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Originally Posted by grimstock View Post
OSHO: God Is Not a Solution - but a Problem

If somebody does not have free will, then nobody has!
We are all one. Free will is not for the few who believe themselves to be more righteous than others.
Self improvement may only come from humility.
I respectfully disagree with some of your points and the title of that video you've posted.

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Scientific answer is no. There is a very well known neurological experiment which is cited in a lot of new age books. basically an impulse exists in people's brain to make certain decision before the decision registers in one's frontal cortex. In other words, you already made your decision before you even know it. To paraphrase the movie the matrix 2, you are here not to make decisions but to understand why you make them.

In Eastern teachings such as Buddhism, there is free will, but free will is not an outer thing but is an inner thing. You can't control what goes on in the outside, but you can have full control 100% of the time to control how you respond emotionally and mentally. When you respond external events according to a certain state of mind and emotion, your external world will change accordingly. What goes on in the outside is governed by karma. If there is free will, it negates karma. Karma originate from your thought, not your action. Your action is the result of your thought.
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