frozen, but the damage to the body is much too severe to revive them. It would be like reviving a mummy, much of the tissue is reduced to mush. Cloning would probably be the only way to do it.

There are insects though (such as bees), which can be frozen for considerable amounts of time and then thawed out with no harm done.
There's also a lizard with a natural anti-freeze in its blood which enables it to freeze itself for some time.

When it comes to humans, there may be a way to cryogenically preserve someone by removing all their blood and replacing it with a cold saline solution. You'd then return the blood to the body, and use electric shocks to revive them. This procedure has already been sucessfully performed on dogs.
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. . . not to mention the cellular damage of being smashed under 2 kilometers of ice for several million years . . .
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Cloning would be the only way. I dont know if thats possible without a host to carry it. I dont know much about the process but I just assume that the host would miscarry since the DNA is not a match and would be considered foreign to the body?
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