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Talking Certificate of Birth-Bart v Hugo Simpson

The con game is perpetrated by secret societies. All hospital are operated by secret societies. All attorneys in the world belong to a secret society. According to Kate of Gaia, any attorney admitted to the practice of law by any government in the world is admitted to the Knight's Templar Church.

"Authorized representative," an attorney, physician, funeral director, or other designated agent acting on behalf of the family."
- South Dakota Statutes 34-25-1.1

In statutes, the attorney is allow to represent your family. To represent means to personate. To personate means to take on the character of another without their consent or knowledge to gain some advantage.

The certificate of live birth has nothing to do with you. The Simpsons Season 23 Episode 9 Holiday of Future Passed shows the Montgomery Burns Institute for Soul Extraction. It is a facility located next to the Springfield General Hospital.The live birth in the institution has to do with soul extraction.

The souls of the deceased human (mermaid that shape shift into looking like men were inputted into the state (philosopher's stone that contains property).

The broken heart is the broken heart of the Ocean in Titanic. As soon as Jack possesses the broken heart, he was arrested.

The parents wanted to adopt the twins because the twins have magical power. That what the certificate of live birth is about. The birthdate was the date that the parents received title to the ET being or stone called the child. The live birth took place a few days afterward that why the delivery doctor won't sign off on the certificate of live birth until at least a few days latter. Why? The live birth occurred a few days after the birthdate.

""Child" includes child by adoption."
-C.R.S. 2-4-401 (2017)

The word "child" in the legal definition is a person that has been adopted. A certificate of birth is for someone that has been adopted. That why you don't receive the birth certificate but the certificate of birth. The state which is the philosopher's stone that has the real and personal properties adopted the soul.

The live birth is sending the soul which is Bart Simpson into the state of (belong to) Nevada. The philosopher's stone contains property which is inside or part of Hugo Simpsons.

“Person” defined.“Person” includes this State or any other state, government or country which may lawfully own property within this State whenever it is used to designate a party whose property may be the subject of an offense."
- NRS 193.0205

In criminal case, the State of Nevada (or other state) is charging the State of Nevada (or other state). The Steve Universe shows that the green stone is the prosecutor. The stones belong to (of) the company called Nevada.

Bart Simpson started to attack Hugo Simpsons and the property because Bart Simpson was pure evil.

The doctors have to separate Hugo Simpson and Bart Simpson to prevent destruction of the property (spirits) inside the stones. So the doctor applied some waves that forced Bart Simpson to go to one end of the philosopher's stone.

"Person" defined. The word "person" extends to and includes co-partnerships and bodies corporate and politic."-Rhode Island Statutes Section 43-3-6

The doctor cut the philosopher's stone into two. That is how the person the person became body politics and corporate. That is the reason for the broken heart and the ALL CAPITAL NAME and Upper and Lowercase name.

There is an attorney behind the scene that conduct the adoption. In the virtual records statutes, the doctor and the attorney are the legal representative for the family. So they are allow to conduct the adoption.

The criminal act is the possession of property. That is the selling of the doves out of Hugo by Bart Simpsons. The police probable cause affidavit uses the Upper and Lowercase name (ex. Bart Simpson). That name refers to Bart Simpsons.

Hugo Simpson which is the ALL CAPITAL NAME ended up with the state's lost and found. The parents never came to get him. He turned into an estate. On top of that, Hugo Simpson got a US Saving Bond on him. If you enter your certificate of birth number, the EE Savings Bond will show up.

Bart Simpson got baptized in the one catholic church. That where he ended up. The Vatican salvage him. He was the lost soul. When you get your baptism certificate, it is in Upper and Lowercase.

The State is a bill collector. When the state is the bill collector, it is most likely criminal. When the private lender is the bill collector, the case is civil.
The bill collector is borrowing credit (doves) from Hugo Simpson and lending it to Bart Simpson. They are demanding Bart Simpson to pay the service bill back.

For commercial crime, there is a tax if the person (Bart Simpson) sells the property (doves) from Hugo Simpson. The Social Security Administration came to stop the prepaid society of 1933. Trust law and the person is how they deny the prepaid society.

The certificate of baptism is the evidence where Bart Simpson ended up. The court is harassing you because you are Bart Simpson or you are possessing the stone that contains Bart Simpsons.

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