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Question Orgonite - Where to buy

Hello everyone

Ive read many threads and posts about Orgonite in this forum and orgonite has aroused my interested.
Ive gone through some posts and followed links to different shops but an "orgonite shop" makes me suspicious because its something to make money with. And where there is a way to make money, there are people who want to make a lot of profit. I guess they've discovered that there is a market in orgonite, so some use it as a way to "print money" by demanding a lot of money.
I havent done orgonite by myself (yet ) so I dont really know how much the shop sellers need to cover their expenses (well and take a little for their time and love they put in it) but 50€ (Im from Germany btw =) ) for a HHG doesnt sound fair to me.

To cut a long story short:
Im looking for a trustful shop or private person to buy orgonite from!
For example its amazing how much effort biblegirl has put in making orgonite and spread information. So I wanted to send you a private message but somehow I dont find a function like that .
(At this point I want to thank all of you who have posted experiments or personal experiences about orgonite! )

So I would buy from a shop if I knew that the distributor puts love in his orgonite, energizes the crystals which are put inside and does it not for the money only (again, i would agree to pay for the effort - but no fortune^^ ).

I guess you get my point so i hope you can help me .
You can post in this thread or send me an email to
sensite (at) freenet . de
(of course without the spaces and (at) replaced with @ )

Thanks for your attention!

best regards

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My favorite orgonite seller is OrgoneCrystals.com.

They use nano material in many of the pieces so they're extremely effective.

I'm going to be selling some batches of my HHGs on ebay within the next week or two to cover my costs. I'll be selling my HHGs for 60$ US. Orgonite that looks pretty or is very functional takes a lot of effort to make. I don't think there are many orgonite sellers out there that are doing it just for the profit. I don't plan on profiting at all from my pieces. The price covers the cost of my materials so I can stock up on supplies and profit margin goes towards me being able to afford to gift my family and friends with pieces. Then any extra money I make is gonna go towards tower busters from OrgoneCrystals so I can start gifting my entire area.

There's lots of different types of orgonite out there.

Orgonix23.com is more great orgonite by a good seller.

So is Hootenization.com

Although big pieces, powered pieces, and specialty pieces, are often more expensive. My HHGs are a like 10$ more but I do use expensive pigments in my pieces. PearlEX makes the prettiest colors.
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just made my first purchase! thanks for the suggestions. went with orgonecrystals.com
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its as effective as rocking horse shit and found in the same places.
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Originally Posted by lightofgod View Post
just made my first purchase! thanks for the suggestions. went with orgonecrystals.com
Great news.

Please remember also our great contributor to the orgonite thread Geedubya at orgonotica.com

I've had some lovely pieces from him including a very powerful pyramid with a mobeus wrapped crystal and a solid metal ring which may be called a torpid.

Very powerful piece.

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