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my hero
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Default Planetary danger?

Some channeled messages verge on the
incredible, but who are we to judge?

Here is one....

'I am Kagmon the Terrible.

Our planet Nobeero is nearing your solar system
and we have made preparations.

Battalions of hardened barflies will land in force
in your population centres.

They will expropriate all drinkable content from your
places of public resort, breweries and distilleries
and transport it to Nobeero.

After a short pause for refreshment, we will take a
side trip to the Moon for a leak, then head off to
Mercury to catch a tan and play beach volleyball
with some extremely hot babes. I have spoken.'

Weird or what?

Maybe it should be 'Kagmon of the Terrible Hangover.'

Is Nobeero a threat? Who knows? I don't. On its face,
it could be.

Maybe someone has more information on this.
There are a lot of clued up people here.
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