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Default Passion and romance, another illusion

The word ‘passion’ means ‘passing on’ and that's why it doesn't last. Passion is temporary. PASSION IS NOT LASTING.

Passion is an addictive emotion. And when the passion goes, then they have to have more passion because it didn’t disseminate, and they want to feel it again. It’s like a drug because it gets into your blood and it can be very tormentive.

Passion doesn’t last long. It can’t last long because the body can’t continue to keep these hormones going. All passion is intense and is generally resolving some emotions that you have. So, it’s a continuance of being 'stuck' within the passion of illusion.

People like the way romance and passion feels because it throws certain hormones and chemicals into their body. It is like being on ‘drugs’, and so they want these feelings, and they are TEMPORARY. You can’t seek something that is NOT existent, so that it is just temporary.

Sex is romance, passion. And when the passion and romance goes then what comes in is children and responsibility for them, which people feel they are supposed to do.

All those emotions of romance, passion, and all those different ILLUSIVE emotions, are non-existent, and that is why they are NOT lasting. Those emotions of passion and romance feel real but they are not real. They are complete ILLUSION.

And so, since they are not lasting, then those that seek that are in a constant state of seeking that out, THE ILLUSION OF ROMANCE AND PASSION.

Also, passion is linked to jealousy, which is a very powerful emotion, which is linked to fear of loss, which can create dangerous emotions, such as anger, rage, and murder.

IT ISN'T PERMANENT, THE PASSION AND THE ROMANCE THAT DO NOT EXIST. All is about the energy of the Spirit. It has nothing to do with sex. It's about the Root Chakra (in area of perineum) and it's the Root Chakra that 'roots' us into the planet so we can have an experience here the physical plane.

Romance: This word romance has to do with ‘rowing into a trance’. Now what you want to be careful of is romance. Romance is illusion. There is no such thing. That was created for you so that you would get married or ‘miraged’. It’s all part of the reptilian control.

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The above post expresses the classical Buddhist world view ...

Buddhists have a problem because things are transitory ...they think if something isn't permanent , then that proves it's an illusion , inferior , to be avoided ...

Well guess what ???? Everything is transitory !! ... in a constant state of change ... and there's nothing wrong with that ...it stops things getting boring ....

Romantic love , we are told , is a drug released by the body , to make us attached ..."in love with " another .... research shows it lasts on average 11 months ... this is enough time for us to pair bond with the object of our love , get married , set up home , get into a route-en , establish a secure base which is optimum for bringing up children , which should be arriving just as the love drug wears off ....

It's the universes way of making sure the next generation survives , just at the time the romantic love for the partner wanes , along come the babies for us to experience a new type of love , the next level of love .... Which lasts till their about 16 when that love starts to diminish , and you kick them out of the house ... forcing them to start up on their own , and so the glorious cycle continues ....

All as it should be and perfect ...
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I just got horny reading this thread. Reality reminding me HOW REAL and pleasurable things can be.
Doctors destroy health. Lawyers destroy justice. Universities destroy knowledge. Governments destroy freedom. The mass media destroy information. Religions destroy spirituality.

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Originally Posted by gore tex View Post
I just got horny reading this thread. Reality reminding me HOW REAL and pleasurable things can be.
You know why?
This week we have Jupiter the planet of expansion and Venus the planet of love is conjunct and emitting lot of that energy.

Now, what to do eh?
Exodus 34:19 "All that openeth the matrix is mine;"
Isaiah 45:7 - I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create EVIL: I the Lord do all these things. (I'm not a Christian!!)

Mark 11:12-25 - Jesus Curses a Fig Tree because he was hungry.

A Town Cursed by Jesus
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