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Default Dealing with Dramatic Spiritual Upheaval

Interesting read


I strongly sense that the world has now edged into a new phase of its evolution. During the Divinicus Tour, people in the Openhand Community had the sense that Gaia was ‘waiting’. Waiting for what? The Shift into the fifth density is not a time-line, but an event-line. The pathway must be opened progressively. Humanity is beginning to emerge from eons of darkness. He may not yet be fully ready, but the Earth cannot wait any longer. Realignment with the divine flow must now start to happen on a global scale. Due to its injustice, inequity and misalignment, the old reality will be steadily broken down, over time, so as to provide breathing space for more souls to break through, break out and ascend…
When you stop watching what they want you to watch you stop thinking what they want you to think.. Then you see a world that is nothing like they tell you it is.
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Humanity is beginning to emerge from eons of darkness. He may not yet be fully ready, but the Earth cannot wait any longer. Realignment with the divine flow must now start to happen on a global scale

The forthcoming Galactic Alignment .. called the 'Precession of the Equinox', Galactic Alignment or just .. Precession. This is an imminent Cosmic phenomenon of planetary alignment which takes 26,000 .. well 25,920 years to culminate.
Or less in astronomical terms ‘when the Solar meridian crosses the galactic equator and the solar system reaches the centre of our galaxy’ !
This will, as has previously, have massive evolutionary consequences upon our local solar neighborhood and obviously our planet.
It will not be simply the precession of our Heliospherical alignments into one geometrical Zodiacal position into another, (which occurs every 2160 years ). But it is the end of the long count (Mayan), where all twelve constellations have been traversed in this precessive motion by our solar system - heralded by the winter solstice sun as it enters Aquarius once again.
This is the big one! ... And if souls tune to the new emanated resultant vibratory radiations it will mean a massive SPIRITUAL AWAKENING, which is long overdue !!
How can a galactic alignment, our solar system reaching the centre of the galaxy, culminate such change? .. Well ...... ITS VIBRATORY !
.The human vehicle is basically an energy manifestation device, it can receive and transmit cosmic vibrations accordingly, hence it has access to a 'internet' if you will - The Universe.
As all energy is consciousness and consciousness is energy, through the transmission and reception of differing frequency message packages from this Cosmic-Internet; It not only recodes all quantum structure, but also enables the latent higher faculties attributed to the DNA template of the Human vehicle to manifest.
Our present mode of expression is of lowest possible dimensional construct before all monocular motion slows and becomes lesser energized, as in the Vegetable and Mineral kingdoms of the creative order .
The higher vibratory ethereal component to our being gives access to our true Spiritual multidimensional nature, and receptivity to higher densities of expression.
Its' up to each individual consciousness the clarity of the response to the vibratory change falling upon our local solar neighborhood .. indeed our galaxy, as the present cycle ends. We are at the cusp of this transition now, hence the admix of those responding to the ascentional shift in consciousness and those that are not.
Many are 'lashing' out in confusion and violence or hiding behind materialism and possessions, creating a counterfeit meaning to their realities.
For the forerunners in the awakening process it's is 'out with the old' an 'in with the new' .. as they increasingly in number, respond to the new emanated Cosmic vibrations.
This is a 'choice point' .. and through entrainment via ‘sympathetic resonance’, as this vibratory shift escalates, more will respond to the new energies and culmitively expand it accordingly..
I cannot wait for the massive change in consciousness, where we emerge from separatism to unity .. Where the single droplets within the ocean of infinity realize that the they are, and always were the whole ocean in it's entirety !!! .......... Long overdue.
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