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Default tamarind paste/ flouride

tamarind paste apparently can get rid
of fluoride and from the pineal gland also......... but say if your pineal gland has been calcified (or half calcified) wouldn't you be past the point of no return?

does anybody on this forum take tamarind? if so, what do you think of it?

"Objective: To evaluate the effect of tamarind (Tamarindus indicus) ingestion on excretion of fluoride in school children.

Design: Randomized, diet-control study.

Subject: Twenty healthy boys were included and 18 of them completed the study.

Interventions: Each subject consumed 10 g tamarind daily with lunch for 18 days at the social welfare boys' hostel. The nutrient composition of the daily diet was constant throughout the experimental period.

Results: Tamarind intake led to significant increase (P<0.001) in the excretion of fluoride in 24 h urine (4.8±0.22 mg/day) as compared to excretion on control diet (3.5±0.22 mg/day). However, excretion of magnesium and zinc decreased significantly (7.11±1.48 mg of Mg and 252.88±12.84 µg of Zn per day on tamarind diet as compared to 23.39±3.68 mg of Mg and 331.78±35.31 µg Zn per day on control diet). Excretion of calcium and phosphorous were not significantly different while creatinine excretion decreased with tamarind intake (225.66±81 mg creatinine/day with tamarind and 294.5±78.76 mg creatinine/day without tamarind).

Conclusion: Tamarind intake is likely to help in delaying progression of fluorosis by enhancing urinary excretion of fluoride."

8/27/2007: Ted writes to Earth Clinic, "As per your request for research references regarding the antidote of fluoride poisoning, there is both the use of borax to remove fluoride and also the use of tamarind used to increase fluoride excretion as an antidote to fluoride poisoning. Most of the boron antidote was taken from research of Elsair, et.al. as follows:

"Boron effectively counteracts symptoms of fluoride intoxication in humans (Zhou et al. 1987) and in experimentally poisoned rabbits (Elsair et al. 1980a, 1980b, 1981). Men suffering from skeletal fluorosis experienced 50 to 80% improvement after drinking solutions containing 300 to 1,100 mg of borax/L daily, 3 weeks a month for 3 months (Zhou et al. 1987). Boron enhances sequestration of fluoride from bone and excretion through kidneys and possibly the intestinal tract (Elair et al. 1980a, 1981)"

Many of these research are not well known in U.S., but it's there if you dig hard enough. The details of research description regarding the experiment is no longer found in webpages however, I still have the references material based on that reading here.

P.S. Boron is found in borax. Sometimes I use the word boron to emphasize that there is boron in borax. Borax is a compound form of boron, with oxygen and sodium attached." http://curezone.com/forums/am.asp?i=1098157
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