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Default How to re-mineralize your teeth

Once again we find the mainstream offering us a 'cure' and not a preventative means.

This guy has some videos on youtube and a few radio interviews online, he seems genuine and I can say that I have definitely seen an improvement in my teeth, although I still need to be more vigilant at times with my diet.

He starts by explaining the reason for his research which is that his daughter started seeing bad tooth decay at a young age despite eating what many would regard as a healthy diet. So he has read up much info about Aborigine peoples who had very low levels of tooth decay even though they didnt brush or use colgate twice a day.

So he found that certain fat soluble vitamins are missing from the majority of peoples diets and that it is possible to re harden teeth, after all your teeth have there own blood supply and blood supplies nutrients.

He is selling a book, although he does give alot of info for free because he feels people deserve to know the truth, so these are diet tips I have picked up from what he has said

Good Foods

raw milk
cod liver oil
grass fed butter
grass fed liver
sourdough rye bread - all modern bread has high levels of phytic because it is no fermented for long enough.

Also I might add that I emailed him a while back and asked him if he had heard of codex alimentarius and if so, what was his opinion of them.

He kept it short and sweet;

"Yes I have heard of codex
pure evil"

So he is obviously in the know, heres his web site

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