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joss classey
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Lightbulb new poem (by me :-)

It wants you to worry
It wants you to be scared
It wants you to doubt yourself
It wants you to hate
It wants you to delude
It wants you to die

It wants
Oh how it wants
It is greed
It is hungry
And it is never full

It is all that poisons
All that cuts
Makes bleed

It is all words
It is religion
It is ego
It is arrogance
It is scared
It is weak

It is without love
Love does it not know
Love does it not understand

It is not nothing
Love does not ignore
Light does not battle
It waits for the one thing
The one thing it has not
The one thing it knows not
It looks and looks
Desperately it looks.
And it waits.
It is waiting.
Waiting for the one.
The one with the courage
and Faith in Love
To give
Without expecting
Anything in return.
For it is full.
It has everything that it needs.
It is infinite. Invulnerable.
It is that spark in your eye.
The thing I look for.
To join with me.
And love.
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Hey mate, nice poem! But there's a place for that!

*moves to forum talent*

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Yeah, really nice poem, do you mind:

No Big Secret:

I can only say from what I feel.
It is not false... but isn't real.
And this is why the answer be,
forever just eluding me
as if it did so purposely.

I reach to open up its gates
It dissapates... evaporates.
I want to reach the secret there
It doesn't care. This isn't fair.

I try to grasp its squishiness.
It turns to mist. I reach... it slips.
And though the fingers in my mind
do twist around, they cannot find.

It's like a poem I do not fully understand,
yet beautiful, with words I do not know.
And sung in tones I've always longed to hear.
It's something very very far away.
It's something very near.

Like darkness which is lit up all around it,
or even like a light you cannot see
There aren't any words that can describe it
In silence it resides in you and me.

Have I not listend to a person speaking,
where the feeling doesn't jive with what I hear?

And simple talk that seems to have more meaning,
but how I knew the meaning wasn't clear?

Or how about a flood of doubt
when someone talks so sure.

When someone lets the Devil out
although they speak so pure.

Emotion which is alien to conversation? Sure.

Subconscious messages are sent as feelings to the world we know.
If we were to investigate their origin it may come to show,
We know all things inside ourselves. Do choose not to ignore.
There are some doors. They're opening, Look to what lies in store.

Greater things than I have done, ye shall surely do
I paraphrase this from the one was labeled "King of Jews"
and greater things than what I teach, shall you understand.
The future of the world you know now rests upon your hand.

So keep all these doors open. Let the truth come rushing in.
Surender to this truth, and you'll be purified from sin.
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Nice poetry folks.. I liked..
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