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Default Surviving a Cytokine Storm

Surviving a Cytokine Storm

Quelling the Storm

So how do you control a cytokine storm without subjecting yourself to even more dangerous drugs? Simple. There are many well known natural means of doing so.

First and foremost is Vitamin C. Good ole’, familiar Vitamin C. When your body needs vitamin C, which we have somehow misplaced the gene which allows us to make during the course of our development, it tolerates more. So you need to give it more. How much more? Well, as much as you can cram in during a cytokine storm (and in the face of a full blown infection with a pandemic, bioengineered virus) - I prefer intravenous delivery systems so that up to 300 G per day can be delivered for 3 days. Since part of the impact of these viruses seems to be a cataclysmic depletion of the body’s Vitamin C stores, this is very important.

By the way, when I first published this information, I was roundly castigated by a variety of people who should have known better. Shortly thereafter, they began publishing this information as if it were their own. Ah, well! The real point is to get it out there where it can help people, but an accurate attribution would be nice!

If IV administration is not possible (and it would not be available for most people), then ingesting LARGE amounts of oral Vitamin C would be the way to go. The body will tell you when it has had enough Vitamin C: bowel tolerance is the signal that its needs have been met. That means diarrhea or softening of stools. However, the novel H1N1 virus produces diarrhea as a part of its infection process so I would say ignore that sign and just put lots and lots of Vitamin C into the patient. There is no known level of toxicity for Vitamin C and it is a powerful immune support - which is why Big Pharma, through Codex, would love to restrict it to the point that there is no useful dose available.

Should you stock pile Vitamin C? I believe you should. Should you use Vitamin C from GMO sources? Of course not. That means that it must be organic. You can visit www.Organics4U.org to find organic Vitamin C sources. Non GMO sourcing is a vitally important consideration, by the way.

Next, Nano silver. As you know, Nano silver is different from colloidal or other silver types. Because of its very small size, it cannot be retained in the body so the mythical dangers of turning blue are even less significant than they are with other types of silver (to the whole notion of argyria, my response is “Fiddle Faddle! It is literally a myth and not a real concern.”)

The Nano silver that we recommend has two properties which we believe render it superior to other products: first, it has the capacity to kill pathogenic organisms, like these bioengineered plagues and second, it has been infused with energetic information (if this is not familiar to you, you need to check out the emerging science of the use of frequency to impact living systems - the dangerous part of it is euphemistically called “non lethal weapons” while the beneficial part is often referred to as “energy medicine” or “frequency medicine” and is related to homeopathy. I have used it in my practice for years and it is rapidly gaining acceptance in countries other than the US, and even slowly there where, for example, the use of light to treat cancer has gained acceptance.)

The highly effective Nano silver available through www.Nutronix.com/naturalsolutions has been infused with frequency in a process developed by the brilliant and world-renowned materials scientist, Rustum Roy, PhD, Professor Emeritus, University of Pennsylvania, University of Arizona. I do not have space here to discuss this remarkable innovation, but I am convinced that it creates a stable, effective and safe product which will dispatch the virus rapidly, preventing the development of the cytokine storm.

In our previous Health Freedom Blog, “Health Freedom Action eAlert: Pandemic… Be ProActive and Take Some Steps to Feel Less Helpless“, http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=2581, I listed several natural options which have the effect of dampening cytokine storms to let the immune system get to work in a balanced and effective way. Please check this list out and make sure that you have the items on hand. But remember, you want organic sourced items since they are free of GMO contamination AND free of pesticides, irradiation, and other health hazards.

You can find many of them at either www.Organics4U.org or www.NaturalSolutionsMarketPlace.org. But wherever you buy them, make sure you have enough on hand for your family when, not if, the next round of political pandemic comes at you.

By the way, for those of you who are interested in growing your own food to support your immune system, lower your cost and take your fate out of the hands of the biotech and agribiz industry, our new publication to help you with that process, FOOD - the Journal of Sustainability, is being prepared. Cindy Blackshear, a master gardener and a wonderful friend of both health and health freedom, has agreed to be the Editor. FOOD, by the way, is an acronym for “Food On Our Doorsteps”!

Yours in health and freedom,
Dr. Rima
Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation

Note that there is some suggestion that the old anti-malaria drug chloroquine will quell the cytokine storm as would AcetylCholinEsterase inhibitors (ACE inhibitors). These drugs have toxicity profiles and I would not recommend them for ongoing use as the internet authors who are suggesting their use are doing.

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