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theabbot 7
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Default Couple of Bars

disclaimer: if you dumb deaf and blind this thread isnt for you

Examine the spiritualistic wisdom within my writtens/
the theory of Utnafishtim trace bak to the first human beings of the Adamite peo-ple, whose sons were of the 3 elohs/ the density of polarization of something scared within the nature of ionzation/
deepening my 7 chakras thru strenous mental calisthenics and meditation/
3 monotheistic religions, separate within there belief system, yet acknowledging Satans' assiduous existence/ the mark of the beast, all documented in the Bible with one sentence/
Chemtrails in the air, Trilateral Commission, The Illuminati isnt no more than a pseudoynm of a fraternity rooted Satanism-Luciferianism, the love for the pentagram, the lust for the Baphomet---its all debauchery/
2011 a new year will exist with new technology/
these are words from the wise, the eloheim el kuluwn, the pleidians and the annunaki one shouldnt never point judge or assume/ research, analyze and elevate and awaken and yourself will---- be---- define/
Question why do people point up when mentioning heaven & down when discussing hell, however never associating it with the mind or a prefernce as to how we feel/Cocked Ace-duce is my navy fedora reading the Torah, spiritually minded told to READ like verse 91:6 of the Surah concerning the story of the Prophet Muhammad and the Cherubim Jibriel
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