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Default Free World Charter

Came across this which might be of interest to the forum...

Love for All All for Love

"If the Universe was left to be created by an Atheist we would still have nothing"

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Listened to some of it makes some sense and a nice Irish lilt
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nice video
thanks for posting
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I signed this a while ago. Check out my signature (I used every available character):

Louis Mills (Australia) Signed: 13:25, 29/05/2014
"Money in it's essence is a virus, banks are parasites. Diseases are the only things that come easily through greed and destitution, the polarities of monetisation. A virus must change it's state from host to host to survive as money changes it's value in order for the economy to survive. Money in it's physical state is one of the dirtiest thing in the environment literally at about the standard of a communal handkerchief or toilet washer. The Black Death appeared when cities had been built to be sustained by state figures stamped onto bargaining chips which proved to corrupt the resource utilisation such that it could not survive proliferation of disease. Modern day pandemics and depopulation in every level of the environment is the final phase of the immutable law of natural process that enacts itself when population begins to expand beyond man made limits and controls which limit what is possible for the environment to reflection of sustainable economic systemisation. Abolish money."
Time is an illusion, lunchtime doubly so- Douglas Adams

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