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Default Dr. Ewen Cameron and CIA MK Ultra Experiments

Dr. Ewen Cameron and CIA MK Ultra Experiments

Dr. Ewen Cameron was the director of the Allan Memorial Institute and the head of the World Psychiatric Association. Dr. Ewen Cameron and the Allan Memorial Institute were funded by the Central Intelligence Agency MK Ultra program. It was at the Allan Memorial Institute where he carried out his experiments on unsuspecting Canadian patients.

His techniques were called “psychic driving and depatterning.” The techniques would include the use of psychotropic drugs like Sodium Amytal, LSD-25, and Desoxyn and “tape recorded messages that would be repeated “over and over” in 24 hour long periods. The treatments later used high intensity electroshock treatments.

Through these techniques he would bring about patients’ comas and their depatterning, the breaking of their mind causing brain damage. Patients would find it hard to perform the activities of daily living, and they would sometimes be turned into “children.” They would find it hard to perform as adults with their prior adult egos. They would have to be helped by their family members. Patients would also lose memory.

In later years it was discovered that the Canadian government approved the administration of the experiments. The patients sued both the United States and Canadian governments. The patients settled out of court with both governments.

This was one part of the MK Ultra program….

Documentary “Ewen Cameron, Memory Thief”

Part 2

Part 3

Slate article, “The Birth of Soft Torture,” includes history of Ewen Cameron’s experiments

Wikipedia Article on Ewen Cameron
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