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Talking Surround your wall socket with copper wire

I promise you, now it's getting really mad, it's as 'mad' as the statement from David Icke of putting on a tin hat - they're taking your thoughts (what is IMO true as well, it's got to do with the System/The Matrix built upon biochips distributed among the population of the world, see www.luisprada.com/Protected/plan_aurora.htm ).
But aluminium is cheaper - to make a joke of it...

This I've found on www.luisprada.com/Protected/The_Fall.htm :

'The "Illuminati" are a race that also exists elsewhere within our third dimensional universe. The Illuminati's karma with the human form goes back over 50,000 years ago, and originated with the Sirian race. The Sirians, who are a fifth dimensional humanoid race, made agreements to support the Illuminati's longevity when both races were in third dimensional form. The Illuminati have a similar genetic problem to the Greys and are unable to love. Because they have a dysfunctional heart chakra, they are unable to translate the chi [the same as orgone energy POR, cosmic life energy - my note] or energy from the breath into a usable form to sustain their embodiments beyond 50 years in age. The sharing the energy between the Sirians and Illuminati allowed both the Illuminati and the Sirians to sustain a 2000 year life-span. As the Sirians ascended into the 5th dimension some 20,000 years ago, the karma was transferred to the human race here on Earth. We are related to the Sirians as they seeded our planet with the humanoid form some 40,000 years ago, and so we also carry any genetic karma related to the Sirians.

For the past 20,000 years, the human race has sustained the chi for both the Human Race and the Illuminati Race. Following the "Fall of Man", and our genetic mutation to only two strands of DNA, the continued siphoning of chi from the human form has resulted in a life-span of less than a century, along with the experience of aging, illness and death. Our channel has discovered that the Illuminati work through electronic devices to psychically attach to the human energy field. She has observed that they hook into the human form through such things as Television and Computers. Television puts most humans into a mild trance state, and it is through such a trance state that the Illuminati can merge with the body and take as much chi or energy as possible. The Illuminati also work heavily through drugs and alcohol, and as a human ingests such substances, the Illuminati pull the human soul out of the embodiment and climb in, again for the purposes of taking energy. It is for this reason that we recommend that spiritual initiates limit such things as Television, as well as drug and alcohol use. If an initiate must spend time at the Computer, copper wire surrounding the electrical outlet make it more difficult for the Illuminati to come into the system. [!!!!]

One final note, the energy field of the Whale community is the only energy field on Earth that the Illuminati have been unable to penetrate. Whales utilize sonar, and these low sound vibrations are incompatible with the metallic vibration of the Illuminati, and make it impossible for them to come near. The Illuminati are also responsible for over 1000 vortexes that they had created all over Earth to leech life-force from nature. Each vortex had created a tear in the Earth Mother's etheric body. These vortexes have been closed and the Earth Mother's etheric body healed as of January 1998 as Lady Gaia, the consciousness of Earth, and our Creator Logos released their karma with the Illuminati.'

The stark thing is that I've heared from the orgonite activists that the Illuminati also do astral travelling to attack them (therefore powerwands, succorpunches etc.).
So take a copper wire and surround the wall socket/outlet to maintain your energy. But before you start with this, I recommend you strongly to think over an excuse for your fellows, or about how to hide it (possibly a piece of orgonite does the same as it transforms the low fequency (DOR) back into higher frequency (orgone, Chi) ).
Or do you want to find yourself in the madhouse just on the same day ?
By the way: When I read this claim some days ago, I first stayed very serious about it. But the next day when I remembered this idea
'Put a copper wire around your outlet/wall socket during watching TV or using the computer to prevent the Illuminati from coming in and sucking off your life energy' I had tears of laugther in my eyes for minutes... only the idea of this sounds so absurd no writer would put it into his SciFi story.
'He who does not notice in a certain age that he's surrounded mostly by idiots he does not notice for a certain reason. ' Curt Goetz
'The most dangerous enemy of truth is the compact majority.' (Henrik Ibsen)

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