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Default Keylontic Science

I've only just discovered *this website*. I came by it from examining the *Emerald Tablets of Thoth*, said to be ~26,000 years old. In it was mentioned the Halls of Amenti, involving the "Cheops" pyramid. So I Googled "Halls of Amenti" and found this.

What intrigues me about it is that it ties neatly together the research of David Icke (which is in many ways a compilation of many researchers) and Dr Paul LaViolette (talks about a periodic galactic center explosion — which is due ~2012) and doesn't appear to be in any way dogmatic. It says it is based upon commonly understood knowledge from 246,000 years ago, of which the orginal source is still retained as holographic discs. This information has from time to time been returned to humanity, but of course certain types (Drakonian-reptilian, as well as others) described thus:

"A being acting from a standpoint of separation has lost some or all of its ability to draw its sustenance from the Primal Life Force currents of Source. It therefore feels compelled to feed off other life forms in order to survive."

continue to distort and suppressed this knowledge, basically taking away the "instructions" for proper creative existence.

Anyway, decide for yourselves if this holds any merit. I started here:

Information on Dr Paul LaViolette (fascinating astrophysical science — does in the "Big Bang" theory)
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Nobody has any comments?
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"A being acting from a standpoint of separation has lost some or all of its ability to draw its sustenance from the Primal Life Force currents of Source. It therefore feels compelled to feed off other life forms in order to survive."
Since the HUMAN BEINGS at Azurite Press require payment ($big payment$) for their supposedly "vital" spiritual information
They feel compelled to feed off other life forms in order to survive.
They have lost some or all of their ability draw their sustenance from the Primal Life Force currents of Source.
They are beings acting from a standpoint of separation.
Human beings trying to sell you information which hasn't gotten them any further spiritually than any other human being.
You can know that they are of no higher spiritual level than you are.
They cannot teach you how to advance spiritually.
You give them money. They give you nothing of value, because they can't.
Their wealth increases, yours decreases.
Any being who depends on or can at all be adversely affected by human beings at all is in no way spiritually above a human being, no matter who it is.
Any truly "spiritual" being should have no use for money. Any being that would attempt to share truly vital spiritual information with human beings that could really help them significantly advance would have to be immune from the actions of the governing humans.
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You have to remember we are all still bound by the rules the draconian/anunaki/reptilians have set up here on Earth. From the distortions on the planet, to the distortions on our DNA caused by genetic manipulation, to the full blown global governing system they have set up here.

Because of this we are still part of the system no matter how much we choose not to be. We all need to feed off other energies like eating animals/plants, comfortable shelter, traveling, etc. When you are living in a system which uses money, financially you need help from others in exchange for the services you provide and to continue providing.

These energies are only borrowed (or at least should be). Whenever you give your energy to someone else you must be wise that you will get that energy back somehow through the services you just bought. It is this reason why nobody will offer anything for free these days. They will usually offer some stuff like introductory information, but not everything.

It is the same reason why David Icke doesn't just give away all his products. He has put many years of research and hard work into what he does. We may give away our energy (attention and money) to him temporarily, but we get it back in many other ways. In fact, in many ways we get more than what we give.

Another thing to remember. Because of the way society is structured (you pretty much can't do anything without having some source of income), it's almost impossible to offer services to others without having some form of financial base. When it comes to money there is a lot of room for corruption which (if you know anything about conspiracies) we know is one of the greatest forms of manipulation and evil. However, money can be used as a means to do great positive things too, but it's the intention behind it that counts.

If you come from a really poor background I understand that it's not easy to live by these rules. There are ways to break these rules temporarily until we can find ways to pay back the energy that we borrow. There are ways to illegally get the information we want to connect us to another piece of the puzzle. Call it stealing, but in a larger sense it's still borrowing. Somehow we will find ourselves paying back those which we stole from (we could give them that energy back in another form that's not money... it could be information). The internet is an easy way to do this, but there are other ways.

Once we all become spiritual beings and clear all the distortions that have been imposed on us by the dark forces, we can become our true human selves and not be subject to the means of using money. Currently no human on Earth is at their original divine blueprint self (not even the Earth itself). You won't find any spiritual services offered by humans to be free here, at least not yet.

Yordany Garrido
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At first I was put off by the Azurite Press fees for their products.
Then, upon closer inspection, I see that there is MUCH that is available for free. Many techniques and considerable information is available via the books for a reasonable price (Amazon) and videos online for free. For example the 6 hour Camelot interview on U-Tube.

Then I purchased two packages: Kathara Healing 1 and the Amsterdam workshop videos, for about $160 each. Upon inspection, I consider them a very good value for the money. They appear to be professionally done and both contain an IMMENSE amount of information. If this density and quantity of information were to be provided in real estate the charge would be in the thousands of dollars. If it were provided concerning computers (my profession) I would expect to pay approximately $800 each.

Now I realize that the Guardian Alliance has simply overwhelmed the "system" with factual detail that it ( we ) have difficulty absorbing because it is so immense. Those of us who are technically oriented should step up to the bar and start doing our homework. For ourselves and for mankind.

Actually the most important thing of all is whether or not you resonate with the teachings. Especially the part concerning how we should regard and treat each other and whether we should seek an outside intermediary in order to connect with our Creator/Source. All the rest is judging the book by its cover.

I also consider the book by Theresa Talea (The Truth About God, 2012-2022 Ascension, and Who we Really Are: How an Ex-Prophet and I Left Religion and Discovered Universes Beyond and Within) to be an excellent summary and commentary.
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Thumbs down Keylontic Science is another relige-ion & Sci-Fi

Originally Posted by zeebooboozee View Post
Since the HUMAN BEINGS at Azurite Press require payment ($big payment$) for their supposedly "vital" spiritual information

Human beings trying to sell you information which hasn't gotten them any further spiritually than any other human being.
You can know that they are of no higher spiritual level than you are.
They cannot teach you how to advance spiritually.
You give them money. They give you nothing of value, because they can't.
I agree.
Know WHO you are.
Truth is within.
Paint your own canvas with your stories and lore.
Be the dreamer of your dreams directing your own play

Keylontic Science formerly named Kathara (a claimed association with the Cathars of an Egyptain Priestess Order) by Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order, is another reliege-ion:
because it is organised and claim to have special access to Source material.

Several years ago I became interested in this group - mainly due to the founder's, Ashayna Deane alien abduction experiences and stories/books; these were fascinating.

During the three months I studied three of their video seminars/ courses and corresponding manuals.
Initially there were only two presenters, Ashayna Deane and one of her male partners. Then a third female presenter was introduced.
The only person who seemed to understand the complexity of what Keylontic Science was Ashayna Deane. The male presenter did not explain any concepts and mainly just read the meditation instructions and dance instructions while Ashayna took her regular smoke breaks. The third female presenter did not sound like she knew and understood the course content, the songs (in ?ancient Egyptian language) and many complicated symbols; she was an incompetent presenter.

At one point I remember Ashayna Deane attacked another spiritual guru, Drunvalo Melchizedek over his Merkabah meditation technique.
Ashayna claims Drunvalo is teaching the death Merkabah and wrong spin direction which will cause one to lose vital energy; too much loss can mean that even using her many song, dance, meditation, symbol techniques one cannot be saved. The practise of the Merkabah wrong spin will cause irreparable damage and those souls must restart again at Source as a group soul/memory complex.

From memory Ashayna Deane claims:
In Dec 2012 to March 2013 those who have activated 4-5 out of their 12 DNA strands and all their sub-strands in the 4-5 DNA strands can ascend by spinning their light body 'Merkabah' to travel through various portals on Earth such as the Egyptian pyramid chambers or be picked up by alien ships to a 4th-5th density reality.
The key is the sing an ancient ?Egyptian song and the "Guardian Alliance" aliens will know your intention.

According to Ashayna Deane, those who do not ascend will have another opportunity in 2015-2017 when the time bridge and portal openings are aligned.
If you miss these opportunities then you are stuck in this time dimension complex doomed to be swallowed by the dark ones
who have taken control of this time dimension and will be using the soul energy of those left behind to create their fascimile version of this Earth-Galaxy time dimension.

The high fee paying customers/participants rarely questioned the validity of the presented materials and accepted what Ashayna Deane decreed.

By the end of three months I came to the conclusion that this group was a commercial enterprise re-packaging and selling another "religion." However it was a Sci-Fi novel, mental experience

Buy their body stamps to put symbols on chakra points here & sing their songs (in another language to activate the 12 strand DNA and sub-strands). However be prepared to make the time for at least 3 hours per day for song, dance, meditation and studying of Keylontic Science copyrighted materials in order to sufficiently activate DNA.


Now if you really want to explore your own consciousness and the Wider Reality I suggest a good place to start is here:

Join this community and share experiences, advice and insights.
Learn how to astral project:
Phase, have lucid dreams, Out of Body experiences, meditate.

Free. No joining cost. No leader

We are spirit, expressing what we will.
We act out perSONAs on our stage of iMAGEination.
We are both the dreamer & the dream.
I think therefore I am.
I am
consciousness & potentiality

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Default Ashayana Deane

The work of Ashayana Deane is PHENOMENAL. At the outset, it is more "out-there" than the most "out-there" information you have ever seen. Then it gets into the science - hundreds of diagrams that explain the Krystal structure of the multiverse. The history of our kind and our planet has been explained in so much detail that not even the greatest genius of our times could make this up. Then throw in an entire language - Anuhazi, just to complicate things.

Please comment only once you have been through at least three of her workshops, otherwise it won't be fair to this extraordinary work.
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Originally Posted by howlingmad View Post

"A being acting from a standpoint of separation has lost some or all of its ability to draw its sustenance from the Primal Life Force currents of Source. It therefore feels compelled to feed off other life forms in order to survive."
This is also described in the Celestine prophecy, whether or not it comes from the same source I do not know.It was very interesting to me back then because I had just become a Reiki Master and made it my goal to re-connect as many people to the source as I could.
"Cults are those invisible things that tend to mind their own business and keep away from everyone...Until someone thinks of them."
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Yes Mark! Now how about learning exactly what "ki" is? And how it differs to "chi?" And then you are introduced to something new called "ghi." Awesome stuff.
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Anna Hayes / Ashayana Deane messenger from the Universe

By Colleen Johnston © 2004

Note: Colleen Johnston is a former UFO cult member, UFO cult researcher as well as alien abduction researcher.

Anna Hayes as she used to be known, (now going by Ashayana Deane) has a typical cultic persona and ideology dealing with ET - channeling and is typical of many UFO Contactee cults. It is really a cookie cutter messiah Melchizedek molded type of ideology that is currently affecting the UFO and New Age communities. I would estimate that about 70% of UFO cults in existence have the Melchizedek ideology firmly implanted within the groups belief systems. Often such groups will blend various religious and Orthodox viewpoints and other principles that are out there. The name change is typical of the egotistic cultic persona. They some how become more important in their minds – especially if the channeled information indicates they should....

I sincerely believe that entities that work through the more benign groups are real but not as demon-like (so far) as Applewhite, of the infamous Heaven´s Gate, Jones or Koresh’s apocalyptic ideologies. I do think they are indeed ET and much fiercer than demons because they have free will as demonic’s can be ousted. I have researched both demonology and alien abduction, ET contact experiences for the better part of 30 years. Many similarities between the entities but there are vast differences too. I also think the entity interaction deals with real alien beings - but not those of love and light but with a nefarious agenda to eventually take over the host - or the human they are interacting with. messages as well as messengers after a period of time will turn apocalyptic - for instance it took about five years for the messages to creep into channeling sessions in the group I was involved with.

ET Contactee cults are all about ego, ego seduction as well as power and greedily making large sums of money. This is done by unscrupulously duping a section of the populace genuinely searching for spirituality outside of traditional routes. Anna isn’t any different than any other cult leader who is scamming the population. She also financially ripped off supporters in Sarasota, FL where she had her Azurite temple back in 2002 when several followers became suspicious, because many things she ´channeled´ didn´t come to pass according to these former cult members.

She moved to England –with few cult members knowing it and dissolved the identity of Anna Hayes and now spends time between the USA and England giving lectures and selling her products and ideology for a hefty price. Her ´Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order´ is nothing more than a front to gain money and a following to make more money. Current ex-believers, (a few who’ve contacted me) don´t even know about the name Anna Hayes or the troubles in Sarasota, FL.

Anna Hayes and the Cassiopaean channel (claiming to now be channeling her future self) Laura Knight Jadczyk (who also left former believers in the dust and financially much lighter in Florida) have such a similar ideology that it ’s frightening. Below I will list the comparisons between the channels and the groups themselves. There is even a slight comparison between both women to Jelaila Starr of The Nibiruan Council

Anna Hayes (now Ashayana Deane) & the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order
Laura Knight Wright (now Jadczyk)& the Future Quantum School of Melchidezek teachings

Lived in Sarasota Florida and formed the Azurite Temple in 1996
Lived in New Port Richey and formed the Perseus Foundation in 1995

Moved suddenly to England after ripping off members in Sarasota FL of an undisclosed amount of cash, supposedly to support the MCEO center.
Moved suddenly to France after embezzling close to 150,000 thousand dollars from a raffle that was presented to members to win the Perseus Foundation from New Port Richey, Florida. A person who was close to Laura and living in the center won the raffle.

Channeling group with info coming from the leadership aka the Guardian Alliance
Channeling group with leadership coming from leadership claiming to be Laura future self.
Uses gloom and prophetic rhetoric to control members
Channeling consists of dire future predictions of apocalyptic proportions to control members.
Claims to be a prophet with psychic talent and a contactee
Claims to be a remote viewer with psychic talent and contactee
Borrows some ideologies from JJ Hurtak works via the Keys of Enoch
Mixed bag of other ideologies involving channeling information, Archangels, Spiritisim, Alien and Christian philosophy even claiming to be Jesus Christ’s half sister incarnate and channeling
Mixed bag of Ideologies involving Christian, angelic, Judaism, Islamic and ET’s, Spiritisim (via Ouija board type of device) and channeling
Plays upon the fears and hopes of supporters
Claims exclusive information coming from ET sources called the Guardian Alliance
Claims exclusive information coming from Cassiopaean version of her future self.
Changes ideology to suit self interests

So who started their group first? According to Anna she’s known this information all her life but decided to let the public know in 1996. Knight made a similar claim but edged the date back to 1995, and Starr at 1995 as well. Hayes and Starr resemble the most in products and workshops (and prices I might add) – while Knight and Hayes have similarities listed above....
To show you how people can influence other people who do not know the truth, look
at Anna Hayes. She wrote a book called Voyagers under an assumed name of
Ashayana Deane. In this book she claims that she is receiving this information from
"The Guardian Alliance," which, according to Anna, is "an immense group of beings
residing within a myriad of dimensional locations within the Space/Time Matrix." Anna
says that they are experts of "Merkaba Mechanics," and she says that this source is
saying that the Mer-Ka-Ba field that I am teaching is wrong and has a reversed field.
(A reversed field is one of the most serious misunderstandings that can even result in
death of the body and a confused spiritual path for some time afterward.) Let's look at
Seite 6 von 9
file://C:\DOKUME~1\SAT\LOKALE~1\Temp\R5VTHQGN.htm 13.03.2003
an actual quote from her book:
The "fixed" tailbone Merkaba Field is the mark of the Nibiruian Merkaba-Reversal that
keeps the physical body literally locked into its present time vector and unable to achiever
Star Gate passage - another of several other "little secrets that Thoth and his friends
conveniently forgot to mention to their human "students."
Most of the humans who have fallen into using or teaching the Nibiruian Reverse-
Merkaba have been covertly "set up" by the Thoth-Enki -Zephelium or Alpha-Omega
Templar Melchizedek Anunnaki races to propagate this Base-11 Reverse Merkaba
perversion. Most, but not all, human teachers of Merkaba do not realize that they have
been deceived in this way, and are not intentionally bringing harm to their students; the
teachers themselves are being victimized and deceived by Fallen Angelic contacts.
Further, Anna Hayes (Ashayana Deane) says:
Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command Anunnaki collectives, you will not realize that
you inadvertently created External Reverse-Merkaba field is being actively used to
amplify the 34-Top-Magnetic Counter-clockwise, 21-Bottom-Electrical-Clockwise and
BASE-11-acceleration Nibiruian reverse-Merkaba spin ratio is in Earth's grids.
This last statement by Anna Hayes (Ashayana Deane) proves that the source of her
information is misinformed (at the least).
In the Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Volume II, page 356, under the heading
Spinning the tetrahedrons, top and bottom only, I say, "This is one of the biggest
mistakes people make."

The Melchizedek tradition does not teach, nor has it ever, that we spin the top
tetrahedron one way and the bottom one the other way. Anyone who has studied this
work carefully knows this is not true. This is wrong, and I clearly say so. Further the
set of tetrahedrons that spins counter-clockwise 34 is electrical (not magnetic) and the
set of tetrahedrons that spins clockwise 21 is magnetic (not electrical).

Anna Hayes (Ashayana Deane) is not only trying to reverse the Mer-Ka-Ba field,
which is the most dangerous thing a meditator can do, but she is trying to reverse the
archetypes in the entire universe, which goes against every religion that has ever
existed since these things were understood. The "Fallen Angelic contacts" that she
references in five paragraphs above are not Archangel Lucifer and his band, which
most people would assume, but in her statements it is Archangel Michael. A quote
from her book references Archangel Michael, "more aptly described and historically
known as "Arch-Demon Michael." She sees Archangel Michael as evil and the source
of darkness. She even sees Jesus as evil. Yet, people are blindly following her. What
she does offer humanity is the gift of discernment.

I have remained silent for a long time watching and listening to this chaos and
confusion that many "teachers" are transmitting to the world. Now you have to make
the choice. It is your decision. Go into your heart and listen. Your heart knows the
truth. Keep it simple....
I envision a just and peaceful world, in which all people achieve their full potential and live with love, respect and compassion.

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I got into Keylontic sciences about two years ago. Over the years I have slowly been working through it and seeing how various activities feel. I've been through the Kathara Healing System Part 1, and the first part of 2.

As a clarification, she certainly doesn't see Jesus as evil. According to her CDT plate translations, Jesus was a higher level being incarnated to help spread valid teachings, and the biblical account, she says, is a composit of 3 historical people named Jeshua from the same general era. As were the central members of the Essenes, one of which was Joseph, the father of Jesus and the teachings were skewed to make people think that he was the "christ" (christ was something outside of ourselves).

Voyagers 2 is full of the alternate history of humanity, though it is dense and most people don't go through most of it. She does see Archangel Michael as a cult and advocates asking your own higher selves for guidance and not automatically trusting any 7th dimensional ascended master just because they have ascended somewhat.

I do agree that there were some things that could draw suspicion about Keylontic sciences, such as the high prices. Last year Ashayana publicly revealed that her partner Mack had been physically abusive toward her for many years (even lifetimes) and was taking all of the money and essentially running the business. Now they are split between who "owns" the teachings published through the Azurite press, though she publicly ousted him as a Guardian Alliance speaker last year. If you can get the recording of the public confession it is quite emotional.

This woman has been giving her whole life and has received little reward other than criticism. So now she is starting from scratch with a new system and financial model so I personally wish her the best. It is challenging (as we know) to live in two realms at once and pay the bills.

My critique is that as the teachings are continually changing, it can be difficult to learn them. My former critique was the the pricing was too high. Fortunately there are available torrents of the older azurite press teachings. While high priced (and I don't advocate giving money to the Azurite press until we are assured that some of it will make it to the author), that are an extraordinary value, in my opinion.

I think she is a little more depressed in her more recent teachings because things didn't go as planned exactly with 2012, though she candidly updates what has been going on and how the shifts in the timeline have been manifesting.

Ashayana, now E'asha Ashayana has a new website (presumably where she is more in control) where the teachings are much more reasonably priced and can be rented. In addition, these are a new set of teachings as the trademarks of the Azurite press are in dispute.


It's just difficult to watch her speak and look at the diagrams and not feel the aspect of truth. Now the questions that occur to me are 1) are these the complete truths and 2) Will they harm anyone 3) will they improve my life in some way.

Since E'asha has had such a troubled time I wonder how they can improve life.

Then again we think the teachings of Jesus can improve our life and he was miserably crucified and on the cross even uttered "Oh God why hast thou forsaken me?" Must the messenger embody the message? Ideally, yes.

The guardian alliance is going about propagating the teachings in an interesting way. I think in terms of Buddhism. Buddha sat for many years, saw ghosts and spirits and any number of multi-dimensional beings, and he rarely shared that. All he shared was what people could do to live a fulfilled life and clear their karmic imprints. Keylontics are sharing every facet including millions of years of history, even history on parallel earths. So for the general populace, I think it is too much to absorb. It is for mediators,disciples, translators, etc to condense the teachings and spread them in creative ways to make them more palatable. The matrix films do a beautiful job of this, for instance.

Actually, the name change is also an aspect of most spiritual practices. You leave your name and presumably your ego at the door. (Easier said than done).

In any case, thank you for the great posts. You've certainly given me pause for thought.


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good stuff. and has a continual buildup/expension, also in chronology for the Workshops that been done. AP only streaming access/pay atm so id say check thepiratebay.. user: GoAaT999 / APMCEO / APMCEO_INC got most WS's covered.

Theresa Talea book also good angle into all this sort a material. even the preview book has enough to read..

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Default Eternal Humans and the Finite Gods: How an Ex-Prop

Eternal Humans and the Finite Gods: How an Ex-Prophet and I Left Religion and Discovered Universes Beyond and Within ....

I highly recommend this book to further these teachings.

She corroborates and adjusts some key Guardian Alliance / Krysthal River Host teachings through scholarship and channeling of a few members of the Krysthal River Host and an energy she calls All That Is, the Pure Essence. After growing up with a mother who was channeling all sorts of entities, from Jehova to Jesus.
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Default Simplicity or Truth?

"Anna Hayes (Ashayana Deane) is not only trying to reverse the Mer-Ka-Ba field,
which is the most dangerous thing a meditator can do, but she is trying to reverse the
archetypes in the entire universe, which goes against every religion that has ever
existed since these things were understood. She sees Archangel Michael as evil and the source
of darkness. She even sees Jesus as evil. Yet, people are blindly following her.

I have remained silent for a long time watching and listening to this chaos and
confusion that many "teachers" are transmitting to the world. Now you have to make
the choice. It is your decision. Go into your heart and listen. Your heart knows the
truth. Keep it simple...."

This is clearly misinformation. You'll be more certain of that once you read Eternal Humans and the Finite Gods: How an Ex-Prophet and I Left Religion and Discovered Universes Beyond and Within.

Yes, the archetypes need to be reversed because they were implanted to confuse people, since the earliest religions. Just because something is old, doesn't make it true or more valid.

Again, Ashayana doesn't see Jesus as evil, but Theresa Talea's research and channeling determines that he (Yeshua) was possessed by Michael to carry out his works, and Thoth incarnated as Buddha to implant the concept of 'detachment'.

So would you prefer simplicity or truth?
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Read a bible, translated from the greek.

It says God made reptiles, in Genesis...the first chapter of the bible.

KJV bible and others retranslated reptilians as creep, creepy things, and things that creepeth, on the earth and under water.

best not to get too hung up on the letters, better to read the spirit of the book. semantics can over analyze and miss the forest for the trees

The word Christ means " CHRIST. The divine manifestation of God, which comes to the flesh to destroy incarnate error."
S&H pg.583:10 MBE

Jesus was 100% good, so he had no error in himself to be destroyed by the illusion of death, hence Jesus rose intact from the grave in 3 days whole. It took Jesus 3 days only because he went to lower hells for 3 days to free some souls.

If a person is 100% evil and demonic; full of demons aka errors of thought, there is no good in them, they have no part in the resurection.

Bible reads: Oh death where is thy sting?
A. The sting of death is sin.

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Ashyane Deane IIRC was telling her "disciples" that she was the only one that could cure them of all sorts of evils. Saying she was basically the savior, but her techniques would go out of date and you would need to pay her again for the updated snake oil bullshit.

Use your highest discernment with this stuff IMHO. She is likely a fraud with a covert black ops foundation IMO.
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“An idea behind using cover stories, such as religious or new age, is to encapsulate the opposition
into a state of inability to identify the real perpetrators.” ~Quote from my upcoming book
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Default Keylontic Science

Hi – popped by this site in search for the genius Keylontic Dictionary, and thought I’d balance the thread out with a post including some of what Ashayana has to say about some of the issues raised.

Yes, it might seem slightly schizoid to have changed names so often – but on my shelves I have about 50 book-length versions what she has to say, all unique, original, explaining complex physics phenomena proving the indivisibility between science and spirituality/ explaining methods of action of particles/ which ETs orchestrate what, etc, etc: none of it contradicting itself… so I reckon it’s acceptable to have something about oneself that seems whack if you can be that consistent otherwise. If I was to attempt the sheer volume of work she’s put out I might be a bit zippy by the end of it but trust me she's not.

I’m not interested in whatever nom de plume she write under half as much as what she’s got to say. Using names the ETs do for things is a bit confusing but there’s sheer genius to it as well. The only info I’ve found contradicting itself refers to changes is plans ETs have to do things. And that’s because we’re in a war – a fight for control of Earth’s EM fields, primarily, since these (Merkaba Fields) are far more in control of our life essence than scientists will admit. Electromagnetism is the carrier of our consciousness more than eggs and sperm.

From my upcoming book, “The Starpledge” (…)‘A lot of people don’t realise that – or want to believe it in the case of some scientists, but Luc Montagnier, who identified the HIV virus, discovered DNA can be created by it. It hasn’t been publicised much, but he was in the process of conducting water memory experiments - filtering DNA in separate water containers – when he discovered EM communication between them, creating new sequences of nucleoids and peptides and arranging them into new DNA sequences… creating life. Scientists haven’t quite got the point of thinking life can be created by without sperm, eggs and spores… but it can, and is.’

Everything ETs are doing to alter our environment and DNA is via the electromagnetic Fields. They alter the codes that govern the standing wave templates of life itself, and this affects everything – Suns, the future, other planets, other dimensions, time-travel, the environment, our chakras – our bodies, everything. ETs are way beyond the test tubes and instruments we’d use to abduct, implant or reproduce us and geo-engineer our existence. They use merkaba mechanics – and Keylonta is the scientific study of that.

It’s not correct to think Ashayana channels. Everything she writes is covered by strict copyrights owing to ETs who’d ‘have their way with us’ distorting whatever structures of the Universe they want to achieve their ends, so I’ll just include here a section of what she published about some of the issues raised here fourteen years ago: (Yes 14YA! – and published exactly what 9/11 was, why and how it happened, before anyone else, too …but I digress…)

©“We're moving into a period where if the grids stay balanced, and if
things go well, and it doesn't end up in pole shift (PS) again, we
have opportunities - and it won't be all of a sudden you see doorways
open up out of nowhere and everybody can run through. It doesn't work
that way. These are secured doorways, because they don't want maniacs
running in there trashing the place, and that's what would happen if
you just let the doors open here. But, if things go well here, we're
being prepared for the next 17 to 20 year period, if we manage to get
through the SAC without major cataclysm, to have a reunion take
place. It's a reunion for guardian races that have been protecting us
here, even though we don't remember that they are there anymore.
There are two groups that are working with us. They are the ones that
are responsible for assisting in the translation of this information.
One are called the Maharaji. These are blue humans. They are much
taller. They range from 7 to 12 feet tall, but they are hominid
humans. They are a strain of humans that were actually created before
the Earth human lines. Their skin colour is pale to deeper blue. They
are a density 2 race, which is where the human race began. It began
in density 2, which is Dimensions 4, 5 and 6. It is a semi-etheric matter
density, which means that there's a more silica than carbon-based
biology. The Maharaji are a very ancient race, and they have been
commissioned as guardians, as one of the guardian teams, to try to
assist Earth and the human lineage here to get back on track. The
Maharaji are at this point beginning to communicate with individuals
telepathically. They will not channel. They will not come in and put their
consciousness into your body and walk around and talk to you in their
words, because they don't endorse it, because it's dangerous. We'll
get into some of that too when we get into security protocols.
Channelling, I want you to know, channelling is not the way this
information gets here.
---------------- So the information that I teach - yes I do teach about polarity. I don't endorse polarity consciousness. We teach Christ consciousness. But in Christ consciousness you recognize when polarity consciousness exists if you expect to heal. You don't heal it by pretending it doesn't exist. That's what the New Age movement people are being taught to do. They are being taught to be "light, love and clueless." "Oh, that's negative... I don't lower myself to that." Excuse me... you're in a polarized Universe until you get up to D12. You better recognize the other half of it before it comes up and bites you. So I have people pick on me in the New Age movement, especially channels - "Oh, that's lower fear-based stuff. You're talking about negative stuff. We're all one." Yes, we are all one but that doesn't mean you let the children who are running around out of control with machetes trying to kill the other children do it. You acknowledge there's a problem and you learn to heal both sides. This is what we teach.
------------------ It's important that we understand merkaba mechanics at this point, because they are being abused, and people in the New Age movement are being tricked into using them in a way that will create pole shift on
this planet on purpose. That's why the new material is being given, so we understand what a merkaba is, what it’s connected to, how it works, why it is important, and what it is supposed to do that it is not doing, that
we have to figure out how to make it do. That's what it comes down to, very simply. There are problems that our races had with their own merkaba fields, which are the energy fields that surround the body, that actually bring
energy into the body for manifestation. They send energy into the body and they send energy out of the body. It’s part of your energy circulatory system, that your consciousness and the frequency of your body circulates from the Universe through you and back out again, and through the Earth template. As we will begin to understand merkaba more, the big "M" word becomes less
of a mystery. It's simply a part of interdimensional science, sacred
science, but when we understand the mechanics, that's when we start
to see, and this is why the mechanics haven't been given in the New
Age movement. They give them little parts of "oh do this, do that and
that makes that happen." Okay. What's it connected to? What is this?
You don't find intensive merkaba mechanics out there. You find "do
this with this with this and it's supposed to do this." But it
doesn't tell you 15D structures. It doesn't tell you about your
chakras. It doesn't tell you about how all these pieces connect
together, how the DNA connects to it. It doesn't give you the
information that puts the whole picture of how your interdimensional
physics works in your body. Why doesn't it give you that? Because if
you understand how it worked, you'd know when somebody was telling
you to do it backwards. That's what's happening in the New Age movement.
And it's time you get this knowledge out there. I'm going to take a
lot of shots for this and I know that, because some of the major
movements out there, with thousands of people following them and
doing the guru things, and certain people who are endorsing certain
techniques, some of the people know they are doing it backwards.
Others don't know it. They don't have access to the information
because their channels didn't give it to them.
------------------- Once you start to get a feeling of that aliveness in yourself, you start to tap into your eternity. That's the part of you that always was eternal. This is the part of you that forgot. Once the part that
forgot starts to remember, it's such a joyful feeling. It's such an
empowering feeling. You feel you're at one with Source. You realize
you were always a part of Source. You realize you were never alone
down here. You weren't a sinful lowly creature. The Annu taught us
that, and the Dracs helped to amplify it. Why? So we would never
realize our connection to Source was inside of ourselves, so we'd
grovel before big things that came down in spaceships that call
themselves God. When you begin to integrate the who;- who you are, life changes. It doesn't all change at once. It's a gradual process
of opening. The part of you here that is referred to as the ego, is
not a bad thing, it's just a part of you, your consciousness that looks out into the 3D world. The ego has been taught that it's alone
down here. So it doesn't know what to do. It goes into fight or
flight survival stuff because it feels totally paranoid down here. It
adopts all sorts of compensation patterns. People with ego problems are just people whose personality levels got so scared because they believe they're so disconnected from everything, that they either went into passive or aggressive mode. They ones that went aggressive are arrogant. They build themselves up and create a superiority complex to compensate for the fact that they're terrified and they feel like they have no power at all down here. They are the ones that get really obnoxious. They are in your face and they just know everything. Then there's people with ego problems that will play the opposite to that - passive, I'm terrible, I'm nothing, martyrship
roles. They're not healthy either. These are egos that are scared.
Because they don't remember who they are, what they are, how they got
here, where they are, what to do with themselves here.
--------------- The Exodus was not a Hebrew experience. It was a Hyksos experience. They got kicked out of Egypt after they tried to take it over. The Promised Land was promised by the Annu, the Pleaiadian Nibiruan Annu.
They promised them the land that we call Jerusalem now, because they
had given them certain tools in a box called the Ark of the Covenant.
They were going to give them the tools to get rid of the Hebrew
people who lived in the area now called Jerusalem. The Hyksos didn't
fulfil their mission because there were enough Grail Line guardian
groups - the Jeshua 12, Miriam and John the Baptist lineage that went
way back to Egypt and way back to Atlantis and way back to Lemuria
before it - they got a hold of the Ark of the Covenant and
grabbed it and hid it. They stole it back. They got to the Promised Land but they couldn't take it because they didn't have the weapons
anymore. There are stories that have been told here that thousands of
people worship and grovel before that are distortions of history,
taking pieces of truth, twisting it in order to fulfil an agenda,
that has allowed a transposition of race identity to occur, where the
individuals that were sent in by fallen angelic teams, the individuals that are part of what's called the Leviathan Force, and we'll get into where that word comes from. It comes out of the word Levi. So we'll get into more of that in Workshop 2. Once we understand some of what's taken place, we will begin to reclaim our own identity, first of all. We will begin to realize we have a job a do. Jesus and his group tried to do the job. The next group that tried to do the exact same mission was the King Arthur group. King Arthur was a real person. Guinevere was a real person. She was Irish, not English. They were the next incarnations of the people - but neither of them were Jesus, but they were the next incarnations of the people involved with the Jesus experience. They were trying to fix the same thing. They got part of it done but they still didn't get the whole thing done. They knew they would have to come back. They came back in the Cathar period in 1244 AD, but
they got wiped out by the Church of Rome, a genocide program, they
were all burned, in Southern France. Some of them came back in Native
American form, but they got pretty well wiped out too. The Europeans
came in and flattened everybody here that was Native American. They're back again! (Laughter) And usually, the people that respond to this work at all are part of that team. It's a very special team that was sent in with a big mission, and there were millions of other people that were to help, but they were the ones that were in the line of fire basically. They could hold the frequency to run the gates, to take them back and to get the planetary merkaba spinning the way it's supposed to spin, which means reprogramming and stealing back the Nibirian Diodic Crystal Grid. It exists on parallel Earth now. It used to have a counterpart here, physically, [[me – underneath the location we know as Stonehenge]] that looked like very large selenite crystals. They are like rods of crystals that were huge, like city building size. They were placed in a circle in a very specific area of the planetary grid that we could compare to the pineal gland in the human body. They were put in an area that blocked energy between what would be our thalamus and our pineal. There's an energy line that runs there. Well, on the planetary grids there are these two places that would equal those places in our physical body. The grid was placed there, the NDCG. And what it did was reverse the natural electromagnetic programs that naturally flow through the planet. Now, the guardian races managed to get rid of the installation, but they were not able to able to block the one coming in from Paralell Earth [[our anti-particle replica]], because it runs frequency from the anti-particle universe into the particle universe into ours. There is a whole connection of things here that we're going to learn about in workshop 2 that have to do with the planet Nibiru and something called the Battlestar Nibiru, which has been spotted, since the last time I heard, and it is not the planet that is coming in. It's the Battlestar. [[me- Wormwood]]. The planet is way out in its orbit right now. The Battlestar comes in on the opposite orbit. These are controlling the NDCG on Parallel Earth and have been since 25,500 BC.
------------------- The ancient Mu'a and Lemurian guardian races ran the Maharata and activated the Tribal Shield every day to conduct solar and lunar
salutation rites each morning and evening. These are toning dances
that activate the personal merkaba field for sustained activation of
the DNA template and amplification of the Maharata, Kee-Ra-ShA and
Khundaray. Solar salutations accelerate the spin of the electrical harmonic
merkaba spiral (top, clockwise spin). The solar salutations charge
the top electrical clockwise merkaba spiral to maintain its natural
cycle of 33 1/3 rotations per 1 trillionth of a nano-second. Lunar salutations accelerate the spin of the magnetic harmonic merkaba spiral (bottom, counter clockwise spin). They charge the bottom magnetic counter clockwise merkaba spiral to maintain its natural cycle of 11 2/3 rotations per 1 trillionth of a nano-second. 33 1/3 (top, male, electrical clockwise, anti-particle): 11 2/3 (bottom, female, magnetic, counter clockwise particle) is the natural ratio, creating a self-sustaining, eternal, matter-base that is more electrical than magnetic, which perpetually refuels itself via natural circulation of the Maharata, Kee-Ra-ShA, and Khundaray universal life force currents.

Copyright 2001,A&A Deane
by Anna Hayes
from GreatDreams Website” ©

Kind regards and thanks for reading
Helen Sanderson
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It's strange that Ashayana Deane hasn't really done any public interviews for a while now, not as far as I know at least. There was that one with Project Camelot, but has there been any more since?

It seems that she has gone completely off the radar for a few years now
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Default Keylontic Science

She might have gone more off the public radar but as far as I’m concerned it’s for good reasons. I believe AD’s someone very important to these Guardian ETs in contact with her, and from the depth and breadth of information they’ve given her, she’s who she claims to be – one of a Team of continuing reincarnational lineage aware of exactly what Jesus was trying to do – protect Earth and Humanity by teaching them the correct physics of Earth to try and undo damage certain ETs have done to its – and our – structure.

She gives countless examples of this damage that make sense to me anyway, and I’m not the brightest bulb on the tree, but I think she has a similar job to do that these teams have been involved with over millions of years, and they’ve always been opposed, persecuted and killed by the beings who’ve created the damage in the first place.

Up to the date her first book “Voyagers – The Secrets of Amenti” was published at least – 2002 – AD said craft seen weren’t operated by well-intended ETs. They’re invading us in ways we can’t see - operating out of sight in other dimensions most of the time, with more altruistic helpers being threatened with reprisals to Humanity if they show themselves, let alone intervene. Those who want to are more capable of attacking us from other dimensions, which is where the real controls for technologies that utilise inter-time manipulations are. We’re talking things like HAARP, or the NET we’re discussing this on… but that’s a fraction of the technologies that control and damage.

As far as I’m concerned us being able to publicise anything is a mixture of some wanting to be able to identify the ‘trouble-makers’ to control them better, and also because the goodies actually outnumber the baddies. Some belong to high-enough level gestalts of consciousness to be aware not only Humans and Earth are in trouble, but the entire Universe if the ‘service-to-self’ (AD calls them) lot have their way, so they’re blocking them from doing a lot of the things they intended (i.e. the long-planned pole shift at the end of 2012) and offering certain beings redemption contracts to ensure they won’t be turned to space-dust - which a lot of them fear; that they’ll be punished for the crimes to the Universe they’ve committed.

Punishment is never the solution to anything though, and as mercy is being extended to them, perhaps they’ll follow that example with those of us aware enough of what’s really going on who practice the age-olds, love and forgiveness. Owing to the continuous history of some ETs to renege on agreements though, and members of the teams in the forefront of protecting Humanity being the ones they’d most like to control/ damage/ do away with – I think the importance of other work she has to do means AD isn’t going to jeopardise it by personally teaching anyone other than those drawn to finding out what she’s trying to do, and without it being generally broadcast now. These higher beings in any case have a policy of non-interference generally. I think it’s up to us to find our own ways of raising our consciousness, as they have. I’m a great believer in ‘Seek and you will Find’, with a footnote of ‘don’t give up seeking’. ** That’s the best thing any of us can do really.

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