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Default Bigfoot New England(pic)!!!

Supposed picture of New England Bigfoot? Look's legitimate to me, but I have alway's been a Bigfoot believer. I lived in Maine in my younger years and have heard but never seen what people call bigfoot. Every harvest moon we would find track's in the morning along with destroyed crab apple tree's. Keep in mind I was a young boy then, if I had known what they were I would have kept a more keen eye out for this mystery we call Bigfoot. I'm a New Englander now and look forward to studying this mysterious species.

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why are these pics always blurry?!
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Looks like a wild sow to me.
That land could be on a steep slope where it's standing.
Definitely a quadruped check out the 'shoulders'.

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Originally Posted by chadwick View Post
why are these pics always blurry?!
So you can't see it's a guy in a gorilla suit
"you know what it takes to unite 90 clans half of whom want to massacre eachother?, we speak 7 different languages in this army, the Fens hate the Hornfoots, the Hornfoots hate the River clans and everyone hates the cave people. You know how I got cave people and river folk, sun and moon worshippers to unite as one? I told them we are all going to die if they don't because thats the truth"

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"That sasquatch has a point..... and I don't mean the toppa his head!"

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Possibly one of the worst supposed Sas photos I've ever seen.

Just sayin'.
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alien, bigfoot, pic

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