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Default Reptilians: The keepers of knowledge

After much study and thought I have come to the conclusion that the “Reptilians” are keepers of sacred knowledge. Some confuse the Annunaki as being a reptilian race but I disagree. It would seem more as if the reptiles were put here as guardians of sacred wisdom or keepers of ancient knowledge. They have in turn become the powers that be as we know them. One can consider the Illuminati for example as being of reptilian origin. The word Illuminati means the enlightened ones or to illuminate. Technically speaking being enlightened is another word for knowing. This is why they remain under the cover of secrecy. They know of celestial powers, magic, dimensional manipulation, psychic ability such as telepathy, telekinesis and teleportation. They can control frequencies as well as manipulate magnetic/energy fields. The greatest reptile that man-kind is familiar with would be Satan. He is considered the beast, the red dragon, the serpent. Most creation myths include an evil serpent of sorts. As written in the Bible, the serpent tempted Adam and Eve to eat from the sacred tree of knowledge. To me this seems as if the Devil was the keeper of said tree of knowledge and plotted to corrupt man. Knowledge is power. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. This in turn is why man is “absolved” of his sins.

If in fact the Annunaki’s are the creators of man and indeed the “gods” as we know them, then who is to say they only created us? Keep in mind that the Annunaki did not create the Earth. It was already here. The Annunaki came to the Earth to extract its natural resources. The giants of the earth were reptilian dinosaurs who were already here when the Annunaki arrived. It baffles my mind to think that no one includes dinosaurs into our ancient alien theories. Theories that coincidentally include “giants”. If I were an alien being that arrived at an alien planet which was inhabited by creatures. I would observe them and classify them into separate species. I would deduce the dominant species based on that planets food chain. This planet’s inhabitants were giant lizard like beasts as well as significantly smaller ape-men (Neanderthals). It would seem very obvious who the “kings of the jungle” were. If the Annunaki indeed tampered with the ape-men DNA, you can bet they did the same with the reptiles, thus creating the reptilian race we have come to know. If the Annunaki created slave creatures which were humans, it would only make sense that they would have slave masters who would be reptilian. This is how it was and has been. Even now we believe that we are being controlled by a reptilian race. We call them Illuminati, NWO, Bilderberg Group, Freemasons, Skull n’Bones or what ever other secret society you choose. The point being that we are still slaves and being deprived of knowledge, wisdom and truth. The reptilians were given greater powers in order to control us, while humans were conditioned and dumbed down. Our powers locked away inside of our DNA. The true powers of the Annunaki DNA inside of us. Imagine what the world would be if humans could bear that power. Though it is a double edge sword, a Pandora’s Box so to speak. Sure such power would be great, but would man be able to handle that power. Would we simply take abuse of it and destroy ourselves as well as everything around us. Perhaps the Annunaki knew this and purposely left the reptilians in charge to keep order. Thus being the keepers of knowledge.
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