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Default Court Case (Civil or Criminal) to Eternal Life!!!

Baptism is the first step. The certificate of baptism shows that the body ended up in the one catholic church. The one catholic church make a person for you.

Then when you come to court, you have to come as the beneficiary. You cannot be the trustee because you cannot meet the statutory definition of person.

The sovereignty gurus and Moorish Nation Gurus con the sovereign citizens and Freeman on the land to be the authorized agent, representative, trustee, natural person, etc. for the estate. These groups are operated by secret societies and they con you into standing guard of the seals in the book of revelation.

The person is the zombie that is trained by the One Catholic Church to administer the trust. You don't have knowledge because the secret societies won't give you the knowledge. You are the beneficiary so you are not eligible for the training in alchemy.

You have been living a life of lies. The One Catholic Church have Frankenstein and zombie technology that will blow your mind. They have true advance artificial intelligence that will blow your mind. The reason why it is not released because it will free mankind from slavery.

The elite want you to go to work and work for promises to pay. The parasites live off your backaches and sickness due to overwork and exposure to toxins. As long as you agree to be a person and go after money, the parasites got you in the place they want you.

The blue birth certificate stone has the blue diamond which is called the world. Jesus hold the world in his hand. That is not impossible.

The back side of the Indiana certificate of birth got the seals. There are about five seals. The person will get the other two. These are the seals for the book of revelation.

You cannot be the middleman for the trust because you don't have knowledge of the trust.

You have to hand the trust which is the ALL CAPITAL NAME to the trustee which is the person in the one catholic church.

The person settles all your debt then it will probate out your estate. The person will open the seals in the back of the book and the plague and destruction on the blue birth certificate stone will happen. The blueman group that your parents adopted must go through hell and judgement. That is to prepare the new heaven and new earth.

The spirits (selves) in the stones and other stones will be tried and judged according to the book of revelation. There will be an anti-christ that sit in the Social Security Stone (temple) and said he is god.

The script of revelation will happen. Then a heavenly Jerusalem with the tree of life can be placed on the stone.

Now the stone can be released to the county where you were born and recorded. Now you have the right to eat from the tree of life and live forever.

The school system and society taught you to personate the trustee and to pretend the beneficiary is missing. The trustee is responsible to tender the debt when the beneficiary is missing.

The con game is also found in the signature. The X before the signature means that you are the person that got off the cross. Gnostic Jesus is the person that got off the cross. That is the zombie, beautiful people, bishop in the Marilyn Mason disposable teen video, etc.

On top of that, you were taught to sign Upper and Lowercase (ex. Joe B. Job). That is personating the trustee.

ALL CAPITAL is the trust and the grantor. The Upper and Lowercase is the trustee. The all small is the beneficiary.

The proper way to sign as the beneficiary is to cross out the X to make a northstar (*) and sign all small (ex. joe blow love).

Indiana Certificate of Birth has the seals on the backside. In all states, the Secretary of State refuse to authenticate or appostille the certificate of birth issued by the city or county. The reason why is there is no tree of life and heavenly Jerusalem in the ALL CAPITAL NAME in the city or county.

The reason why you have to die is because you didn't eat from the tree of life. If you going to follow the dump population, listen to the sovereign gurus, and the attorneys, you going to die like everyone else. You are just a slave in the system. You are going to work overtime to be in the middle class if you lucky. You are guarantee to get sick and die.

If you want to go along with everyone else, then do what the idiot sovereign citizen do. Join the pyramid of trustees. The idiot sovereign citizens is following the attorney's advice. The sovereignty gurus are supervised by attorneys in secret societies like Freemasonry. As a sovereign citizen, you are getting more honest legal advice.

Sovereign idiot are pretending to be a natural person, authorized representative, executor, agent, etc. of the trust. You want to discharge. I guarantee you that it won't work for you. The judge work with the secret society so they will let a couple sovereign idiots and Moors go. When it spread, it won't work.

If you don't have the trust or will instrument, you cannot perform the duties as the natural person, authorized representative, agent, executor, etc. The court won't show you the instrument because you are the beneficiary. They treat you like the trustee, agent, or executor to grab your ass.

The one catholic church got the knowledge because they work with attorneys and judges. Their zombie is trained in the knowledge on how to do the duty on the instrument.

This stone is the elixer of life. It will de-materialize you to another dimension where you can enjoy eternal life and eternal youth.

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How do we get the trust or will instrument?

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Originally Posted by Andy_Mann View Post
How do we get the trust or will instrument?
If you ask the judge or the attorney and they won't give it to you. They keep the instrument a secret. These instrument can be under seal in birth certificate estate. That why there are about 5 seals on the birth certificate.

You cannot be the executor or trustee without the instruments. Sovereignty gurus con you to be a lunatic by claim to be an executor, agent, representative, or trustee without instruments.

Even if the proceeding is intestate, there are instruments issued by the court. The court won't give you it because you are the beneficiary. A beneficiary doesn't need knowledge of the estate or trust. The attorneys and court con you into taking the middleman's position.

The best thing is to tell the judge that since you don't give me the instruments and access to the account, I can only be the beneficiary in this proceedings.
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