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Lightbulb Motor Vehicle Is Trolley Car!!!

"(40) "Motor vehicle" means every vehicle which is self-propelled, and every vehicle which is propelled by electric power obtained from overhead trolley wires, but not operated upon rails, but excluding a motorized bicycle. "Motor vehicle" shall also include a "low-speed vehicle" which is a four-wheeled, electric-powered vehicle with a maximum speed of not less than twenty miles per hour but not more than twenty-five miles per hour and is equipped with the minimum motor vehicle equipment appropriate for vehicle safety as required in 49 C.F.R. 571.500."- Louisiana RS 32:1

The definition of motor vehicle is a trolley car. Your gasoline engine car is not a motor vehicle. The statutory definition is different than what most people think it is. The self is an agent. One of the car that obtain the power from the overhead wires is the self. The self push the other car that attach to it. It is like subway trains.

In some of the state, the word "or" is used. The word "or" means "and" when it is in the realm of public.

The highway is the trolley rails. The causeway is the trolley rails that is elevated. The tolley rails is part of the asphalt pavement. Railroad rails are not in asphalt pavement but is placed on top of gravel.

(25) "Highway" means the entire width between the boundary lines of every way or place of whatever nature publicly maintained and open to the use of the public for the purpose of vehicular travel, including bridges, causeways, tunnels and ferries; synonymous with the word "street"."- Louisiana RS 32:1

The parking is in commerce because it is unloading merchandise or passengers.

(46) "Park" or "parking" means the standing of a vehicle, whether occupied or not, otherwise than temporarily for the purpose of and while actually engaged in loading or unloading merchandise or passengers."- Louisiana RS 32:1
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