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Default The IDF propaganda front "Public Movement"

Google still refuses to link up to my essays exposing the propaganda front posing as a performance group called Public Movement:

It's not performance, it's propaganda: Exposing Public Movement , part 1

Exposing Public Movement, part 2: propaganda straight out of Operation Hollywood

Instead, Google link up to a blog that quotes me and then asks the question:

"Are you not embarrassed"

Embarrassed of what, may I ask? Of trying to reason with an apologist like you, who simply cannot manage to read the "" on this page?

Please do show me another performance group, anywhere in the world, that is as openly and shamelessly backed by the military, the military of any country, as is Public Movement by the IDF. Show me one other performance group, anywhere in the world, that is backed by their National military and is allowed to tour the European performance circuit the way as PM does. I honestly cannot think of a single performance group that is openly backed by a national military AND allowed onto a European stage.

It's so typical of the hypocrisy of the European avant garde, who on the one hand will insist that government be left out of art, unless it's a group like PM openly backed by the military, then government involvement is perfectly OK all of a sudden.

Why don't you just admit you get off on fascist propaganda, especially the starched white Israeli variety of it.

Oh look, PM have even got their own "Friends of Public Movement" profile on, where else, Facebook, where 260 fellow fascists have already joined the Rahm Emanuel circle of love!

A group of Public Movement supporters, fans, donors, admirers, curators, producers, stage managers, printers, electrical engineers, car renters, opponents, lighting operators, amplifiers, former members, potential members, candidates, by-passers, spectators, scouts, parents, children, guards, guardians, youngsters, security personnel, terrorists, human resources managers and freedom fighters in the past, present, future, in Israel and abroad, and in other and unknown dimensions of time and space.


Here is the latest speech by Omer Krieger the Warlord.
You can tell this was written by an IDF spinmeister, then passed along to Krieger to read in front of the people of Warsaw:

We are pulled to the ground by natural forces.
We are held stable posted to our places, fixed in our positions.
Our muscles are flexed.
We are rooted to a territory, by memories, conceptions, by love and friendship.

When we look back into our lives, it's always with a sense of shame.

See, this is how I know the speech wasn't written by Omer himself but an IDF spinmeister. This reference to "shame" comes from an IDF officer's memoir that Normal Finkelstein quoted in Beyond Chutzpah:

We've always been the ones to blame for anything we long to do, no matter where or when or whom, there is one thing we have in common: it's a sin.

In 1948 Nathan Rappaport, set this square in bronze giving Warsaw a gift, making an image of resistance and despair, of horror, and of hope. For as long as there is resistance, there is hope.

Let us remember the Jewish fighters of the ghetto. Fighting in Warschaw, not for Judaism, but for life. Fighting not for a state, but for human dignity. For survival. Today we think of them. They are all here with us. We carry their bags, we walk with them slowly, we live in their houses. We, human beings, in order to form a more perfect union, stand here in front of this symbol of resistance and despair. In each place and time, oppression wears different faces and forms. Against it, we stand here to remember. Poles, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Europeans, Africans, Asians, Americans, Australians, Israelis and Palestinians. Our stories are different, but all of our lives are sacred.

Sure baby, and that's why you're working with the IDF and their Northern Comand, right kiddo? They've certainly shown us time and again how sacred they think life is.

Also posted on my blog, another blog entry of mine Google will censor:
Maria Technosux
anti-fascist blogger

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Good Article
Keep up the good work.
The IDF are terrorists and their supporters need to be named and shamed
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idf, omer krieger, propaganda, public movement

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