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Talking This is why whistleblowers have nothing to fear

There are many people in this world who desire to be whistleblowers but are too chicken to blow the whistle since they are afraid that the government will murder them for telling truth to power. However, I am writing this article to make it clear that there is no reason to fear this because we are all infinite consciousness! Obi wan Kenobe told Darth Vader, “If you strike me down I shall become more powerful than you can ever imagine.” Well guess what, THE SAME IS TRUE WITH REAL LIFE!

For those of you who don’t know, when you die you enter a wonderful state of infinite consciousness which is more joyous than anyone can ever imagine. This means that there is no reason to be scared of being a whistleblower because even if the government kills you for doing so you will enter this state of infinite consciousness after dying. Therefore, I would encourage all those wanna-be whistleblowers who are scared of telling truth to power to stop being so chicken and expose corruption. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain because the government will only do you a favor by murdering you!

Also, I encourage whistleblowers to not let threats on your family’s life prevent you from whistleblowing. Many times throughout history people have stopped exposing corruption simply cuz the government told them, “If you don’t stop telling truth to power we will murder your wife and kids!” Everyone who gets told this threat stops whistleblowing just cuz they fear for their family’s life, but they are making a terrible mistake by doing this. Instead of saying, “Ok sir, I’ll stop telling truth to power, just please don’t hurt my family,” it would be a much better idea to say, “Go right ahead and murder my family! I don’t care if you murder them and I don’t have to care because murdering them will only send them into infinite consciousness. I’m gonna expose government corruption no matter what!”

For real folks, don’t be scared of telling truth to power! If the government murders you and/or your family for doing so, then they will only be doing you and them a favor. Oh, and long live David Icke for helping me and the rest of humanity become aware of the fact that we are all infinite consciousness!
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You should clarify your hopes.

No afterlife will follow a general rule. It all depends
on what we do, while we are alive.

If it was so sweet, as you say, those corrupt individuals, which we should expose, will also find it sweet to die.

Forget it. Dont work that way. We make our own beds,
while alive.

We must be active in how we make decisions - morals.

All prophets carried the same truths.

I do think whistleblowing is on a roll. And it is a snowball
roll. It has started now it will not stop until we expose
the royal families, or they will remove much of the population of the western world, first.

Think of whats on the line - 100's of dynasties of the same bloodline rulers. They will not give in.

To counter this we need a very special security force.
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I agree somewhat to what the opening poster is saying

But I would also say, if you are gonna whistleblow, do it in a very CLEVER way. Dont let yourself or your family die IF IT IS UNNECESSARY.

Expose the truth NOW everyone. You should have done it 5 years ago really (me too). Sadly for humanity, it's getting rather late now. But they say, it's the darkest before dawn.

Make your experience as a human being the best it could be. That's what it's all about, ohhhh the hokey cokey!
The truth is like a lion. You don't have to defend it. Let it loose. It will defend itself. ||| The words that I type onto this forum are NOT my opinions, nor are they my beliefs, they are simply just words and letters on a screen ||| Any thread that I start is not really meant as a debate, it's really just a friendly discussion
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I disagree with the OP. Threats/acts of violence to whistleblowers or the vulnerable are made by bullies and cowards. IMO this is the best way to deal with these threats/acts........

Meet the New Boss.....same as the Old Boss

Truth is Hate for those that Hate the Truth

Laugh and the World laughs with you...
Troll and the World laughs at you....promise...

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Default Some UK police forces will go to any lengths

People say that security services et al will go a long way to stop whistleblowers this is one example of how far a UK police force will go

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