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As a leave voter, I've noticed my Romanian, Polish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Nigerian, Philippino, Chinese, neighbours will no longer give me the time of day.
Is there a safe space I could retreat to?
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The only racism i have witnessed recently was when i got a job picking up an african or asian.

He got in the back of my car without acknowledging me, like he is the most important person in the world, and he demanded "take me to central mosque" like it is the most important place in the world.

I asked "where is central mosque".
I swear, i have never seen a face so quickly become full of rage.
His eyes lit up and he looked at me stonewall with lines running across his forehead and shouted "you dont know where central mosque is? IT IS THE BIGGEST FUCKING MOSQUE IN EDINBURGH".

I said, well if you tell me the name of the street it is on then i can take you there.

However for the rest of the journey he would not drop it.
This guy was actually "offended" because i did not know central mosque, and he interogated me into why i did not know central mosque, so i turned and looked at him straight in the eyes and said "look, i am not religious, and i have never picked up nor dropped off at central mosque before so how would i know where central mosque is"? I refrained from adding "And if you carry on like this, i will be more than just not religious, i will be full blown religious devout christian, now shut up you arrogant little boy". Because i knew if i added that i would be hauled infront of the cab office for racism.

As we approached the building, he said "look, see the place with the huge fucking temple on the top, that is central mosque".

I then pulled over next to it and with a big smile requested politely £9.50, and he begrudgingly gave me it.

That is my only experience with racism.

Maybe however it is me that should be offended.
Offended that in the city i was born in and grew up, i have a person from a different land that lives in the city i grew up, "obviously" thinks i am just a piece of shit and gets offended when i dont know where his mosque is.
I must add, that mosque never used to be a mosque when i was growing up.
It used to be an old 15th century building part of Edinburghs history and architecture.
Maybe it was me should have been offended that he showed me no respect or consideration one iota?

So, post Brexit, if i am driving through city centre one day and i see him running down the street dodging eggs, i shall find it hard to have sympathy with him, although knowing what a softy at heart i am, i would probably pull over at tell him to get in.
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Absolute rubbish a referendum does not cause racism or ignorance, that comes from the person themselves.

However resentment at mass immigration into our country is on the rise, and for good reason too.

We have half a million people a year coming into the country, 13% of our population is from immigrants.
Having a country where your family paid their way, gave their lives for and have lived here for eon's, suddenly welcome in anyone from anywhere to use the stuff they paid for (nhs, benefits etc etc), now that causes resentment.

People are to keen to mix racism into any critique of people coming into our country, people are generally not racist they are fed up of being taken for a ride by successive governments who have allowed mass immigration.
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