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Default Space is an illusion as is Time - Magician Consciousness - Hypnotised

Space is an illusion as is time


Light is light as are we and our ultimate self.
Light is not a source external from ourselves or simply a way of travel to make use out of by way of developing technology, like humanity treat other commodities.
Rather we as humans/our bodies are the vehicle for light to experience a conducted reality here on Earth and now we as humans are trying to use our body vehicles to explore back into space, the universe.
(Sound is also this light, as any good psychedelic will make clear to you. Space out!
Or is light sound? Let their be light? And so their was and that light followed the sound?


The Trap... A Prison for your mind...
The trap with the chase for success, happiness, desires...

In this sense, our ultimate selves are the mask magician presenting the illusion/magic and the audience, fooling/hypnotising ourselves at exactly the same time and then we wonder how it's done. Not feeling and seeing it is us because we have got so lost, simply because we have become so hypnotised...

As inside the mind of this purposed psychopath demonstrates...

We have divided ourselves, split ourselves because of our ideas, polarised extremes due to this state of duality.
Like energy positive and negative are needed for that energy to be sufficient. Both are needed otherwise neither would operate and that energy would cease to exist.


Often not understanding that universe is us and is doing what we are effectively trying to reverse engineer in the physical world/game.

If we did understand it we could explore space via our light, our ultimate state of consciousness, reversing our flow of information without the need of any other technology whatsoever.
(Perhaps technology will be able to help in some manner, but certainly not how such technology is being used now. But such will just be a method of a fast tracking of what would otherwise be possible by our own consciousness alone.)

That form of space travel is beyond primitive it's a bad joke of a society that's going to the most insane delusional extremes, by the worship of external authorities, institutions beyond themselves, attempting to put themselves between people and God/their ultimate experience.
That's because they're trying to control society and play "God" and keep people asleep. Them waking up is very scary for such a people as they won't be able to control such a people and they may equally attempt to do such via technology... Transhumanism

Space is an illusion as is time.
So bouncing around it in space buggies is equally as much an illusion.

Light is the universe and we are a reflection of the universe so we can experience and interact through a vehicle/our bodies.
That light exists within the universe out there and within us at the same time because it is us, just as it would be any other form of life we would call alien.

The world we experience is a game, a contained controlled accident like an experiment carried out by our ultimate self/ultimate consciousness.
The reason our consciousness created such an illusion of space and time was so the reality and bodies we have to experience and interact could exist.
But we have become bamboozled by it.
Possibly because such a situation has been hijacked by a control system, those attempting to impose borders and boundaries, to harvest the energy from the cycle of humanity. This system is another expression of us. So long as we allow it to exist and bamboozle us, the longer we deserve to be bamboozled by it.

Meditation/Contemplation is key for realising such clarity, while letting go of our conditioning by our phantom selves/ego so then we can possibly travel such a path and see through the illusions we have made.

"The Enemy are only Images and Illusions.
Destroy the Image and you will break the Enemy."?


Danny Edwards
If you believe everything I say, I don’t trust you. More importantly you shouldn’t trust yourself or you own opinion on this until you’ve researched it for yourself!

Knowledge alone is not enough know thyself...

Scio Te Ipsum - Verum Ordo Ad Chao

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"I'm trying to express my experience/feelings about that experience into words.

That can never be definitively done by anyone.
We can only show doors/pathways to an experience by language.
Language creates systems and logic and yet language itself is irrational and always leaves something out...

Such as A.I. Artificial Intelligence will be the be all and end all of logic systems. There's no alternative for heart in A.I.
It leaves heart out. All it can do is imitate, feelings can't be 100% rationalised that's what makes them such and so can't be put into text or systems. Only evaluation scales. It's like trying to explain what being drunk, high or in love is like. It's completely different than the direct experience. You can only speak in terms of likes, Philosophy and mythical legends...

The Matrix Hierarchy...


The opposite is the case but can this be accurately put into words why and how this is the case?
No it has to be experienced directly.

We have arguments over religion vs religion and news vs news and all the fake news arguments.
As though there is a definitive religious practice.
That is not possible unless you're under some form of tyranny that says this (0) is the only way.
It leaves out (1) at the very least in our dualistic human experience, even at a logical level. Not even A.I. can successfully operate on only either 0 or 1 on it's own...
Even if we had (1 or 0) that isn't really a choice but the illusion of choice much like our dictatorial political systems disguised as democracy.

What we call news in the MSM isn't news at all, its really the news of the news but to make things easier we call that the news.
As though our history books are history they ain't anymore than a spiritual or religious text is the be all and end all of ultimate experience.

Anyone whom suggests they have to ultimately agree on everything someone says before they can accept even a part of what they say as truth or lies is ultimately a deception.

The truth is only from our experience and POV as truth.
If you can communicate it effectively other people maybe able to experience what you're talking about themselves, if it's true it will show itself as such, it will not need any fear or systems to guide it but the experience of the individual you have gotten through too.

First that person needs to accept what you have to say to them, before they may feel what you're attempting to talk about...

So you see that religious or spiritual path is subjective and no one institution has definite truth beyond our own experience, beyond our own acceptance, so beyond our own authority we give to such institutions.

If you have an idea or goal that may cloud your judgement, as you'd be using your brain to guide your heart.
The brain is a good servant of the heart. But don't let it be master of your destiny and spiritual attainment - Heart
As you'll find yourself in chaos.
Wasting your time distracting yourself reading books and indeed this text..."



"Time is Money. An illusion.
That illusion of money will grant you enough time to be a philosopher, as philosophy has become undervalued, as a control system doesn't want you to remember who you are or experience your ultimate experience because it can't be contained or controlled like money can...

Instead we remain hypnotised with that system and money, chasing a reality that is never here or now but exists in the pursuit of money, in the future.
Only someone who is very rich has time to be here and now..."
Danny Edwards
If you believe everything I say, I don’t trust you. More importantly you shouldn’t trust yourself or you own opinion on this until you’ve researched it for yourself!

Knowledge alone is not enough know thyself...

Scio Te Ipsum - Verum Ordo Ad Chao

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