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Default Why zmo abovetopsecret forums is cointelpro

I personaly of my own opinion am convinced that ATS is a COINTEL PRO operation that was setup in 1997 at the peak of "something has to be down about the truth of 911 being known".

so much so that the news in forums about the so called president of the united states and his war with conspiracy theorists only adds fuel to their own fire of the burning pit they,the ZMO are all destined for anyway...

...that,rest assured they will find out in the end no matter what their ignorance convinces them of.

There motto for the ZMO like all other INTEL operation as it is the same here at ATS is.......

........DENY IGNORANCE!........In the very words of the these company founders of ATS themselves.

Deny ignorance means don't let the truth be known..they are all ignorant and we know our own ZMO plans that have to be followed!

The whole point of any conspiracist or truth forum is in fact the study of being able to distinguish the ignorance from the truth, and therefore ignorance must be submitted to know the truth.

How then will they know what is true such as those all wise ones still debate over the truth with their own ignorances of in fact not knowing the truth but still professing themselves as teachers of the truth.

Just like Plato wrote of Socrate's words in Alcibiades about teachers!

In this case, cointel pro or disinfo agents are the teachers here and on the side of the ZMO and of course mainly German Jewish and United Kingdom Rothchilds financial center psychopaths! That is why most of them are in fact atheists or jewish in the main media of news,television,papers,movies,etc......and including forums of the "limelight".

The bigger they are or the more popular they become the sooner they are taken over by that very media of psychopaths or "secret investors". Just as it is for businesses and the likes to be overtaken by them, whether by the easy way or the hard way!!! There is only one way and that is their purpose of having only one eye in that pyramid of satan on their dollar bill like the very lies of who our true god was that is in fact satan disguised as yahweh.

Now my research whether believed or not is the biggest and most secretive conspiracy on this planet because it reveals that very truth of our true God and the truth about them and the truth about Atlantis.

It also reveals their biggest purpose of trying to defeat God by powering that thing of 7 light years in size, what once was but no longer is!

They even removed my thread about satan's death in the satanism section over at davidicke.com which is a breeding ground for more satanista and disinfo German Jews. Imagine that!

Here at ATS,I have shown and PROVEN considerable evidence for Atlantis and the Secrets that Egypt harbors and yet the two Jewish characters, Maegnas and this forum moderator Byrd, deny and try to twist every word I say because they know how powerful my work is, let alone my mind with God that has proven that very power which is greater than that thing they tried to preserve and their mission to steal the chalice of God or close the oval port so all your souls would go to satan!

So that's one given! Personaly,I don't care what forums have or will kick me out because at least a million people know about my works and growing everyday and of how I desire to divy up all their wealth between every deserving person on this earth.

That includes the 500 plus trillion of the Rothchilds alone that would house and feed and dress everyone on this planet worth of that! Then there is everything else they own including all those businesses,banks,skryscrapers,etc..that will also be paid in dividends to everyone deserving......

that is except for the ZMO of which mission as God tolds us is to rid ourselves of Evils.

My plan for your planet that you all own an equal share is what you all want as well and I know what you want and how to make this planet work without fuels or the daily struggles of your lives.

Basicaly it involves MY Tri-Caria system where everyone will be looked after and that people own their countries not corrupt governments or central banks, for all that is also of yours and those banks should all be paying you dividends yearly as well as their businesses or governments!

Not steal 75% of your money and sentence you to an eternity of labor in their hell of lies! And then charge the other 25% to your paycheck!

They are scarabs rolling dung on the back of an hermaphrodites smelly ass tatooed with satans star of devils, or blood of blackened brine as I like to say!

Then they give a nice little tax return don't they or better yet tell you that you owe them thousands in taxes while they scam you of your properties that you never truly do own!

This new system will take ALL away from them as well as sentence them to an earlier ride into the pit of calling in kenyah by you ALL who are worthy!

Imagine a planet where you face no month to month pressures,no scams,time with your families,no fossil fuels,and lots more freebies that you all deserve for the work you do upon those very lands you own, never them!


They have been deceiving us for 5500 years because of that thing that was also inside of them!

Trillions they have murdered,pillaged,plundered and corrupted as they still do today!

And this earth like mother nature is tired of them and that is why God wants you to know who He really IS!

Because by reverting to God you defeat everything they strive and have been working for their satan as it also was defeated by our very truths!

That is the TRUTH that was revealed by me! As one is ALL of GOD our Creator, the truth worked in God hearing and being finaly able to see US once AGAIN! For they darkened this Earth from His Vision and what they did with His Son!

But I told Him everything just as I also did to that thing!

Thus it fell from our Truths and is precisely what Jasa(Jesus) meant when He said the truth will set you free!

I know it's hard to believe and I have all the evidence and PROOF for you to witness for yourselves as many of you have that includes our True Garden of Avila!

Tho they deny me as they did Jasa, truth is sharper than a crooked sword and mightier than the pen!

Now denying me here alike the other "mainstream muppet cointel pro" forums like Graham hancock or unexplained mysteries, only provenances the truths of their operation as it also was for book of thoth forums because the owners wife over there, Kira is a freemason family and after over 50,000 views for my thread on atlantis, they used a "scapegoat tactic" to ban me from their forums for posting about the ZMO! The very people they work for like here or any top mainstream muppet forums!

Thus I created my own forums where you can tell it like it is in Spirence or General topics if you like,free of those forked tongues out there and here!

Not all the bloodstained money in this world is worthy of my works for you all to KNOW, for to know is immortal!

To further this case of provenance for their ZMO and cointelpro operation aside of all the reports I recently read on google confirming those very suspsicions and that they are atheist who bash christians here in ATS like the owners who handpick what they want on the table, premeditated evils that is......

As you know they detest truth and deny everything and screeeeeeeeeeaaaammm when truth rings out like the demons they are or when "you scratch them a little" and express rage!

Which is why they moved the biggest conspiracy of our planet,my thread in the Religious conspiracy forum of my topic and PROOF of GOD WANTS YOU TO KNOW HIM, that also proves yahweh was satan in disguise!

After All I am responsible for satan's downfall by revealing your truths connected to God's mind, for God personaly touched me that day to witness His truth and His name on top of the Great Pyramid that IS the twin for the Red Pyramid of Saqqarra and why there is a Sphinx missing over there!

Like my photos of PROOF that show and reveal all,including revelations themselves in KhenyaH or what they were really upto in Carina Nebula with their master, all seen and witnessed by you and the millions who are coming to know these mysterious works of God's mind. For I know not why but IS.

The thread was moved by the very same moderator who bothers me in my Atlantean sSta of Aegyptos thread in cahoots with the jewish Maegnas the greek impersonator who complained about me for calling him a "malaka" and I got a warning and 1000 jewish points of solomons evils! While I finaly reported him for his continuous nuisance and his clever insults and no reply from them was to be hear, except for "mocking byrd" posting in my thread that she verified he was posting from Greece and she looke up his ip address....

But we all know different don't we and it's not the first complaint of the many members here who have also been subjugated by their "denial of ignorance" anti semitic tactics for the ZMO or Cointelpro!

After all, evil eventualy shows it's true face, right boys and girls!

OOOOO, I love you I care you for you, I want to do everything for you and give you the very best.......ha ha ha ha hahahahhhahahaha. Come into my pit! It's warm in there! ha hahahahhaah!

We are the best in the world, we have millions of "inflated numbers" that we ourselves inflate and we ourselves direct you to where we want you to read!!!! hahahahhahahhaa!!!

They can run but nowhere can they hide! The cockroaches will crawl out from under the rocks that satan changed them into!

And then we will step on them, right! "splat the fat of lies and deception!"

Now here's basicaly of what I think it works here like most "militarily strategic operations such as 911 was a ZMO,PNAC,APAIC,Freemason,Rothchilds operation as Iran,Iraq,Afghanistan,Vietnam,kennedy,korea,desert storm,world war 1,world war II, the civil wars, the terrorist acts, the crazies shooting up places or doing home invasions, the britain train incident, and their false tactic of trading spies or arresting bikers so you believe that is what happened while the goods exchanged political hands or the big drug dealers like the CIA or the DEA!

Now these forums were started by GoDaddy.com owned by Bob Parsons who served in vietnam in the 26th division of delta for the 1st marine division. He had no choice because he would fail high school if he didn't! First step, hand picked.

He was wounded and sent home with medals, then he toiled "in his shop like steve jobs" (did you get that?), supposedly teaching himself how to programme and then created a "Money Counts" software that became successful and he got 64 million for that.

Now he is a big player in domain name forums and can even afford Super bowl commercials with his nasty girls like the same tactic ATS uses here, aside of their advertising tactics for popup ads being shoved in your face so that you mistakenly click on them to close them and they get their dime! Got that? Bob parsons is also a biker which may or may not mean anything,but does describe an aspect of character, such as the friends you hang out with also do.

The same time when Parsons started up his business,ATS became also immediately involved and created by a "chosen think tank for the cointel pro.

Simon Gray the founder of ATS supposedly of Swindon,England (Rothchild ties to the city of london presumed),
is also accused of being Christian Bailey, the 100 million dollar contract recipient of COINTELPRO for the pentagon.
Okay so their's another daddy warbucks like Bob Parsons, while Bob parsons has the military connections as well or the inside to the pentagon, we could think.

Along comes Bill Irvine,"skepticOverlord" in other deny everything for satan yahweh, who specializes in online media mind "brainwashing" for the German Jewish ZMO's. He's the one who directs the pollution to sit at the forefront of your minds like their intention for this oil spill crap as a tactic to take over BP and also raise the oil prices or distract you from their invasion plans or depopulation plans. whatever the case, they always have many different reasons for a plan like 911 also was. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

Thirdly, in comes Mark Allin,the business specialist, the atheist christian bashing plagiarizing freak who panicked at the truth of being accused of a ZMO forefront and sent a nasty letter in reply!

After all it was simply an accustaion,not a verification so why panick Marco sharco of filthy money? Truth hurts right? Thus evil showed it's true colors that day right?

Mark - [email protected] From : USA wrote : I am disgusted by your accusation that AboveTopSecret.com, LLP is a "Government funded damage control outlet" I ask that you retract that lie.

My partners and I have spent the last several years building that site and have NEVER received a nickel from ANY government, never been asked to do ANYTHING for or by ANY government and NEVER WILL. The fact we attract logical members who present THIER analysis and ask that other members treat them with COURTEOUSNESS and keep the discussion at an ADULT level sans flames and rediculous off topic commentary does NOT make us anything more or less than what we are. The number ONE destination on the internet to FREELY Deny Ignorance. It is truly SAD that when a site allows ALL sides of an issue to be heard people like YOU who believe hook line and sinker there is a conspiracy where there may or may not be one, feel the need to falsely accuse us of being crooked. It makes me SICK and SAD for you. You obviously haven't read the THOUSANDS of posts that actually SUPPORT your perspective on our site, no that would be too much work wouldn't it? Much easier to cast a negative light upon our site in the hopes of getting yourself some attention isn't it? Thoroughly disappointed in and DISGUSTED with YOU. Springer... Partner, AboveTopSecret.com, LLP

More obvious lies and deny ignorance, right Bill,Simon and Mark? Three men in a tub! Rub a dub dub!

Abovetopsecret.com Exposed!!!

Hi All,

abovetopsecret.com is probably one of the biggest if not the biggest conspiracy theory forums on the internet. Below is the latest in the investigations that abovetopsecret.com may be COINTELPRO. The support for this claim is overwhelming. Besides reading the below article, if you're interested, also check out the Signs of the Times forum where it's being discussed and the links that describe the research up to this point (links are included below the article).


Some of you may have noticed that Signs of the Times was down three times today. This was a result of threats by abovetopsecret.com's attorney to our website host. It seems that abovetopsecret.com finally could no longer stand the negative attention they were getting from our exposure of them as a probable CoIntelPro operation, initially in the form of Joe Quinn's article:

Evidence That a Frozen Fish Didn't Impact the Pentagon on 9/11 - and Neither Did a Boeing 757

ust thought I'd let everyone know that godaddy.com is letting them get away with murder. AboveTopSecret, that is.

They must not be doing well financially as the soft market sector is failing with a lot of the others in the new economy. They, ATS, are preoccupied with hacking, editing/blocking posters, and trying to cause computer crashes.

I'm currently on a mission to have them blacklisted. They're out of control. But, at least I noticed while lurking there last that they've stopped some of the infected ads. I'd imagine those paying the bills complained.

AS a former member I can vouch for abovetopsecret.com being government controlled.

More needs to be said about that website before more unsuspecting victims are sucked in to it.

I know of no other website that has over 50 moderators, all acting as damage control at the slightest hint ATS is anything less than what it claims to be.

Got banned for posting this; they do not like the truth exposed...

Thread title: Is ATS full of government agents posting stuff?

My reply:
Depends how deep the rabbit hole goes...

WhispersInTheDark was an interesting saga. He predicted a terrorist attack that actually happened, then it was believed he changed timestamps by hacking the database; the FBI got involved.

Also Mark Allin's (Springer) wife Melissa Allin (Valhall) may be an employee of Haliburton and may have patents to corroborate this.

You can't mention Israel; all the staff are Jews!

'Deny ignorance' - what an utter joke. They have about 70 moderators to make sure no one gets too close to truth.

All they care about is filtering content to suit their needs and making their investors happy...who are probably also Jews.


I just got Gang Stalked on AboveTopSecret.com on a post I did exposing the fact that the U.S. Nuked the Middle East... and posted viable proof of it.

All I got was ridiculed, called names, and then penalized by the staff on ATS when I fought back.

nice - huh?

Mark Allin, the corporate officer responsible for managing the day-to-day activities of the corporation and for operations management of “The Above Network” (abovetopsecret.com and belowtopsecret.com) and the co-creator of both sites. Mark is one of the men responsible for the discrimination of Christians in both websites, having them banned if they post Bible verses or speak against liberals or promote Christianity or creationism (despite the token forum sections set up for such talk).

Now some may argue that Mark was merely generalizing, but from the actions he allows on ATS, which is the endless banning of Christians and constant vilification of Christians

And people like Mark (and many of them are atheists)

Mouth public relations Justin Loeber Agency for ATS
media mayhem

More interesting developments in the abovetopsecret.com forum saga!
As you know, we left the story at the point where I had come to the idea that the creator of abovetopsecret.com - and other forums - might very well be none other than Christian Bailey, the guy who was awarded the $100 million Pentagon disinformation contract. As I noted, I can't PROVE it, but the timeline was sure interesting.

We promote the examination of any topic as long as manners are maintained.

We respect our members' content and defend its credibility and their rights.

And with a highly professional staff of 75 dedicated people, AboveTopSecret.com is renowned for enabling the discussion of nearly anything while insisting on polite civility and respectful decorum.

This motto has life. It has purpose. It demands ATS members to think.

It is a state of mind.

It is a sense of purpose.

It is a statement against the paradigm.

It is a rage against the mindless status-quo.

The idea of "deny ignorance" isn't a goal that ATS hopes to accomplish. Instead, it's a challenge. A call to all those who come here to aspire to a higher state of awareness through informed discussion and debate.

Deny ignorance is what we do.

It's how we think. It's how we talk. It's how we listen.

Ignorance is the social disease of history that has clouded our minds and dulled our brains. Is the evil that men do, the reason history repeats, and the cause of intolerance.

We deny it. it's not welcome here. Within these boundaries, it has no strength.

Here, ignorance is denied.-ATS founders

Bill Irvine, Chief Executive Officer: Previously CEO of Visionary Media, Inc., a developer and publisher of innovative interactive story books on CD-ROM for children in the early 1990's, Bill most recent experience has been as the general manager of the interactive/digital department for two advertising agencies, The Wolf Group and Cossette Communications. He has long been an advocate of the "wisdom of crowds"

OOOOhhhh,isn't that a juicy tidbit! Corrupt our youth with ZMO propaganda like they do your schools of ELIZA and BEN ZAidman philosphies of doctored teachings! hahahhaaha!

OOOh by the way, don't they call this funny machine an "OPERATING system"? haaahaa witches of holly's woods!

Mark Allin has long been involved in business start-ups, television programming, and online ventures. Mark brings his business operations expertise and experience in entertainment ventures into the management mix.

OOOOO, ZMOOOOOOO BRAIN! Good for you! hahahhaha!

Simon Gray, Founder and Chief Properties Officer: Having originally founded AboveTopSecret.com in 1997, and being involved in "user generated content" for over ten years,

Stephen Melzer, Chief Financial Officer: A successful partner in a midtown Manhattan accounting firm, Stephen is a veteran of packaging angel and first-round venture investment initiatives of varying magnitudes

hmmmm, silent steve, I like that! Stevie wonder maybe?

Registrar: GODADDY.COM, INC.
Whois Server: whois.godaddy.com
Referral URL: http://registrar.godaddy.com
Status: clientDeleteProhibited
Status: clientRenewProhibited
Status: clientTransferProhibited
Status: clientUpdateProhibited
Updated Date: 22-apr-2007

Creation Date: 18-may-1997
Expiration Date: 19-may-2015

godaddy domains also started up in 1997.

Founded by Bob Parsons

In 1997, Parsons started Jomax Technologies, using funds from the sale of Parsons Technology. He renamed the company Go Daddy in 1999, and in 2000, Go Daddy became an ICANN-accredited domain name registrar.

This philosophy has fueled Go Daddy's growth, leading it to become the No. 1 domain name registrar worldwide, both in terms of new registrations and domains under management. Go Daddy currently registers, renews or resells a domain name every second of every day, has more than 8 million customers worldwide, manages more than 42 million domain names and employs more than 2,600 people. Go Daddy is also the #1 paid Web host provider in the world with more than 4 million active hosting accounts. Most of the applications sold by Go Daddy are developed in-house and all of Go Daddy's legendary customer care centers are all located in the United States.

Parsons has driven the expansion of Go Daddy's core business beyond domain names, to include website hosting, secure SSL certificates and email accounts. With more than 54 complementary products and services,

Domains by Proxy inc - affiliate
Starfield technologies, Go daddy business develepmont

hmmmm, Big Daddy indeed! Did you Security certificates and plenty of email accounts? Well that's ZMO business I guess!

Oh how about the 10-20 million people killed in Vietnam for the ZMO's plans? PROOF? Why the generals name of course said the horse who was it?

......................WESTMORELAND................ .gotta love those fake names like Obama, er barry, er what is it really? ZA-nubulu gwana iran?

Well what more is there to be said?

Let me see now........oh yeah!

Did you see this pic of how they "deny ignorance" in public view where they signed the papers for the purpose of the ZMO plan with Osama bin laden,the Rothchilds and George Bush while Gulliani and Pataki and the freemasons were all present?

Isn't that Nathan Rothcild, or is it a Rockefeller? Maybe it's Prince Charles or perhaps...nah, it's a ZMO ASHKENAZI
Robert Zoeller with Paul Wolfewitz....

Have a look at how healthy and fat those German Jewish YOUNG SONS look........

AT your own risk that is! You do what to know what really happened at 911 by the ZMO don't you?


Sorry to make you cry when the TRUTH rings out in your hearts, be they not Obsidian like them!.

But I have not a forked tongue and SUPPORT IGNORANCE for IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH!

May God JA MN have mercy on us ALL for their sins.......not ours!

I LOVE YOU ALL WHO ARE WORTHY TO NEVER FALL as they are destined for the Pit of KhenyaH!

Only God's Son knows truth....

Evil sons' DENY!

Same thing they did at 911........Lest We Remember!

2) It represents ideals that attracted the right kind of investors to our way of thinking
ATS = Altruism - Trust - Sincerity -skepticOverlord
.111.[R].Riven The Seer and Royal Bloodline to Atlantis.[R].111.

New! Tribes of Atlantis Academy of Atlantis Research Forums; http://tribesofatlantis.freeforum.ca/index.php
Website; https://sites.google.com/site/tribesofatlantis/
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