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Default How to become a Reptilian, it's easy.

If you can't be bothered reading the article then just read the last paragraph, it will tell you how to become a Reptilian.


When a part of the brain is damaged, the mind will compensate for the loss by using more of some other area of the brain, which hasn't been damaged and here's the interesting thing, when the mind uses some other area of the brain, the features of that other area will be enhanced and the individual will display more of an enhanced ability of that part of the brain than before. Here are some good examples, when someone has been brain damaged in the left hemisphere of their brains, through injury or stroke, their mind will start using more of their right hemisphere and they can start becomming much more creative and become good at art, which was an ability they didn't have before, because creativity is associated with the right hemisphere. Another good example is how some autistic children can be very good with mathematics and develop a memory, which is far better than most other people. This is because parts of their brain, usually associated with things like communication, have been damaged, usually through Mercury in the vaccinations, and their minds start using more of other parts of the brain that is associated with things like memory to compensate for that loss thus enhancing their memory in the process. The reason why the elites target the area of the brain associated with communication and social skills is so that people, particulary children, will become more isolated from each other and their families and will not cooperate with each other like they normally would. A lack of communicaiton and social skills are the things that are most associated with autism and this allows the elites, the government and the corporations to become the parents of the children and people become more like zombies who will do anything the elites want. But there is one area of the brain the elites want people to use more of than any other area of the brain, and that is the Reptilian brain, which is associated with survivalism, heirarchy, impulses, aggression and all other base behaviours and ways of thinking. If the elites damage all areas of the brain then people's minds will start using more of the Reptilian brain to compensate for that loss and the primitive features of the Reptilian brain will be enhanced in most people as a result. People in this state of mind will become much more a part of their body and they will be closed off from their true selves more and more over time. This causes awareness and insight in people to become greatly dimished as as result and their bodies will be in control of them. People who have been alcoholics or drug addicts for a long time tend to be much more impulsive and have more trouble controlling their behaviour compared to other people, this is because their addictions have caused them to operate from their Reptilian brains a lot more than usual. This is also true for a lot of children with autism and ADHD, they have a lot of trouble controlling their behaviour and they need to be put on drugs to calm them down. Damaging their brains with vaccinations, then putting them on drugs for their entire childhood, which will damage their brains even more, is like how two wrongs don't make a right. There are various reasons why so many children are being put on psychiatric drugs, such as profit, but the main motive is to keep people under control as they are being brain damaged and their minds being forced to make more use of the Reptilian or primitive brain. Not every child displays the signs of hyperactivity and autism, but even then their IQ's are being reduced and their brains are getting damaged, making them use more of their Reptilian brains as well. The book called Brave New World and the movie called THX 1138 envisioned a world where everyone in society was permanatly on psychiatric drugs to control their behaviour and keep them mentally, physically and spiritually locked up in the control grid. People in a Reptilian state of mind will live much more by the primitive instincts to survive, which includes having a non individual, heirarchical state of mind, which keeps them locked up in the Matrix system and be less inclined to walk away from it.

The biggest drug in society is one that is legal and there is a lot of social, cultural and peer pressure to use it as much as possible and to use it regurarly early on in life. This drug is alcohol and it is responsible for many crimes committed in society, especially domestic violence and fighting as well as other anti social actions. Despite this fact, the government, police and society in general don't seem to be interested in reducing this problem like they do with drugs and tobacco, which doesn't cause the social problems that alcohol does. Alcohol does some interesting things to the brain while someone is drunk and these things are common to most people who have consumed too much alcohol. When someone has consumed too much alcohol their brains start slowing down and they become slower to respond to something than they were before, that is why drinking and driving is dangerous. Another thing that occurs when someone is drunk is that they have trouble being stable and will stagger around because the part of the brain that deals with movement has been affected. The interesting thing that happens a lot of people have been drunk is that they have memory loss. That is because the memory center of the brain has been affected and has shut down so it doesn't remember things while the person is drunk. Most areas of the brain get affected and don't operate like they should when someone is drunk, but there is one part of the brain that seems to be unaffected. Guess which part that is? If you said Reptilian brain you'd be correct. This would explain the violence that alcoholism causes. Most of you would have seen lots of young men fighting outside of bars and clubs on the news or in real life. Usually these fights start over trivial reasons but the thing is most of their brains aren't operating properly and their minds are making more use of the Reptilian brain to compensate for this loss of the brains normal functions and that is why drunks tend to lose control of themselves so easily. If someone only gets drunk a few times that isn't so bad, but if people drink too much alcohol for years on end that can cause brain damage in parts of their brain and so they will operate more from the Reptilian brain and that is why long term drunks tend to be more violent, impulsive, they have lower IQs and they have bad memories. That is because they have been constantly shutting down areas of the brain and it has caused permanent brain damage.

The Reptilian brain deals with the basics of survival and keeping people alive and safe and that is why it continues to function when the rest of the brain isn't working properly. The mind needs the Reptilian brain to function normally in adverse circumstances. The only time the Reptilian brain stops functioning properly is if someone is really high on drugs or really drunk, but at that point the person would be on the verge of death anyway. The mind gives priority to the Reptilian brain over the rest of the brain when it has been affected by things that cause it to either not operate as well or shut down, just like how when a person has been affected by too much cold, the body will give priority to the brain in directing heat.

If chemicals, drugs and alcohol aren't bad enough, there is a new trend, especially in young people and even in children, which is to sniff paint, petrol, glue and other dangerous but legal and redily available ways to get high. You don't need to be an expert in neurology or any other biological science to know that that is really bad for the brain and the body. The really insane thing is that this dangerous practice is seen and trendy to a lot of young people and this practice obviously damages the brain a lot quicker than drugs or alcohol do.

So to become a Reptilian, get regular vaccines, consume neurotoxic drugs and chemicals, make sure you consume plenty of Aspartame over many years, get yourself pissed everyday, don't consume any nutritionl food or drink that has vitamins and minerals in them, as they can aid the brain in repairing itself, sniff glue and other things that will damage your brain even quicker and watch lots of TV, TV relaxes your brain all the time and causes the neurons to degenerate over time due to a lack of activity. Of course if your someone who already does all that and doesn't give a shit about anything that's intelligent then congradulations, you are already a Reptilian inside a Human body.

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I've become one already.
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