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Default Certificate of Birth-Deposit Doves In State(Philosopher Stone)!!!

Jesus threw the money changers out of the temple and said to the ones selling doves not to make his father's house a house of commerce. The archon realm is in commerce. Commerce is the realm of the 4th dimension.

Statutes are based on common law. Common law is based on the bible. If you study the vital statistic law with the principle of commerce, it will start to make sense.

The word "birth" means the ship is in dock to unload cargo. In commerce, it is spirit. Many patriots and sovereign think it is physical item. If you think it is physical items, you bought into the con. The con is to make you believe it is you. It is not you. The doctor is the (dock-ter). The state adopted the spirit which is the doves. That is the third person in the trinity. The mother's social security number (ex 313-39-XXXX) is used on the paperwork. So the mother was the name and not the woman. That was the con game.

The birth certificate is the death certificate. The child died and yield the doves (spirit) to the state's person. The certificate of birth is the certificate that the state adopted the spirit of the child. The name becomes a brand name for the state's doves. It can be the placenta. The placenta possibility contains the spirit. The person that is born in the state is the state's person. It is not you. The state's person is using your spirit. GM owns brands like Saturn and Chevrolet. Your name is the brand of the State.

By contributing the doves, the state formed a franchise which is the ALL CAPITAL NAME. Your mother and father are pair renters (pa-rents) of this franchise. The property belongs to the state. Your parents are renters. Your mom and dad never got the information on how to operate the child. The con is to get you to believe that you are the person.

How are you the primary creditor? You are the creditor of the ALL CAPITAL NAME when you are the beneficiary.

The Moorish Nation, Sovereign citizens groups, and patriots don't know about the commerce has to do with the doves. They believe that they can discharge the debt by being an authorized representative, agent, or executor.

These groups are controlled by secret societies like the Freemasons. These gurus are supervised by attorneys.

They teach the members to be in the position the court got their ass and can throw them in the slammer. Since you have no knowledge how to operate the ALL CAPITAL NAME, you cannot claim these position.

You can only claim the beneficiary status. The only name you can sign is the all small name (ex. joe-blow-love). The all small is the beneficiary.

The state or creditor is charging you for accessing your own credit (doves). The court won't give you information about how to discharge. It is a game you don't want to play. Yes, a couple sovereign citizens, moors, or patriot will get a discharge because the judge will let a couple get it to spread the lies. When others attempt it, it doesn't work. This con game is done by secret society on purpose.

You can just tell the court that I surrender the name. The name doesn't belong to me but the state. It was stole by the state at birth. It is your job to settle the debt. I give this franchise to the corporate to settle the debt.

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