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Default Devices to test the paranormal

Was watching 1408 (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0450385/) quite a while back, and saw John Cusack using some instruments to test for ghosts etc.

Are their any good, reliable and trusted instruments to successfully test for the paranormal ?

I know we are the best instruments, but it would help to convince skeptics and the like using instruments.
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yellow jacket
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I have always wondered about this too.

I always hear that entities feed off of electrical equipment to manifest themselves and the batteries in equipment drains. I wondered if tests could be done to encourage this...using car batteries or making a small electromagnet and putting it in a room and focusing cameras on that.
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There are a number of devices used, mostly by ghost hunters I think.. Electro-Magnetic Field meters are popular, I've read that if it goes significantly above 70 microteslas, or below 20, it can indicate paranormal activity.

Electronic Voice Phenomenon is another ghost-hunting tool, which entails the use of one or more audio recording devices, possibly different recording formats. The recordings are reviewed for unusual sounds, like voices you didn't hear when you were there recording.

I'm not a particular expert on these devices though, but if you pick up a copy of UFO Magazine or Fortean Times there might be an ad for a catalogue ^_^ Or you could just search google or ebay or something..

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