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Exclamation Subliminal Symbolism in UK Soaps

This may seem quite pointless to many on here, however I wanted to share with you what I noticed.

On Monday the 26th's episode of Coronation st around 12 mins in, there was a scene in the Cabin with Rita & Dennis. It was a completely pointless filler scene where Rita was showing Dennis the wonders of cashless transactions and introducing him to "chip and pin"

The camera slowly panned around the shop and in the background there was a DVD rack and greeting cards. The greeting card had in massive capitals the word "DRONES" and the DVD which was the only one with the back cover showing had the title of "Lost in Snow"

My question is why???

Today it was reported in the press that we are in for the worst winter in 100 years with country wide snow. The international press are always banging on about drones and why would a 70 year old man not know anything about chip and pin in this day and age, considering it's been around for a good few years??

Also there has been more gratuitous violence with the husband beating story line that is also currently running on a so called "Family show"

If you want proof, check it out on catch up and "join the dots" for yourselves.

Any comments without "oh you shouldn't be watching that crap in the first place" would be much appreciated.

Peace and love to you all.

Froboi Xxx
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Monkey see monkey do. A lot of people watch those brain dead soaps and equate them with real life. As well as keeping people apart and in front of the TV, soaps are also used for the promotion of certain agendas - social programming. Soaps in the UK normalised "in your face" homosexuality, cheating, sociopathic behaviour, incest, dysfunctional families, teenage pregnancy, underage sex etc. They aid in social deterioration.

Here is a good article -

5. Introduce electricity and television at the same time in much of the nation's interior, a double disruption of traditional family living patterns, and then flood the airwaves with a singular, vivid, aspirational image of the modern Brazilian family: affluent, light skinned, and small. Scholars have tracked the apparent family-size-shrinking influence of novelas, Brazil's Portuguese-language iterations of the beloved evening soap operas, or telenovelas, that broadcast all over Latin America, each playing for months, like an endless series of bodice-ripper paperbacks. One study observes that the spread of televisions outpaced access to education, which has greatly improved in Brazil, but at a slower pace. By the 1980s and '90s all of Brazil was dominated by the Globo network, whose prime-time novelas were often a central topic of conversation; even now, in the era of multichannel satellite broadcasting, you can see cafĂ© TVs turned to the biggest Globo novela of the season.

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