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Default Alien bases on earth

I saw the following information in the 90's. It has disappeared from internet (the english version) and I think that is a key for the validity of the information. The link is:


The places where the Aliens live and from where they operate.
Also from where most Space Ships come and return after missions are accomplished.


So much is being written about the aliens that I felt very confused. But, when there is so much smoke, there must also be a fire somewhere. I have made my own investigations, and what I have found I am stating in these pages.

Apparently we have here on this planet a COMMON ENEMY, but we are not certain that he exists. Instead of subduing the COMMON threat, we fight each other continually.

Most people feel that many strange things are happening all over the planet, such as crime, terrorism, disasters, change of climates, drugs, pollution, diseases, etc.

We also see that governments are unable to handle these things, and we do not understand the reason for the rapid decay of our civilization. Often not even the governments know what is going on behind the scene.

Well, with the information I expose in this page, there is a possibility to take a new look of the world situation.

There are ways to check the validity of this information, if anyone wishes to do so.

In the area where a Base is located there are often occurring "strange" phenomena.

One can ask people in the surroundings if they have noticed anything strange, seen lights, people disappearing...

Most of us have seen these orange lights, have heard stories about abductions, or people who came back from strange experiences, but, as far as I know, not one has told us WHERE this Bases are situated, and none has described their PURPOSES and their ORGANIZATION!

Obviously, if there are Space Ships flying around, there must also exist places where they land, repair their Ships, sleep......LIVE!

Knowing where they are and what they are doing enables us to find the means of neutralizing them.

They are FEW compared to us, but they are in possession of an advanced technology of which we know far too little about.

When we know from where our main trouble comes, we also have a possibility to do something about it. Without this knowledge we are only shooting blindly at each other.


In this work it is referred to the Greys from Andromeda, but any being from another planet, would, by the meaning of the words, be an ET.

There are MANY more Bases, also I doubt that I have spotted all there is in each area, but I am pretty certain that what I have found so far, will give us a good idea about what is happening on this planet at this moment. Also, I am certain that there are people who know more, or the same as I do, but our information media, through the daily press is so controlled , that all they tell us of "certainties" is confusing us every day more.

I will not establish an E-Mail line for two reasons; the first one being that ALL I know is already stated.

The second one is to keep my mind clear to continue on this job ALONE , this way I do not work on anyone's suggestions or on other people's ideas.

I will continue with my research, as I eventually wish to cover the whole planet. My time is limited, but I plan to send out the next area I finish.

I hope that this work will be of some help for a better survival of this planet.

I am very grateful to anyone that has the guts to do something about our problems.

Love to all that are interested.




Andromeda.- The Andromeda Galaxy, also known by its catalog numbers M31 or NGC224, is the closest large galaxy to our own and is also the largest in our Local Group of galaxies. A line drawn from Vega to the northeast through Deneb and extended twice as far will, end up in the constellation Andromeda. This faint smudge is the farthermost object that can be seen with the unassisted eye. It is in fact 2.2 million light years away, and is a galaxy of some 100 billion stars, very similar in size and spiral configuration to our own galaxy, the Milky Way.

ET.- Extra Terrestrial.

Grey.- One of the best descriptions available today is that given by Bob Williams;

"Greys" as alien life forms exhibit:

1. No viewable ears.

2. No viewable nose.

3. Very small mouth.

4. Very large eyes, with large & dark appearing pupils.

5. Very large cranium, with perspective to the rest of the body.

6. Adult size is small, approximately 3 (three) feet in height.

7. Off white/grey skin or outer covering.

8. No apparent sexual organs. Reproduction is, evidently, either asexual or non-existent.

Homo Sapiens.- By itself, the body would live, walk around, react, sleep, kill and direct an existence not better than that of a field mouse or a zombie. Put a "spirit" or "soul" over it and it becomes possessed of ethics and morals and direction and goals and the ability to reason; it becomes this strange thing called Homo Sapiens.

Hybrid.-Animal or plant produced from crossbreed of genetically different individuals.

Implant.-An electronic means of overwhelming and installing fixed ideas in a being, with the purpose of controlling and suppressing him.

Supression.- supression, in the context of this work, is "a harmful intention or action against which one cannot fight back".




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Information received on 5/8/96.

Place: Area Cape Farvel

Purpose: Receive shipments from the Moon.

Distribution of what is arriving.

Airlines control system.

Use population from area for experiments. Beings yearning for help! Very hard life, used as slaves.

Composed of: ET's 20 and their commander - Aborigines 50 -

A continuous flow of ships, none stationary.

Receive help from wherever they need.


Purpose: A Regulator of Communication with other Bases

No people here.

Composed of:A machine made of a different metal than ours.

Refined computer system, usually placed on planet's of their interest.

A control system used by the Greys from Andromeda.


Information received on 4/8/96

Place: Tundra - Peninsula of Kola

Purpose: Main Implant of Body & Mind Center.

Implant programs.

Sending orders for Europe, but can reach any place.

They will interfere when somebody does higher mental work or studies.

Composed of: High Technology mental equipment.

Medical team to research effectiveness of implanted parts in human and animal bodies. Control their effectiveness on long distance range. Each implant is naturally connected to their computers to have a check on their victim.

ET's 50 - Homo Sapiens 50 - Hybrids as helpers 110 - Capacity for 100 "patients" - Animals 550 -

There is a continuous flow of people and animals. Also a screen around this Base, not to reach it mentally.

5 Ships on which operations can be made, and change of beings -

A crew trained in telepathy, composed of both races.

There is already a "robot army" walking around the planet composed of about 5,000 people.

Production of waves on a mental level. This energy when sent make people tired and frightened. These waves get recharged on this Base (composed of Radiation, Crystals and Electricity) in their generator. Sending out infected animals in areas where they wish to spread new diseases. They also do it with some of the humans they send back.

To keep the planet in a state of terror.

Sexual experiments.

In order to easy their constructions, they use electricity instead of walls. Scientists captured can't leave!


Information received on 6/8/96.

Place: Island of Novoja Zemla

Purpose: Repairing of Ships.

Homo Sapiens are also taught how to do this as well as hybrids.

Composed of: ET's 65 - Homo Sapiens 45 - Hybrids 80 - Ships stationed 16.

Space to repair 40 ships.

Spare parts collected from ships that had accidents as our metal can't be used. Receive shipments from other planet's on this Galaxy, but the main components come from Andromeda.


Place: Siberia - Area Chatanga where the rivers Kotuja and Cheta meet.

Purpose::To Keep Russia in Turmoil.

Send waves over population to be able to keep them on the bare state of survival. Learn by way of implants many languages to be able to mix with leaders.

Their responsibility is control over Russia.

Composed of: ET's 66 - Homo Sapiens, trained to infiltrate 200 - Hybrids 65 - Ships 27 -

Special machines to place on ships to shoot waves which suppress people into despair, hopelessness and apathy.

Installations on Base to train people against their will, to execute their orders and plans. These persons look "normal" when moving around, but are under their total control. 150 Homo Sapiens doctors working on this project.

Printed books get checked through their computers, all Russian languages under control.

Check on all Russian known leaders.

They create Russian chaos.

They see China as a problem as there are far too many people to keep under control! If they should start moving they are prepared to stop them. This would result in a huge massacre. They intend to send diseases over to China to get rid of at least half of its population.

They want us to believe that it is an "Apocalypse, but in reality they are provoking it all in a hidden way. This plan is masterminded in Andromeda.


Information received on 9/8/96.

Place: Russia, just under the Arctic Circle, not far from the Strait of Bering Area Bay Cresta - Town Egveknot

Purpose: Handle Japan, The Eastern Coast of Asia such as Corea, China, Philippines, Borneo, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sulawesi, New Guinea, etc. Works together with Base in South Australia.

They interfere with the weather, provoke catastrophes.

Checking on communications with other people from other planet's, these they do what they can to make them fail.

Keep US influence away from Asia.

Composed of: ET's 416 - Homo Sapiens, mainly Asiatic 800 - Hybrids 200 - Ships 47, of which 15 are big.

Training in politics, knowledge of customs from the different regions. People are brought back and forth.

Naturally, Asiatic infiltrators are used as government advisors. Basic program is to keep population at the lowest possible intelligence level and biggest possible misery. Investigations in how to decrease population.

This Base is as big as a small town. Here Hybrids are a mixture of aliens and Asiatic.

Busiest Base on the planet. Lots of time and effort is used in learning languages. Same implant techniques used as in other Bases.

A very complete and self sufficient Base. Collecting human "seeds" to make one Asiatic race. (Experiments).

There is very little attention on this place, but it is a hard working Base.

All Bases are connected by communication systems, their own Internet, and thus supply each other with what they need. When they work with Homo Sapiens they often make him believe that he has been on another planet.

Some of their ships are very big to be able to bring in their food supply as well as the necessary equipments.


Information received on 18/2/97.

Place: Brooks Range, Central Part, Latitude approximately 148 degrees Area Philip Smith Mountains & Horace Mountain.

Purpose:To Eradicate the Resistance of People on this Planet.

Through atmospheric movements they connect with Antarctic Base.

Only the toughest people are supposed to survive. As they want this planet for themselves, they do not wish its total ruin.

Ozone holes they can manipulate with, but they do not have control over earthquakes.

Composed of: ET's 30 - Hybrids 55 - Homo Sapiens as captured as scientists 32 - They always need us to gather information as well as to bring supplies.

In this area big Space Ships can land totally undetected.

27 ships for cargo distribution. They handle the traffic both ways; bring into the planet what comes from outside, and deliver what should be taken away from here. They like to take some people too, never older than 35 years, women has their preference. Males only very special ones in their genetic viewpoint.

Weather regulator machines, unseen by us. Also there is the biggest energy generator, for their use, on the planet.

From here the rays that can interfere with our atmosphere emanate. Through their information net, they are oriented about all atmospheric conditions on the globe. Many new technology wonders they gave us for their own advantage.

Through our computers we process data for them.

The landing place is not even hidden, can be spotted with our machines, only that the area is very guarded, mostly its space. When something is detected it is shot down.

Exchange of personnel. Greys come and leave after their duty here is ended. They are VERY HAPPY TO LEAVE!

This Base is only a transit area.

They have some 500 frozen reserve bodies for the Greys. When a Grey body dies, he needs a replacement which is not easy to get here. Some Greys get cheated and do not really depart!


Information received on 22/2/97.

Place: Brooks Range - Area Schwatka Mountains - Connection with the town Ambler.

Purpose: Genetic Works.

As usual there is huge suffering.

Studying our race's organs. They want some of our organs bodies because they give more and better sensation in sex and eating.

Their bodies are of flesh but very robotic. In their society there is no great deal if one looses a body. They are brought up to be what the State needs, there is no power of choice, which makes a robot society.

Preparing a new race! Possibly some are walking around in Ambler as it is a very isolated area and there is peace for their experiments. Many missing children and babies end up here as this is what is most needed.

Composed of: ET's 400 - which makes it a very important Base in its genetic work.

Hybrids only of own production. If experiment fails, body gets killed.

165 Homo Sapiens as scientists.

Space for 1,000 people to use in their experiments.

Tests are made with different races.

Young women are much needed. Insemination is done on them.

Their medical instruments are far ahead from ours.

A school area to test intelligence.

Quite a few are walking around in Alaska. With that climate, bodies that survive are tough.

Quite an old Base.

No ships. There is another Base for supplies under the Arctic Circle.


Place: British mountains on the border to Alaska - Area Mount Greenough.

Purpose: Industrial Base.

Supplying the planet's bases with machinery.

Making and receiving parts for their ships.

There is a huge big space for their ships to land. Many come from the moon as it is a relay point.

Some come directly from outer space.

Base has two parts; parts for ships, the other one for refined machines such as medical and spying devices. Therefore different technicians are used.

Broken parts are brought here where they are repaired or modernized.

Their handling of machines is different than ours, as if those machines are more part of themselves, which makes their understanding of the machine's problems much easier to spot. This Base would be a delight for any of our engineers. Amazing, but this is a very peaceful Base, they work here as they are used at home.

First time I see them as peaceful beings. Obviously it all depends on what kind of jobs they are commanded to do.

Composed of: ET's 450 - Hybrids trained as technicians 550 - No ships of their own as they receive those for repair and if needed use them. They must also make tests to see that they function properly.


Information received on 23/2/97.

Place: Richardson Mountains - Area Mount Hare.

Purpose: News Control System.

Interested in data told about them. Confusion is OK. They love miss information. They want us to use Satellites, Internet & Computers in order to have an easy access to the planet's information. It just has expanded faster than they thought and some is getting out of hand for them.

Also they send things at their convenience.

Now they are a bit confused, things do not run exactly as they have planned.

Seems as if some of us, Homo Sapiens, are waking up.

Masses they have no real problem with, but there are INDIVIDUALS making things known. In this Computer age data is been spread with a speed no one has expected. All their misinformation is not able to drawn the right data. Their disadvantage is to work only with long term programs and are not used to make fast changes of their plans. Even they get overwhelmed with the amount of information they have to go through. They have their own satellites in order to have a world wide information available.

Composed of: ET's 200 - Hybrids trained as robots to check on their machines 110 -

Hybrids for menial work 65 -

55 Homo Sapiens, needed for language problems. Once they are there, they cannot leave again.

Most amazing machines, but mostly SMALL

Getting lots of things through rays.

Can even have devices outside as the area is deserted.

For them it is a natural thing to control everything as they consider themselves the rulers even though they are hidden leaders.

Used to control this way throughout the Physical Universe.

Ships they do not need.

This shows the organization system, each Base has exactly what it needs.


Just under the Arctic Cycle

Information received on 3/3/97.

Place: Jokulsaarglifur National Park.

Purpose: Patrolling Base.

Suppression of the whole area of Iceland. These very strong people are kept busy with old saga.

A place where the Aliens intend to make themselves stronger.

Also to keep an eye on Northern Europe.

Composed of: Et's 49 - Hybrids 78 - Homo Sapiens, happy to learn how to navigate these ships 55 -

18 Ships.

They do missions for the Arctic Zone.

Spying devices on planes, this being a rather deserted area. Their job is to check if anything unusual is occurring.

Want to be sure that no other Aliens come down here.

Tight control on the northern population as these are the toughest on the planet.

Reason why Scandinavians are kept under tight Taxes and Computer Control.

Because population is relatively scarce and lots of mountain areas, they do not wish to have any surprises there.

Great if drugs are implemented together with alcohol. Free people is what they fear the most. So, everyone should be in dread, then they feel safe!

Northern part of Europe is a great place to have command over this populated continent. Therefore these Bases are important for the development of our civilization, being Europe the biggest power after USA.

Plan , Europe must be suppressed or kept down, reason for so many unnecessary wars in the vicinity.

They wish the destruction of the strong European nucleus. Naturally the European Parliament is well infiltrated.

Terrorist attacks are a "must". People who are rather well educated have to be kept in uncertainty, unemployment, drugs and great worries about diseases.

Most of the plans are made and executed from the Arctic Bases. Here they find a relatively safe place to operate from.


Information received on 4/3/97.

Place: In the center of the Island.

Purpose: Their own emancipation.

Study of integration into the present civilization, that is, handling situations in order to be accepted.

We should fear, respect and need them to bring order into our society, reason for creating grater and greater disorder every day.

Composed of: Et's 100 - Hybrids 86 - Homo Sapiens 150, to train them into a relationship with us.

Devices to teach them how to communicate in our languages.

English is mostly used, as there should prevail a common mean of communication throughout the planet.

English will be a must for political leaders.

A Center for analyzing the situation on the planet, to be able to achieve a ONE WORLD ORDER.

They find where to start quarrels and wars, mostly among neighbors.

Their job is only to analyze. Other Bases train people to make riots, wars, etc.

Uneasiness is propagated all over the planet. The only peace allowed is the one they are preparing themselves to impose on us.

This will be a military-police "peace", where the rulers will be the Greys, officially!

Ships 10 -

Machines to process the news they receive constantly, NOT from our perverted radio and television, but from their own sources. (Our media is only of interest in so far of stopping any valid information about themselves and their purposes).

The entrance to this Base is not far from a volcanic crater.

They work day and night to manipulate us, which is their main purpose.

Fabulous data processors.

Europe is their main interest, but it will always be interrelated with the rest of the planet.

Russia should be kept poor and in turmoil, only way to keep them down.

Europe & Russia is a far too strong potential against USA which is "their nation".

People are infiltrated into Europe & Russia to make deals with USA.

USA has to shine (a smiling Clinton) to get the goodwill of the "poor" nations.

The whole press is geared with messages of hopelessness in handling so many catastrophes, famine, wars, terrible virus…all provoked by our "friends", the Greys with programs already tested from Andromeda.

This is general data, does not apply only to this Base.

To degrade people it is meticulously planned that they cannot find work, Whereas there is so much to do in all directions to improve living conditions for millions of people. People with no work, no income, feel impotent and give no real resistance to any change. They think that ANYTHING will be better than what they have. This can become a deadly trap.


Information received on 20/3/97.

Place: Finmark - Area Rastegai'sa.

Purpose: Atomic Energy research.

Working on an alternative for oil, something much cleaner when waste problems are handled.

Their atom fission is different. Naturally that they also need the energy for themselves.

The work done here is kept secret, so it is not known to us, but it is done with no pollution.

Composed of: 20 Ets, all technicians, trained in the handling of Energy. Working here alone.

10 Hybrids to do the menial work.

This area is dangerous for bodies. All work in special protective suits.

No ships, but a place where they can land.

There is a screen against telepathic approach made of heavy energy beams which get activated as soon as someone tries to "look" into the area.

Experiments are also made in how to paralyze people with these beams.

Remember please that they are few and we are many.

They know that we are afraid of ENERGY. With these beams bodies can "freeze" in whatever position they are in, but if kept for too long they die because the blood flow will eventually stop.

They need this device for a rapid take over period.

Prisoners are used to experiment with. They cannot let them go away because their secret would then be known.

These waves on a different wavelength can even "freeze" thought. This means that they can slow down people's reaction time.

When aimed at a specific person, it provokes heart attack.

People submitted to some of these rays tend to commit suicide.

Much of the NEGATIVE way of thinking we all experience in these modern times, stem from these waves in the atmosphere.

Scientists are working day and night on this project.

This being a "usual" weapon to subdue people on different planets.

People waking up tired, after a normal nights sleep, have been hit by these rays.

As they are shooting them all over the planet, not all places get them at the same time.

Naturally that the most populated areas are the ones that receive the majority of the dawn fall.

This energy is contrary to a body's own energy, so the cells, instead of having peace to do their repair work during sleep, are busy fighting a strange intruder.

A protective mental shield can be created by the people, and these rays will then hit back at the ones sending them.


Place: Troms, North of Ovre Dividal Nasjonal Park, on the mountain bordering with Sweden, between the rivers Lainbalven and Korkamaalven.

Purpose: Training Aliens in this planet's affairs.

Producing new bosses to relieve the old ones in places of necessity .These Aliens are highly intelligent and have been trained in Andromeda to be able to keep a planet under their control.

Most planetary Bases have a communication line with this rather "insignificant" Base so they know here what is going on all over their organization. They are able to spot if anyone is sending false information, or not sending what they should.

We by now know that this Base system is a very organized and CONTROLLED business. As all their manipulations are hidden, they are not accustomed of having anyone interfere with their plans and work neither physically or mentally.

To control a planet, one has to have control over its leaders, so the main attention is on LEADERS, I would say, of any sort. Here one can see a reason for not having decent and able leaders. This is not allowed by this Organization. One can deduce that we cannot see them because of all the fighting going on continually. These battles are mostly provoked by them.

Composed of: Ets 150 - Hybrids 400, here they also do information gathering work. All are highly trained in computers.

No Homo Sapiens has ever been here.

5 Ships, small but very fast.

The Greys come in on big Ships, but these land elsewhere.

Developed a high intelligence service.

They have data about every political leader. If needed black mail is used to make them obey their orders, which mostly do not come directly from them.

There is a whole web behind the planets political scene.

Their interest is also in EDUCATION. The program is lots of hard study with very little effectiveness Bright young people can become less brilliant through these programs. As a result earth is becoming a place of "sheep", rather easy to manipulate.


Information received on 30/3/97.

Place: Nordland, on the border to Sweden - Area Ballangen & Storsteinsfjellet.

Purpose: Europe's abduction Center.

Here they make people believe that they are on another planet. Many become spiritual leaders, very convinced about the existence of a better place somewhere else!

As anyone abducted has a monitor implanted in his body, these people can be directed as well as traced from different Bases which have this program on their lines.

The "teaching" on this Base is different from Mexican witchcraft instructions as it is aimed at European and Anglo-Saxon population.

People which they bring here are mostly young, with a good presence as well as background and education. This is aimed at a fairly educated part of the society.

An important part of their indoctrination is that the Aliens are GOOD.

The purpose being not to have earth citizens against themselves.

They cannot subdue us all if we are not mentally enslaved, but most of us are through the manipulation of the communication media, which includes the press and books.

Anything which will confuse people is allowed.

This is a kind of paradises base with a lot of aesthetic. A "safe" and quiet environment. Many things are very similar to our different religions. They are prepared to indoctrinate any kind of religious trend.

Composed of: 100 Ets who always use an appropriate disguise.

120 Hybrids, very busy preparing different scenes.

70 Homo Sapiens, all spiritual leaders, to give them information about their work, ways to worship, etc. Even though they are prisoners, they are very well treated and are allowed to stay in communication with their most important followers through sophisticated communication media.

The place is well provided with different attires.

People sent back are very convinced about their mission

The Aliens know about the power of the spirit and want to have the most able people under their control.

10 Ships

Films are produced which the "missionaries" can show to convince their followers. These are superbly made with high technology.

All those who came back believe truly in this paradise. Their "knowledge gets confirmed with new data provided by the monitors, and followers see them as VERY clever persons.

Once people are caught in this , they are used for the Alien's purposes. So, when one of these bodies die, the spirit is given instructions (implants) to break any spiritual group not fully under their control.


Place: Norbottens Län - West from Kiruna - Area Kebnekaise and Rensjön.

Purpose: Political Base.

Controlling Northern Europe which includes Scandinavia, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia and that part of Russia up to Moscow.

In the political game they want the US to be the leading nation, therefore they try to make things difficult for Europe to make them loose strength. Situations are created so that Europe often "has to" ask the Americans for help.

To keep Russia in turmoil is rather easy.

More sophisticated means are needed for the European countries.

Here the main purpose is to know what is happening politically and economically, interfere as much as they can, to be able to control their currencies and help the USA prosper.

Things are done a bit more carefully, but using the usual treason system. Politicians can also be bought here, but in a more subtle way. They have to be more careful NOT to get able and decent people as top leaders.

If an able person comes to the top, he - she will be attacked with slander in order to loose prestige. Then he- she will loose popularity and power.

The other possibility is that such a person gets sick or ends with a heart attack.

Not all heart attacks are caused by stress or high cholesterol.

We are made to worry about certain diseases, most of which are provoked by them. The purpose behind this is to convince people that the best thing to do is as little as possible. The idea being: the less I move the less danger I get into.

A hidden way to subdue persons that may think about interfering in their game.

Composed of: 45 Ets experts in political manipulation.

90 Hybrids, mostly as clerks to work with computers and compiling data.

78 Homo Sapiens with good knowledge about the different regions, and their languages.

Ships for transport, as well as for inspection, 5 of each. These Ship's activities can be interchanged.

Naturally there is the usual sophisticated spying system as well as the interchange of data between the different regions and Bases.


Information received 1/4/97

Place: Norbottens Län - Abisko Nat. Park - About 50 km. from the border to Norway.

Purpose: Helping The Other Bases With The Interchange Of Whatever Is Needed. For example, abductions go first here and then get transported to the proper Bases. This makes the tracing of the route more difficult.

Intelligence Service also goes out from here. An Execution Base where no programs are made.

Ships sending "rays" also start from here.

Whenever we observe something, as all cannot be completely hidden, we come to the wrong conclusions.

From this place one can see quite some movements.

All the North European Bases have protective screens against physical and mental approach.

Animals in the area used for their blood supply, and the meat is being used for Homo Sapiens.

In these mountains training is being done. Spies and infiltrators must also be physically fit. Hunting is part of their training, as well as shooting.

Great activity is going on here. They are there as a "crown" over Europe.

People in the European countries believe much less in their existence, which is a great protection for their work.

To have an European Parliament that makes decisions over Europe helps them in their manipulations. The ONLY thing they need is to have their people as leaders of this institution and get fast rid of any person who is aware enough to see behind the facade.

In this area all looks so peaceful, but this "peacefulness" is causing disasters all around as they are poisoning our society.

Some people know about all this, and they permit them to continue as it all seems so interesting, and sometimes helpful with certain new technologies.

But, they are playing cat and mouse with all of us! The importance of this data is that here is great part of the reason Europe has difficulties in many aspects.


Their task is to find a way of causing big problems. As soon as they are about being solved, find a totally different area and start some new ones. As they keep us repairing all these damages, we have no time nor energy to create new and better things to make our lives to PROSPER!

As all Bases work on the same goal, we are kept down without finding the reason for it.

Composed of: 175 ETS - Here we have the most able Hybrids on the planet as they can execute about any orders . 300 of them. There are so many in this place as they do the abductions. They are able, fast and very obedient (implanted). Homo Sapiens is not needed here.

25 Ships with many different equipment.


Place: Norbottens Län - Area Kvilskjokk - About 100 Km. from the border to Norway.

Purpose: Political Base.

Planning and preparing speeches for leaders. Naturally, there is great interest in the German and Russian leaders as these two powers could become the leading force on the planet. To avoid this, Russia and the Eastern countries should be kept on a low survival level.

As this Base is only concerned with the top European politicians it is rather small in size.

Some times "strange" things can happen to this able people, such as the need for an operation. This is the most secret manipulation, as during the period of unconsciousness some things CAN be performed on them, of which they will not remember anything, and later some treaties and alliances will be made. These will be of help for the Grey's plans.

From this Base they also try to manipulate the Top Leader's Meetings.

The sad thing is that our lives depend on the decisions our politicians make, and their lives are tightly monitored by our enemies which are mostly hidden, or appear as great friends, counselors and "real" helpers.

It is HARD to remain sane under so much manipulation as they work 24 hours a day behind the scene.

Here are screens on which they can follow the lives of the ones they are interested in. Thoughts can also be projected.

For getting the information required, spies, as well as very sophisticated technologies are used. Not all what we see on films and TV is a lie!

But, their REAL POWER consists in staying hidden from our view.

Once we do wake up, the fight among us will end. We could, may be, restore our planet to something beautiful, instead of the misery we have on the greatest part of earth.

Right now in Africa all is getting destroyed. At the same time Europe should get involved, and if possible, bleed their economy too!

It is correct to help, but it is URGENT to find out what and WHO is provoking all these fights between neighbors.

When we do a thorough investigation into each situation, we will be able to avoid all this unnecessary blood shed.

Things are somehow hidden, but far less than we believe. The reason we cannot see what is going on is because our attention is continually directed to the things these Aliens wish as to see, worry about and fight. With the total press manipulation we do not know where to look to be able to act in a way that our civilization could start to prosper, and people could live decent lives again.

Even our youth have lost their fun in life, as well as their positive goals, so death and destruction has become their aim.

Composed of: Ets 40 - Hybrids 35 - No Homo Sapiens - No Ships of their own.

If any Homo Sapiens would come here, it would be in a drugged state, and will not be able to remember anything about it.

They are experts in mental surgery. A politician may end up in a hospital for an "innocent" operation and be under undue influence during that period.

Another easy way to do this is while a person is asleep.

Basically what we see here is INTERFERENCE WITH THE MIND.

As people have NO data about all this, they have no chance of doing something about it.



Information received on 2/4/97.

Place: Utsjoki, practically on the Border to Norway - Finmark -

Purpose: Scientific Base.

Genetic experiments. Searching for a prototype that can be sent into the European society. Most important is to make them think as Greys, and take their side in any conflict or discussion. They try to bring up "natural" spies.

It is done through insemination, using abducted young women. Here scientific investigations are made to find the right men to be used. (Reminds me of Hitler's work).

Later a mass production will be made of the types they like the most.

Here the children grow up and are educated as well as indoctrinated to achieve the expected prototype.


Naturally, the day they overtly take over our planet, these people will have the top positions, and anyone disagreeing will simply disappear.

The program in use is old, it has been going on for more than 50 years. They have an enormous amount of things already aligned.

The take over procedure is rigorously planned in order not to have any failure.

Somehow time is no problem for them, they go for TOTAL CONTROL as their goal. They also feel rather confident to achieve it when they see the rapid decay of our civilization. Please remember that when things go into misery, chaos and hopelessness, SOMEBODY IS PUSHING THE TREND IN THAT DIRECTION!

It is definitely not a natural thing to have no goals, no hope and no fun. The sad part of all this is that we came to believe that "this is the way of life". NO, this is the road of cynically planned SUPPRESSION.

Composed of: 40 Ets, all doctors, experts in any kind of bodies. Bodies are far less important for them than for us.

300 Hybrids as staff.

150 Homo Sapiens as "patients" to deliver the children.

Studies are done with videos and machines. This way no strange ideas are given to the students.

500 prototype people in training, here all ages are included, also the newly born.

20 rather heavy Ships for all their needs.

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Information received on 5/9/96.

Place: Sierra Madre Oriental - Area of Nueva Rosita

Purpose: Genetic Experiments with people taken in the United States and in Mexico.

Their blood support bank. Fresh blood is what they need most. It is smeared on ET's bodies and absorbed through the skin.

Hybrids can eat food and can reproduce through sex, which clean ET's can't. They are reproduced in laboratories.

Base with many children, when grown they are trained as soldiers. They need an army loyal to them, but they make them "extra" loyal through mental implants, which make them obey even against their will.

Composed of: ET's 110 - Homo Sapiens as Scientists 15 Hybrids, their production on the base 155, many of them, when ready are taken to supply other Bases.

Children, men and women, captives 230. Some of them are sent back with "messages" - These numbers are in continual variation, also due to gruesome deaths.

They are testing how much radioactivity bodies can take, also reactions to vaccinations, how bodies degenerate with "medicines", but also which really can heal.

As there is no problem if somebody dies, they can make any kind of experiments they wish.

From a dead body, if the blood is not infected, it is used, as well as any organs they might need, for their "scientific" work.

Here there is easy access to transplantation, incubation, DNA mixtures, for "real science" to develop!

Ships for Human transport 10 -


Place: Sierra de la Fragua

Purpose: Animal experiments.

Processing and supplying food for the Bases that are in that surrounding. Creating new animal races with samples from other planet's.

Animal and human mixtures as experiments.

They have all kind of animals, even hens and birds.

Composed of: ET's 65 - Homo Sapiens as prisoners 20 - Hybrids 95 - Animals 6,750 - Ships 6.

There is also great suffering for the animals, but no one cares. They work to accomplish a purpose which is given as an order. There are no feelings nor ideas about anything else.


Place: Area Charcos de Risa

Purpose: Political Information Center for Mexico and Central America.

Training area for terrorism and guerrilla work, also for infiltrators and plants. Not many people are needed to do the work, but they MUST know their area.

There is an area for implanting mission orders, as well as for "erasing" them again, when accomplished.

Big computer area. They make their own programs, which must be approved by Boss in the United States.

They have people on posts near governors and leaders of State. These people have brilliant university careers. They have been abducted, and forced to work for them. This is done by using strong mental pressure, mostly totally unknown to the victims.

Many political speeches are prepared here, and those not done by them are checked to ensure that things are done after their policy.

This is really a suppression of our "legal" governments, but most of them have no idea about this manipulation.

Composed of: ET's 80 - Homo Sapiens as staff 85. All have high degrees in the Humanities and Political Science, some even have great experience in government management -

Hybrids as menial workers 150 -

Ships special for abducting and fast transport of people 11 -

Computers, each specialized in a country's political, actual state.

They unstable each country that seems stable and prospering.

For them to take open power control, they need chaos and misery, otherwise we would not accept them.

Space for 50 prisoners where they get psychiatric "help" from ET's as doctors.

Machines for influencing crowds, used for elections as well as to arouse people to fight for... which ever they want us to fight against!


Information received on 14/9/1996.

Place: Area Casas Grandes

Purpose: Main purpose is hidden. It is a storage place for boxes used for implanting the area of Mexico and Central America and the Caribbean area.

There are many trapped beings which are ready to be sent on specific missions, mostly as government interference or to take over certain important people.

There are some 1,350 boxes.

There can also be found tubes with concentrated carbon monoxide, nitrogen, used to depress populated areas, so that people wake up tired after sleep.

They have means of producing epidemics of flue, colds, bad nerves. There are 2,000 tubes there.

Hidden are also the master programs for this area.

Weather regulator crystals in transparent circles, through which sun rays can be directed. Store room for replacements, 2,112 weather circles.

Copies of what is found in other Base's computers. This security is needed as they feel lost without their programs. These things are not connected to any computer to avoid computer "diseases". It appears to be a ship repair Base and training place for ship crew. An "innocent" Base! Pure pretense.

Abducted people are brought here, implanted and sent back to spread miss information about them.

Wreckage of ships in the entrance.

If anyone comes near it, he will be pulled into its center and disappear!

A busy landing place as supplies are fetched, data brought in.

Landing place for bigger ships which come with their supplies.

No ships of their own.

Composed of: Machines which observe anything that comes near the area. Any wave will be registered.

The only protection they do not have is against earthquakes.

ET's 65 - Hybrids 30 - Homo Sapiens as prisoners 150 -


Information received on 15/9/1996.

Place: Not far from the prior Base, situated South East from it, area Ojo del Carrizo.

Purpose: Keep border area in turmoil.

Works tightly with Bases in the USA.

Help drug smuggling. Have all data on South America's drug cartels and interest in their expansion.

They wish population to be weak as they are afraid of strong people, specially if they are able to think and organize. Abducted people come out from here drugged for life. These also come from the US.

Links with drug Bases on the planet. Give protection to drug dealers and get all drugs for free.

They are making drug experiments, also in food and as pollution.

Many get killed with this "Scientific" work. After the body dies they trap the spirit which they later use for their purposes.

These beings are kept in electrically charged boxes where they are kept in an unconscious state.

Composed of: ET's 70 - Drug Computers - Homo Sapiens as "Scientists" 220 - Hybrids 150 - Space for prisoners 1,000 - Ships 22 -

Any one approaching the area gets drugged. Often they get their prisoners through drugs.

A very dangerous Base because the results of their "Scientific Research" is destruction for the population.

The sad thing is that we from this planet, are responsible for it because we supply them the needed materials. For us this is business, for them, take control over us, also over those that are "helping" them. Some in the governments are aware of this interchange, but can't talk because they are afraid of consequences.

If governments would not be afraid, the ET's would have NO chance, as there really are not that many of them!


Information received on 20/9/l996 .

Place: East of Jimenez, area Bolson de Mapimi.

Purpose: Experiments with riots into the USA, Mexico and Central America.

Tough training. When body dies they must report back to Base. To ensure this, implant techniques are used.

Composed of: ET's 80 - Hybrids 40 - Homo Sapiens, all as prisoners 82 -

Maps and computers where they receive the programs which they must follow strictly.

Their trainees infiltrate riot areas, and their job is to keep these riots alive.

Many of the people as staff are doctors and psychiatrists. It is their responsibility that the trainees succeed. Equipment such as clothing and adequate weapons.

They train on the surrounding grounds as their bodies must be fit.

Space for 200 trainees at a time.

No ships of their own.


Place: North West from Monterrey - Sierra Madre Oriental Area Espinazo, San Jose de la Popa.

Purpose: Keep an eye on Monterrey.

Usual control of population to make them tired an sick throwing chemicals in the cities.

From here they work on other cities such as Laredo, San Luis Potosi, Hermosillo, Chihuahua, Torreon, Ciudad Juarez, Hidalgo del Parral, Saltillo, Tampico.

Military training in how to abduct people, to kill without being seen, in how to fly their ships and throw whatever is ordered, in fast take off and landings, in how to work as a group. Here it is checked if the devices they put into their heads function correctly.

This army can be run by remote control.

Composed of: ET's 400 - Hybrids 600 - Ships of many different sizes 45 - Homo Sapiens none.


Information received on 21/9/1996.

Place: Southern part of Nuevo Leon Area Santa Rosa - Palo Blanco.

Purpose: Communication Center.

Here orders from Montana Boss are issued and sent out to be executed. Also from here they control their execution. They have all programs available to be able to coordinate actions.

People in this Base are high rank officers.

All missions have to be learned thoroughly, if necessary, data are implanted, which means, put in, in an unconscious state.

This is also a place where information is gathered and sent to the Boss.

They work with exact facts. All their actions are well planned.

Here people are trained for espionage. When back from a mission, debriefing is sometimes done with lie detectors.

If prisoners are taken, interrogations are done under torture or drugs. Drugs are much used for this purpose. But these people never come out again. Their bodies are then used for other purposes, in other Bases. This is the reason people see so many ships flying all over the planet.

There is also a direct communication to and from Andromeda.

The Base is surrounded by mortal gas, so anyone approaching dies of it. The real reason for these deaths is never given.

Otherwise a very quiet Base as most of it is mental work.

Composed of: ET's as officers with rather powerful minds 50 - ET's with lesser ranks 50 - Sometimes there are up to 150 prisoners.

Fast moving ships 11 - Usual ships 7 - Special ships to reconnoiter areas, with high technical equipment which can shoot very exact, if necessary, and not be seen! The reason being that they fly so high.

They also have 17 ET's trained in Telepathy.


Information received on 22/9/1996.

Place: North West from Monterrey - Area Cerro Carrizal.

Purpose: To produce CHAOS.

Training place for soldiers.

They take a specific area or country at a time.

Very concentrated work.

Composed of: ET's 30 - Hybrids 100 -

Homo Sapiens comes and goes. They only take in the people they need at that time. There is space to work with 80 people at a time.

Ships of small size, but very fast 8 -


Place: Baja California Norte - Sierra de Juarez, Area West from San Felipe - not far from Cerro de la Encantada.

Purpose: A Computer Base.

Handling Los Angeles, San Diego, Tijuana.

Data on their citizens.

Sorting out things in order to manipulate area. They also plan actions, but these, naturally, must be approved by Boss. Also a surveillance Base.

Can take prisoners for gathering information, most of them are sent back again.

Checking telephone lines through their computer systems. TV programs in this area are also checked.

These actions comprise also parts of Mexico such as Sonora, Baja California, Sinaloa, Ciudad Juarez, El Paso.

They have great interest in causing frontier problems.

Composed of: 40 ET's trained on population manipulation -

Hybrids 40 - Homo Sapiens training in their computer technology 20 -

Some atomic war heads, which can be used to make believe that "someone" is attacking USA.

Hawaii is also their zone of interest.


Information received on 28/9/96.

Place: Northern part of the State - Area San Bernardo -

Purpose: Money Base for Mexico and Central America.

Planning and the execution of it in different countries.

Also deposit of gold which they receive for their "services".

We receive from them "new technology", but what they give us is nothing new, nor important for them.

There is a VIP area for bankers, they meet here to discuss conditions, and here the main agreements are made. Allocation is given for guerrilla and terrorism work. Much money is invested in these things.

Training is the most difficult part because of so many different idiosyncrasies.

Here the Mexican ""crisis" has been planned.

Composed of: Very refined bank equipment. These computers have access to the main Banks and all their accounts.

They keep an eye on the big flow of money, and know who the wealthiest people are. Some of them even become their allies.

ET's 125 - Hybrids used for maintenance 20 - Homo Sapiens as Economic Scientists 120 - Space for 21 visitors. This is very elegantly furnished.

A small exclusive Base.


Place: South West of Durango City - Area El Salto

Purpose: Patrolling and executing missions which other Bases have planned. NO mission is ever executed without the Boss's approval!

Patrolling and checking Baja California, Sonora, Sinaloa, Nayarit.

They are afraid of aliens that could come and help. Their technology is only so advanced for us on this planet. We have been kept in total ignorance of interplanetary trading and the different ways of being able to communicate.

Composed of: 50 ET's specialized in piloting ships that can execute delicate missions.

155 Hybrids as mechanics for their ships.

100 Homo Sapiens trained to accomplish missions. They are used not to scare people with alien bodies. When they arrive here they are already trained. Here they are just given the last instructions and implants in order to follow orders EXACTLY.

Their work depend on the communication they have with the other Bases in Mexico, USA and Central America.


Place: South of Durango City - Area El Troncon


Procreation of Hybrids for the area.

Scientific research with Homo Sapiens bodies. When the spirits leave the bodies that die under their experiments they get trapped and sent in boxes to another Base for programming.

There are no stops for their experiments, so they can use any kind of medicines in their tests.

Our bodies interest them very much, reason for so many experiments. Naturally they use all what they breed through sex and in test tubes as Hybrids. Only the best results of these experiments are being used in missions and as higher rank soldiers in their tightly managed organization.

Composed of: 25 ET's as Scientists. This experiments has the interest of their Central Base in Andromeda.

Their technology is highly advanced, but their bodies are rather degenerated, far too robotized, even for their own taste, reason for sending their Scientists.

ET's as soldiers 120. They obey orders with no discussion.

Hybrids, babies in process of growing as fetus 8,000.

Hybrids in different ages 200.

Homo Sapiens as Scientists 20.

Homo Sapiens as prisoners, used for their experiments, of both sexes and of different ages 1,200.

Very advanced genetic equipment, composed of a mixture from this planet and their home planet.

Ships for human transport and food 15.

Here they bring things they need from specific hospitals from all over the zone (Mexico and Central America). Many people without documents end here as slaves and "Guinea pigs". They are most interested in YOUNG people for their procreation purposes.


Information received on 29/9/96.

Place: North Western part of State - Area Atotonilco -

Purpose: A SPY CENTER.

Transformation. Make twins out of specific people for fraud purposes. They "double" a person to make a twin, have to use same race and same blood type. Need even teeth prints if possible.

Also "twin souls". For both purposes a big investigation is needed, which require a lot of work.

Here they train the ones that will gather the information.

To take films, their technology is far more advanced than what we see in the movies.

A tracer is set into a body, then their machines can follow his or her way of acting and living. Voice is also transmitted.

Composed of: 50 ET's with highly sophisticated equipment -

Abducted Homo Sapiens to see if they can be fooled, as tests. Scientists and doctors to perform the necessary operations, but ET's are the most able.

Homo Sapiens as staff 56 - Hybrids 120 -

Space for people coming and going 45 -

These can't be kept too long because if they should be considered dead, the trick can't be used.

Preparations are lengthy, executions are swift.

Ships 10 -


Place: Northern part of the State - Area Apizolaya -

Purpose: A Purely Scientific Base.

Agricultural experiments. Gas containers in which they put seeds. Our agriculture is for them far too slow.

Theirs is faster with bigger fruits. As they plan to take over this planet, they wish things to look something like what they like.

They do not care for the present destruction because they plan to reconstruct things after their taste and needs.

Their energy supply is different than ours. They generate in each Base the energy they need. Have very effective water.

Experiments in how to make bodies stronger or weaker through the food they eat.

This is also a way to control population!

Gases also protect the area from being approached.

Composed of: ET's 25 - Homo Sapiens 30 - Hybrids 30 -

Refined research equipment.

Equipment to humidify and to use solar light at their will in order to decide temperature. Different fertilizers, through these they decide if it will be good or bad for bodies.



Information received on 12/10/96.

Place: North East part of the State on the border to Coahuila near Avalos La Ventura (Coahuila) -

Purpose: Intelligent Service for the area of Mexico and Central America.

Training for the job as well as coordinating data received.

They are interested to know what are we terrestrials afraid of. How much do we know about them. Their power consists in their secrecy.

They work with very exact maps to know where to direct their ships.

Composed of: ET's 45 - Homo Sapiens, all mentally "prepared' to work for them, as staff 35 - Hybrids are considered too stupid to work here.

Place for training people, all naturally Homo Sapiens 30 -

No ships of their own as this is a mental working Base.

Have highly developed communication systems, also in ships and places outside our planet -

Their work must be coordinated with the rest of their system.

This highly organized system is vulnerable if some Bases should break down, as it is a very balanced system.

Dangerous to approach area. Anyone coming near is taken as prisoner. Their main interest being DATA.

Homo Sapiens working for them would LOVE to get rid of the mechanism which keeps them under their control. They feel that no one is able to help them out. On the planet we need trained people for such a task.


Place: Sierra de Catorce.

Purpose: High Technology Machine Repair.

Storage for surgical devices. The place where these are made ready for use.

As they come here in separate parts in order not to get damaged before use (such as needles put in heads, used to monitor people), highly trained technicians prepare them. There also are measuring gadget's for temperature, ozone, and all the vital signs of life on the planet, as they want to have this under their control.

They can "help" development of different disasters. Where there is something, they increase it!

They are not all powerful, but can mess things up.

Make and repair machines which can send rays, chemicals and thoughts, etc. Long distance listening devices, computers. There are specialized and very valuable parts as well as people, all from Andromeda.

These kind of Bases are the only ones able to repair their refined technology.

With these machines they can cure ANY diseases. Have prisoners to test things before delivery which causes lots of suffering.

People that disappear in the area are used for this. They can be of all ages, and are just kept there for experiments.

Composed of: ET's mentally very powerful 21-

Homo Sapiens only as prisoners as this is very confidential 55 -

Hybrids as slaves 95 -

Ships, very fast ones, for fast delivery 3 -

Machines to produce their electrical power. For this they use a special mineral which they split. Catorce mountains have some of these minerals, reason mines in the area are kept closed.


Place: Sierra Madre Oriental - Area between Ciudad Valles and Rayon.

Purpose: Check on the Coast of the Mexican Gulf. No one may enter without their permission.

Check ship traffic as well as oil production.

Coastal area Information Center.

Exploiting witchcraft zone, an excellent mean of people manipulation with fear and ignorance.

Tend to help witchcraft. Zone kept in misery.

Control, as usual, politics, which means, no real progress is achieved.

Lots of torture and suppression going on to get the information they want.

Composed of: ET's 200 - Hybrids 96 - Homo Sapiens learning witchcraft and some methods of healing (to give them extra power), place for 70 people at a time.

Part of the "training" is to put a monitor on them which makes them have "visions".

Ships for abduction and people transport 10 -

Ships for keeping an eye on the coast and the Mexican Gulf 8 -


Information received on 13/10/96.

Place: Mountains of Dolores Hidalgo, not far from River Laja -

Purpose: Gathering knowledge about the Mexican population, patrolling the central cities of the country.

Their mission is that no one should come in from the outside. They will not permit that any other people from outside this planet should come to communicate with us.

As they want the planet for themselves, it is strictly guarded.

Military Base. People trained to handle this specific area.

They need knowledge about their leaders.

Very much on the watch for anyone appearing that could help people out of their misery and ignorance. If such a person should be detected the government will be informed. This suits the Mexican Government very well. From here they infiltrate areas to create protests and fights against the current situation, which they themselves are creating. Peace is NOT allowed, prosperity either.

From their ships they can see the flow of life, thus they can control it.

Very politically oriented. Basically they function as "watch dogs".

Check on television channels to ensure that nothing really true about them comes out. Through this media truth would too easily be spread.

They are so few in comparison to us that they do not feel safe, specially if truth is known about them.

All soldiers are trained to handle a sudden attack on the terrestrials.

Being so few they must strictly coordinate their movements. They are always prepared for such an order to come, and the weapons for that occasion are unknown to Homo Sapiens.

These weapons are made for a "blitz war" (fast take over).

They also know where to land in case of a take over order.

If this coordination fails, they will also fail in taking us over by extreme force and SURPRISE.

The huge danger is in our minds. It is the main reason that we act in fear and with no coordination and no preparation. We are acting in pure ignorance, but knowledge will make us free!

Composed of: ET's 140 - Hybrids trained as robot soldiers 200 -Homo Sapiens from whom they gather data and train to infiltrate, even peasants 150-

Fast ships for reconnoiter work and patrolling 9 -

Hidden weapons of different categories with appropriate ammunition. Computers - Population data to know whom to abduct.


Information received on 16/10/96.

Place: North West of the State - Area Ciudad Dr. H. Alvarez.

Purpose: Training Center for People to Infiltrate.

Lots of surroundings with populated areas to check if training is OK, that is , they do not get recognized or looked at as suspicious persons.

Genetic experiments, all kind of mixtures. They work with abducted people from Mexico, as well as from Central American countries. Easy to get people for experiments as there are so many with no documents.

The best ones are trained for guerrilla wars and insurrections.

As usual, population to stay in ignorance, criminality, fear, health and economic worries, this being the only way to subdue them.

They are afraid of these people's reactions if they find out about all this cheating and lying.

They are instigating behind the government!

Great electromagnetic field in the area.

Composed of: ET's 260 - Homo Sapiens as staff 210 - Hybrids, only those produced by their experiments 45 - Prisoners, capacity for, 250 - Ships 9 - Equipment to fetch food, blood from different animals.

Here too, anybody that dies under their experiments, is trapped as a being and used for their purposes, giving them orders and sending them to influence any person they consider needs their "guidance". For this they have machines that look as small canons, with which they direct the being to the target. This is done mostly at night, from their extremely fast ships, on which there is only place for the pilot and the shooter. This can with ease stand still on top of any place they wish. They make no noise, but tend to radiate some light as these powerful machines are driven with their own electricity supplies.

Machines to implant sleeping persons.

These"soldiers" are extremely well equipped. Even their cloth are not from here, they tend to make them "invisible", has to do with absorption of light.


Place: South West of the State - Mountain area - Santa Cruz de Juventino Rosas and Irapuato.

Purpose: Machines to make topographic work and for building as well as for maintenance of Bases.

Here we have heavy machinery also for preparing their landing space. A very small area is needed for this.

Composed of: ET's 47 - Homo Sapiens as technicians, but enslaved 30, Hybrids 25 -

Special ships for this work and transport, rather big ones 10 -

They supply the whole zone.


Place: North East from Mineral de Pozos, not far from the border to Queretaro Area Jalpan -

Purpose: A Power Production Base.

Extracting from the mountains the minerals necessary to produce their power supply. Ships run on the combustion of that energy.

This is stored in boxes, is also used for generating energy in the different Bases.

They use a mixture of different minerals, then make fission. Result: a high concentrate of usable energy.

The process is done in containers made of amalgams from other planet's which are highly resistant to a big potential of energy.

This energy when contacted with our vegetation burns it as it is rather toxic.

This happens when they land or take off, as more energy is needed for this movements. When not used with such strength it is not harmful, reason Bases can use it as their energy supply.

Their job is also to check satellites for undue interference. They are afraid of anyone getting into the World Wide Communication Net, and be able to suddenly appear with the TRUTH about the situation. The Communication System being as controlled as it is, can in reality easily be taken over with adequate technology.

Their basic fear is to be found out.

If a single person divulges the truth, he is immediately eliminated. They are terrified of groups with any spiritual and technical Power. Their "high" technology would be frail if known by any of us.

Composed of: ET's, mostly as technicians 19 - No Homo Sapiens, as they are not supposed to learn this. THE POWER IS IN THE HANDS OF THOSE THAT CONTROL ENERGY! Hybrids 50 -

No ships of their own. This place is kept as a great secret.

Satellites are checked with small gadget's which are shot out, and electronically retrieved. Kind of spying small computers that can attach themselves to the satellites and transmit to Base. They look as totally innocent devices.

About 1,000 boxes ready for anyone that needs supplies.

These boxes are of different shapes and power, depending of what they are going to be used for.

The boxes are being changed, they bring empty ones, and take the full ones.


Place: South West of the State, not too far from the border to Michoacan West of Penjamo.

Purpose: Industrial Base.

Control over population and industry.

They want to know what is been produced. Fear of real improvement which does not come from what they give us!.

They get some products done by us, there is an exchange happening here, they give us some of their technology, we give them "permission" to take the people they need for their work. Some in the governments KNOW what is going on, but they have great dreams of the power they can get through such connections.

Some of "our people" are visiting this Base, where they show what they wish "our people" to see. Only that the ET's are really master cheaters!

Their job is to keep the people quiet. From here they send depressants, chemicals put in the air, and the usual stuff used to keep population in apathy, worry, despair, hopelessness!

Center for gathering civic data from government computers where we are all registered for different "reasons". But, the main reason is total control over planet's population through their knowledge about us.

Not everybody in the governments is aware of this.

They give us LOTS of computer technology, as they then can get LOTS of data!

Composed of: 60 ET's trained in Public Relations and programming. Homo Sapiens trained as intermediaries, these go out and do business, contact people, while they are strictly monitored by the ET's, and some are ET's using our kind of bodies 195.

Elegant quarters to receive important people - Elegant ships for fast transport 12 -

Computers for population, industries and business.

An extremely well organized area.

Also in communication with drug dealers as they clearly can see their traffic. They like them as they destroy youth and weaken resistance.

The day they take over, these will be the first ones to be exterminated. They have, naturally, also data about who the big drug dealers are!


Information received on 2/11/96.

Place: Area Amealco.

Purpose: Keep Population Depressed and Tired.

Their zone of action is Queretaro, Morelia, Northern part of the State of Mexico.

Keep an eye on the area, control radio stations. Keep frightening population appearing in different areas. Receive orders to handle specific persons and gather data about political or revolutionary movements.

A relatively small Base, as an outpost of a more important one.

Infiltrate areas to keep peasants angry.

Composed of: ET's 20 - Hybrids 18 - Homo Sapiens as prisoners, which come and go, they are abducted for data, or fast, "special" handling. Space for 60 people at a time.

Sophisticated machines for throwing gases at population and for fast implanting of the subjects abducted.

Ships 8 -


Place: Northern part of the State - Between Jalpan and Tamazunchale, naturally situated in the mountains.

Purpose: Gathering People for their Experiments.

Food Supply Base.

Also experiments with food to find the fastest way to produce what the Bases need.

They also use lots of animals for their organs and blood. A kind of "butcher" Base.

Composed of: ET's 15 - Hybrids 30 - Homo Sapiens as prisoners 300 - Animals, also captured 800, of different types.

Ships for these transports 9 -

Supplies are being fetched when needed.


Information received on 3/11/96.

Place: Southern part of the Sierra Gorda.

Purpose: Extraction of Minerals.

They make a blend with the ones from Andromeda, to repair their ships.

Isotope system used.

Composed of: ET's 20 - Hybrids 53 -

It is kept as a secret because they do not want us here on earth to produce these metals.

Ships bring and take materials, but no ships of their own.


Information received on 8/11/96.

Place: Northern part of the State - Area Coacuilco.

Purpose: A Mechanical Base.

Monitoring the air space of: Cuba, Yucatan and southern part of Mexico.

Also guarding the communication system.

There is an "iron" hand on this country as Mexico is considered the key to Central and South America.

Basically, NO data that could help this part of the planet should be able to pass through their control system. All the new systems of communication are connected to their computer systems. World news.

Their job is to guard areas where Bases cannot for lack of mountains.

Composed of: ET's 71 - Hybrids 90 - 25 ships with very special equipment to connect with satellites as if any communication is coming from outside.

There are other ET's that are eager to help, but this being a restricted zone they try not to interfere.

There is a protection around the Base, anyone coming into that zone freezes, as an "ozone frost". Their ships can pass through, but our planes would "freeze".

In communication with Bases on the whole planet.


Place: South West of the State - Area Progreso-

Purpose: Political Base.

Mexico City, sending waves to keep people in apathy.

Abduction for political and economic purposes. Must keep all this mass of people in a state of worry.

They are very much on the watch that nothing efficient is done in this area

They have the means to clean the pollution but they are making it worse.

Some politicians come here and get instructions. If they obey they get help to keep their "Power". If they disobey they die in different ways.

Anyone that gets in contact with them gets a monitor in his body, unknown to him or her.

In this Base there are VIP areas, and all is presented in a very agreeable way.

Strong mental machines to influence people, made for crowds or for individuals.

They have total knowledge about the political situation in the zone.

Politically, the most important Base in this part of the world. They have all the citizen data computerized, Also a special computer for Economic and Political movements. They can easily decide the future of the country through this manipulation of politicians and masses.

Their whole power comes from this 100% hidden approach.

People think that these are their thoughts! Reason for no rebellion.

The real enemy is unseen, "invisible", but somehow perceived.

Main reason for so much confusion all over the planet. The real enemy is this way, never attacked!

People's attention is continually put on wrong target's, which give no solution to their problems. On top of this they continually work with a hell of a lot of miss informations.

A great part of the catastrophes happening for the time being are planned by them, that is, different Bases make different programs. Central Base approves and sends out orders for their execution. Our politicians must take only a partial blame for the chaos we live in.

Composed of: ET's 150 - Hybrids 80 - Homo Sapiens as staff to contact the needed people inside and outside of the Base 70 -

Ships, elegant ones 3 - Fast moving ships for abduction 6 -

Long range ships for USA and South America 15 -

Refined computer systems separated in areas of interest.

A great amount as stock for sending on people, such as implanted beings that execute their orders.

Different specialized gasses, sent mostly at night (people wake up tired and depressed).


Information received on 9/11/96.

Place: Western part of the State - Metztitlan District -

Purpose: Organizational Base.

Organizing what is going to happen in the area most populated of Mexico. A very small Base. "The Heart of Mexico and Central America".

Very hard to approach even mentally!

All looks very quiet. All information gathers here.

Things can be seen on monitors. A huge amount of information is processed here.

Also a Base for the highest ranking officers. Here we have the Boss of this area.

As it has command over all other Bases, they need no ships. What they need is a perfect communication system with the "Bosses" all over the planet and with Andromeda's Central Base.

Here is decided which part of the population is not needed. Whom they have to be weary of. Who can be of use. How to do the different movements so as not to attract attention on them.

Doing what they can to keep all maneuvers "invisible".

People on earth have a terribly hard time understanding where all their wars, crisis, misery, diseases come from.

As long as the source of the problems is kept out of view, it cannot be solved.

Composed of: ET's as executives 80 - There is a strong mental power in this Base.

Hybrids 335 - They work as clerks as well as menial work.

Their most sophisticated equipment is in this kind of Bases.
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Place: North West of the State - Area Maravatio de Ocampo -

Purpose: Getting Contact With The Population.

Seeing how their people are being accepted. They look just as ordinary Mexicans.

The ones sent out are rather robotized and monitored, but once they look "normal", they are the best carriers of information on all levels of society. (there is some truth in some of the Science Fiction films). Training and implanting of subjects they think fit for use. The ET's are used to a monitored society.

Here different kinds of monitor systems are tested. Implanting is much safer for them than hypnotism.

To start people off they like to use villages.

The trainees behave mostly rather quietly, not to draw attention on them.

School children in their teens are often taken. For this purpose small children are not used.

There is a school "system" and very hard study, not under the student's volition. They are put on drugs, so some of their reactions can become crazy. Part of their intention to pervert society.

Composed of: ET's 45 - Hybrids, the ones that look most as Mexicans because Latin's were used in this experiments, 60 -Homo Sapiens as teachers in order for the prisoners not to be too afraid 20 -

Space for 100 prisoners.

Ships all for human transport 20 -


Information received on 15/11/96.

Place: Sierra de Coalcoman - Area Coalcoman de Matamoros -

Purpose: Guarding The Pacific Coast.

Weather manipulation with special rays. They can increase or decrease rain.

A very technical Base.

Patrolling the Pacific Coast on whole Central America. Also helping out in Mexico City.

Composed of: ET's 15 - Hybrids 25 - Homo Sapiens, learning how to fly these machines (they think it's fun) 9 -

Ships 10 - Weather machines made in Andromeda, there to control the weather is a natural thing!.

Long range "missiles" to shoot down anything they wish. For them it is a kind of "Nintendo Game" (game boy). Mostly they shoot after receiving orders to do so, but sometimes, rare, just out of fun.

They can easily monitor or stop functions in our planes with their superior technology.

They are rather bored, so they love to have some action. To play a hidden game, as they do, can, in the long run be tiresome. Many would like to come out and be known, but are not allowed.

They also shoot down anyone approaching this planet. They can easily fly out in the stratosphere. This is the huge advantage of their special metals, fuel and technology. We are using far too much force to do this. NASA is a joke to keep us interested and happy about our "progress".

The real technology is not given to us.

These guys are restricting our communication with other planet's, and keeping us in a state of stupidity!

Many are tired of the game, but can't see a way out. They feel trapped here and left alone.

There are ships from other planet's outside, also patrolling in order to stop the supply flow of materials and soldiers coming in.

When they come in they come in via the Base on the back side of the moon.


Place: Area Atlacomulco -

Purpose: To Protect Drug Traffic.

Distribution area for drugs. Drug experiments.

They know all the big drug cartels and their leaders. Want these people to have influence in politics, reason they protect them, but only until they take over. After that, they will be eliminated, as they are NOT part of their society.

Composed of: Sophisticated drug ware houses, made for easy and fast delivery.

Some of them are shipped with their ships to South America, Central America and USA.

ET's 125 - Hybrids 220 - Homo Sapiens to keep in communication with drug dealers (Big ones), even heads of governments are often involved, 35 -

People on drugs as experiments, place for 185 people.

They send them back into the society as druggists with the purpose to produce different drug disasters around in different places, but mostly where they produce the greatest effect such as in big cities in USA, Mexico and Central America.


Information received on 17/11/96.

Place: South of the State - Area Tejupilco de Hidalgo -

Purpose: Coordination of what is happening in the areas of Toluca, Mexico City, Puebla, Pachuca.

Information from the whole area. They want a tight control as there are so many people here. Basically very busy to ensure things do not get in order and in peace!

They know many details of life, and can therefore interfere where they think is most convenient for their purposes.

There is the usual training and preparing for action, all "robotistically" done, that is, no one goes out on mission without a monitor.

Naturally, people from the area are used, not 100% with their consent, although the idea of working for the ET's fascinates many.

None has the total scope of their work and purposes.

"Help" is often used to make their actions look good.

Composed of: A whole set of movies for mimicry, which means, the people they train learn to act exactly as needed. Could be just to learn how a specific person talks or how he acts. This way they can send people that will be accepted as their "own".

ET's 150 - Homo Sapiens as Staff 80 - Hybrids 65 -

Space for people in training 150 -

Usual Homo Sapiens weapons.

Lots of different clothing.

Some very elegant rooms, for the infiltrators to learn how to move in high society political circles.

In their attire, listening devices are set in as well as devices to make microfilms.

The ET's know more than the politicians do, and can therefore sell information as exchange for things they need from the society, such as abduction of people, killing animals, help with drugs etc. A very rotten exchange!

Extremely efficient machines to listen on phones, even to hear through walls, more sophisticated than we see in the movies.

7 ships on which many of these devices are installed (they are busy doing missions).

6 ships for human transport, for VIP's

5 ordinary ships for abduction and transport.

The nice rooms are also used for VIP's quarters. Fabulous computer systems for communication, for plain data and for programming. Also their programs must have the OK from Boss in Montana.


Place: Sierra Madre del Sur - Area Sierra Campo Morado - Area Chilpancingo and Filo del Caballo.

Purpose: Witch Craft.

Superstition has to prevail. What makes witchcraft so mysterious is only the lack of knowledge of their different techniques. These they can learn and improve in this Base, although they do not give all the data they have, by far. Through these witches the ET's look good and powerful!

Really, why would they hide if they were so powerful?

Also different cults are trained here, and given help. They do not wish a unified religion.

In this Base the ET's really appear as good!, helping cults, etc. They teach healing with the use of energy, such as "pulling in energy from cosmos".

These witches after they are given training command great areas of population and keep the peasants under their control. Basically ignorance is what they want, so these cults and rites fit their basic purpose.

A rather small Base with many interesting devices.

They also work with "dreams" so that the trainee can use them to communicate to people. Basically manipulation of the minds.

Composed of: ET's 25 - Hybrids 30 - Homo Sapiens as staff, all having witchcraft as their main interest 40 -

Space for trainees 80 -

8 small ships -

Implant devices -

Laser gadgets to produce apparitions -

Special rooms where people can see extraordinary things, made with projectors. People, when in this room have been drugged through food. They believe they have been on a very special trip in outer space! This belief makes them feel powerful! In this area they make appearances.

They train also for Central America as this spreads easily where there is such poverty.

Trainees stay in a state of daze which makes them look as if they were in constant communication with some supreme beings, which they are, with the suppressors of the planet!

They abduct generally under the effect of drugs, so many believe that they have been taken outside of this planet. A whole miss information technique.

Trainees would swear that these guys are good! They earn good money afterwards as they are better than usual. They also work in cities, a very efficient way to infiltrate. They get into direct contact with politicians in these countries and have power and influence over them.


Information received on 23/11/96.

Place: Western part of the State, near the border to Michoacan North of La Union - Area El Limon -

Purpose: Guerrilla Training Base.

Training also for Central America.

Tests are made in areas of Guerrero and Michoacan. They are sent out, then brought back for further improvement.

Trained to become leaders, be followed and obeyed.

Here people LIKE what they are doing. Great emphasis is given to their ability to contact groups already in existence, and give them some "great new ideas'.

They are allowed to say that they will provide weapons. There is plenty of it in the Base.

Composed of: 38 ET's specially trained in guerrilla warfare, with the purpose to keep these wars going on for years.

With this, economy will falter and chaos is created.

Hybrids 47 - Homo Sapiens comes and goes or dies.

They always work with specific groups, for this they abduct the people they need, kill the ones that seem useless for them, and keep on working with those that will be fully under their mental control. The trainees think that all is their own will. They are not at all afraid to die. Should this occur the being returns to "Base".

This is very much a mental warfare, reason so few can dominate so many!

5 ships for abduction and transport, here hybrids are of great help, they are well trained to do this job. The brightest ones are used here.

Space to work with 60 people at a time.


Place: East of the State, near border to Oaxaca - Tlapa de Comonfort -

Purpose: Genetic Experiments.

Interested in Hybrid production, also want to improve their own bodies, which in reality are rather weak. They are interested in recovering sex abilities which they have lost because they have worked as a kind of robots for so long. ET's are all under a superior command, a very dull life, but they know nothing else! In reality they are interested in some change. They can see how we live! But, control over their acts is so big that they have forgotten to think by themselves. This is an important reason for so many genetic experiments.

As these are done all over the planet, results are compared from different races.

Composed of: A big laboratory equipment -

Food is also tested as their bodies and ours have different organs, and therefore feed in a different way.

Their way to cure is also different to ours. Rays are used, but not always laser. Their scan system is of a much greater precision. Even though many are killed, they do have the possibility to heal.

ET's 72 - Hybrids of their own production, of different ages 230 -

16 Homo Sapiens studying as scientists.

150 Homo Sapiens for experiments of different ages, but there is no interest in older people as this is a procreation area.

Only 4 ships.


Information received on 24/11/96.

Place: South of the capital of the State - Area Izucar de Matamoros, mountains South East from this town.

Purpose: Business and Population Control Area .

Taxco, Cuernavaca, State of Mexico, Puebla. Again, this is the heart of the country as well as an important place for all countries south of it.

Interest in economy and international business. They like to keep Mexico as the key to the South, this gives them indirect power. Amazing, but they do know about the big businesses, big foreign investments.

They have an interest in some form of specialized medical machines as well as parts for their ships, Bases and computers. Also, naturally, they need certain supplies for their daily life.

All such contacts are made by straw men with firms where the merchandise is delivered. Later these goods are taken, mostly in trailers out to specific isolated and guarded areas, and taken to the Bases, as needed. They are interested in creating their industries. Food production also has their attention for two different reasons: their own needs and how to weaken population through chemicals in food.

Weak bodies means much less resistance to their plans.

People in the government have something to say about multinational contracts. Each part of the planet has specific things they need.

This Base is not only aimed at Mexico, but has a broader interest.

Toluca state plays an important part because of so much industry.

They also become powerful as money gives power and influence in the highest circles of the society.

They also have a hand in the abductions of big and wealthy business people all around the world. Terrorists groups are under their control, so chaos is also made in the highest circles, specially if someone does not do what they wish done! Again, this threat is not known to those people. Terrorist on their own would NEVER have such power.

Composed of: 200 ET's, mostly all with economic training -

95 Hybrids as clerks and menial workers -

45 Homo Sapiens with knowledge about business at the highest levels, internationally, and who have great expectations of the power they will achieve!

A kind of international Base.

No "guests" are allowed, but from here VERY WELL trained people go out and mingle in important meetings all over the world.

6 ships for these transports -

14 ships for area control -

Computers specialized in multinational firms as well as in government businesses.

They know what kind of hidden arrangements are done on a governmental level, this naturally includes Drug money, which is the biggest money movement in business, as they have control over the Drug Cartels. This way they have automatically also control over the Big Businesses around the world.

Shares will go up and down under their planning.


Information received on 12/12/96.

Place: Sierra Zapotitlan - West of Tehuacan - Area San Juan Ixcaquixtla.

Purpose: Political Base.

Mental training such as telepathy. Very hard to approach this Base mentally as there is mental energy stopping it.

Training on hard concentration, learning to "see" through walls. Only people with innate abilities are accepted as students.

Learning to transmit without need of any material device. Purpose of this is to be able to work in confidential areas without raising any suspicion. There are 10 of this kind of Bases around the planet.

If one is not using force, one is more powerful than the one that is depending on it, therefore I can slowly penetrate the area.

From here the most confidential programs are monitored. These people only use telepathy, but the staff from the Base get data through computers. They have ways to ensure the validity of the transmissions. If these people fail they are executed as they know too much. Otherwise they are top Intelligence Service. They are also the most tightly monitored of all the people working for the Greys.

They must train Homo Sapiens to go into the desired areas. They came as FUN, but there is no way to leave it now. Feels as "captured minds". Used mostly for destructive purposes. They wish they could leave!

Sad, as all abilities are used in a negative way. A well trained being can run the body of any person, but the greatest interest is in top politicians.

They have films taken of all the people they want to monitor. Implants are also used on their staff.

Here we have extremely able beings that would have liked to use their knowledge to help. They came in thinking this was a secret society that is using this kind of power to help. In this kind of traps our society is loosing valuable citizens. The Greys are in continuous search for prospects, and these are often found in different esoteric groups, many of which are under their control.

Often the capture is via drugs. Mostly young people are taken, but they never appear again under their real name as they get a whole new set of documents.

If they contact their families or unwanted persons, something explodes in their brain.

Sometime the abducted persons are reported as dead so they can work 100% for their masters.

Composed of: ET's 15 - Hybrids as menial workers 25 -

Homo Sapiens 48 -

Usual implant machines -

Video Projectors Training areas are different places. Some go to another Base and transmit from there to achieve certainty of results.

5 ships for special missions and to deliver their trainees as professionals.

Very few, even ET's can perceive and transmit what these trainees can!


Information received on 13/12/96.

Place: Sierra Madre Oriental - Northern part of the State Area between Xicotepec de Juarez and Filomeno Mata -

Purpose: Communication System.

Checking satellites, radio systems etc.

A Central Base for sorting out all kind of communications, ours as well as theirs. Naturally there is a strong line to USA. Coordination system for whole South American area. Many programs are made with this information.

It is a huge work to control a planet's communication. They also have a sophisticated decoding system, naturally all computerized. They help the business, economical and political Bases, information being their most precious weapon.

They collect correct information and emit mostly lies or masked truth.

Wrong information is a big reason for planetary confusion. They keep us not knowing the main things we should know to function properly as a civilization.

Books are being checked, school materials in particular, but this specific job is not part of this Base.

To send out lots of miss-information one has to have the correct information! Specialized in South American misinformation, aimed at making it impossible to find out what they are doing as there is so much confusion in each country. As they keep us all looking at pure confusion, no one can do anything about it!

As you see, communication is their most powerful weapon.


Composed of: ET's 400 - Hybrids 87 - Homo Sapiens 100, needed for interpretations and for finding the right way to send the mis-information (has to have something to do with the people that receive it). Screens and computers, very refined ones to trace what they want.

No ships of their own.


Place: Area Zitlaltepec on the border with Puebla -

Purpose: Genetic Experiments.

As usual, huge suffering, experiments with diseases, also to see how certain food affect bodies.

They can easily get people from the nearby cities. In Mexico people often disappear without anyone even looking for them.

Also experiments with sex. The Greys are very interested in recovering this ability, reason for many of their experiments.

People trained to abduct people on the street's, taken into a car to a deserted area and picked up by their ships.

The way these subjects are treated is inhuman! Interested in young women for procreation. Many die under tests. Treatment similar to other genetic Bases, and as in all of them when a body dies, the spirit is trapped and used for their purposes, but this is not done in this Base.

Many doctors in this place, also their own, as they train on these bodies.

Exposure on the sun to check the effect of radiation. Not even the Greys want too much of it! But at least, they know how to control it. They can cause radiation death without using an atom bomb. A way to get rid of unwanted population without drawing attention on themselves.

Composed of: ET's 55 - Hybrids 150 -

Homo Sapiens as staff 80 -

Captured Homo Sapiens, mostly young people 526 at this moment -

Place for 700 -

Ships 10 -

Fetus in progress 7,560.


Place: South of the State - North of Puerto Angel - Area San Augustin Loxicha -

Purpose: Experiments with Indigenous.

Studying the different races. Testing intelligence. Their interest is in the most intelligent ones. Trying to figure out which genetic combination gives the best result. Producing a "new" human race!

These tests are done in different places on the planet. Really a scientific research, similar to research with cows.

Cultural backgrounds are also studied. A Big Human Laboratory. Looks like a very peaceful Base, nevertheless the purpose behind it is destruction of what is NOT needed by them.

The equivalent of TOTAL Population Control. There is suffering here too, as people, if they come back home are never the same, not really themselves any more and during tests if some die no one cares. Rather similar to an animal laboratory. NO government is looking for these missing citizens!

Also tampering with DNA.

Which food makes the most fit bodies..? They want healthy bodies for their subjects. Food in form of pills is also tested. They get quite some "super bodies". This is naturally also run on computer programs.

Mental tests are also made in how they can achieve the most OBEDIENT people. Their society is NON VIOLENT because it is TOTALLY SUBDUED MENTALLY.

Through thorough programs, very few are running the whole society, much worse than Mao did on China.

Composed of: ET's 400 - Hybrids, they produce their own and even send them to other Bases - They have them as staff 300 -

Homo Sapiens as staff 190 -

Place for prisoners they work with 1,000 -

Lots of doctors as Homo Sapiens. Medicine is also tested.

25 ships - Lots of supplies are needed. these are picked up in deserted areas where they are brought by different means, which also include our planes.

We are supplying most of their needs, and some people are making big business this way!

There are quite a few of us here on earth that KNOW about the existence of the Greys, but keep it as a secret for own advantage, more than because of fear. We are really permitting them to be here! So we will get what we deserve.

Greed can destroy it all. the ones who work for them will be the first ones to be destroyed when they come to power.

As you can see, no one is winning with this interchange because it is all done in a hidden way.


Information received on 18/12/1996.

Place: East of the Capital of the State, area Tlahuitoltepec.

Purpose: Patrolling the Caribbean area and gathering information about Central American States and Guerrilla and government movements in order to know when and where to interfere.

Composed of: Sophisticated communication system. Communicating with Bases in USA, via satellites over the Caribbean.

Satellite communication is VERY convenient for them, having an easy access to all communications such as TV, Internet, computers, radio, Phones, etc. Our "advanced' communication technology is easily controlled by them.

The ones with a superior technology, naturally win!

As their ships can stand still or move along any object, they can do whatever they want with the satellites.

Logically, they can also do whatever they want with our planes!

The ONLY thing which makes them superior to us is their advanced technology, and is the reason for so few playing "cat and mouse" with so many as we ARE !

ET's 150 - Hybrids 230 - Homo Sapiens trained in Latin American politics 180 - They need these people to understand what really is happening behind the scene.

Ships 25 -


Information received on 20/12/96.

Place: North from the capital of the State - Sierra Juarez Area Chiquihuitlan

Purpose: Military Base.

Terrorism and guerrilla warfare. For example the Chiapas movement "Zapatistas" is getting their support.

Guerrilla and sabotage training, naturally also for Guatemala and the rest of Central America. Sandinistas and all these groups that continue for years receive weapons and leader support as well as basic economic needs. Hard training, also in leadership.

Bodies are from each country, but often the beings running these bodies are very experienced in clandestine and anti-government warfare.

This way we have unstable countries all over the planet. This organization has a similar pattern everywhere. Possibly also on other planet's.

This is so well planned that one can assume that micro cosmos (our planet) and macro cosmos, the rest of the universe, have a hidden control mechanism which is not done solely with material power, but includes as an important part manipulation of spirits.

They work on the basis that time is not important as the being himself is immortal. Only that in the immortality this is a bad and sad game for all of us, the greys included. It can't be too enjoyable to be living and dying in these Bases! And on top of everything so far from home, Andromeda.

Composed of: ET's 250 - Hybrids 300 - Here the bright hybrids are used.

Homo Sapiens comes and goes. They train in groups that will later work together.

When one group is sent off, a new group is coming. This goes smoothly as their planning is excellent.

Space for 40 people at a time.

As usual, these people will carry a monitor, mostly unknown to them.

They also need conventional weapons, appropriate clothing for any mission and effective communication devices.

Ships 15 -

Devices to shoot rays on the affected areas. These make people feel even more miserable. This misery is needed in order to enable them to "come" and bring to us LAW & ORDER!

This is basically their MASTER PLAN.


Place: South of the State - Sierra de Miahuatlan - Area South of Magdalena Tequisistlan (near the Pacific Coast).

Purpose: Medical Training For Other Bases.

They wish to also improve their implanting system so that it cannot be detected through hypnosis or other mental techniques.

Erasure of memory is also of great importance to them. Tests are made with electricity, fluids and rays. Naturally also with drugs and "medicines" to achieve specific purposes. Some healing is also done, to be used as an entrance into our society.

These specialized doctors travel around and teach in different Bases all over the planet if necessary.

The tragedy is that they use human beings for their work with no consideration to their sufferings.

They have some advanced machines for measuring vibrations in the brain. The brain is what they are most interested in. Many zombies are going around because of their work. These doctors look as robots. The purpose seems to be that they wish machines to take over rational thinking. They are going for a robot society.

Composed of: ET's 400, but not stable as they are coming and going to other Bases. The experiments are compiled to extrapolate new ways of functioning.

Communication with Andromeda Base from where their techniques come. Their mind control technology is huge.


17 ships rather small and very fast.

Hybrids 380 -

Homo Sapiens only as prisoners. Space for 200 of them. Their interest is in people from 25 to 55 years, of both sexes.

When their orders are not obeyed, pain ensues and if the course of behavior is not corrected, the subject is killed. This is the main purpose of their monitors. These "patients" can see no way out and are not aware of their real condition.


Information received on 5/2/97.

Place: South East from San Cristobal de las Casas, Cerro los Bolones Area -

Purpose: Data Processing Base.

Communication about the whole area of Yucatan, Tabasco State. For their purposes this population is not needed at all, just as the Negroes from Africa. They want them poor and ignorant. It is OK with lots of speeches, as help is not given. Here they can train people for this area and for Central America.

The leader for Central America is here. Programs are developed for the area. Peace is not part of their programs.

They want the area to live under USA government, which for the time being is in accord with them.

Here is all the data they need about Central politics and government. Data they consider convenient they pass on to the US government.

People trained to gather information.

The New World Order should be done through the US government, reason for backing up American international business.

Through the people trained on this Bases, Mexico, Central and South American governments are influenced.

Composed of: ET's 600 - Hybrids 500 - Homo Sapiens, some experts in different countries, 200 -

Ships are on another Base.

This Base looks as a busy office building.

Huge amount of data is processed here, but only the most important things are passed on.

300 staff traveling and gathering information, but none of them are free to leave as they are all strictly monitored.


Place: North West of Tuxtla Gutierrez, not far from Canyon del Sumidero -

Purpose: Supply for the other Bases in Chiapas.

Composed of: ET's 35 - Hybrids 58 -

Homo Sapiens needed for contact with the environment 15 -

Ships 7.

Food is processed here. They also provide for the much needed blood.

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Information received on 19/1/95.

Place: Division Peak near Black Rock Desert.

Purpose: To manage California. World's Cult Center. Cult training Center. The cult the person likes gets implanted and trained.

They think they have been on another planet and got a God's vision .

They will have no money problems.

Main center for the planet. All data are computerized, and they will be able to teach only the permitted things. All had contact with a "Supreme Being". This is what people in each cult would like to reach.

Spiritual miss information.

Strong machines to influence groups. Projecting what people "see".

Composed of: ET's 40- Homo Sapiens 96 - Hybrids 50 -

Ships 4.


Place: Ruby Mountains between Sherman Mt. and Jiggs

Purpose: Work with salt crystals to concentrate radiation, also to increase the power of the waves they are sending to get people "crazy". These waves are put in the air and they restimulate the negative mind which we all have. When in the air, even the sun feels stronger.

This is been thrown with space ships.

Composed of: ET's 10 - Homo Sapiens Scientists 20 - Hybrids 56

Ships 10.


Place: Base under water between Jacksonville and Palatka, in the ocean.

Purpose: To gather the Salt for the Crystals, which are then used to make people afraid.

Composed of: ET's 5 - Homo Sapiens 10 - Hybrids 61 -

Ships special for use under water 3 plus one broken.

This is considered slave work. Under its production some deadly smoke emanates. Using the mishaps of their genetic experiments.


Place: Gore Range near lake, west from Denver.

Purpose: Planet's "Library" and Central Data Bank. Registers population (through governments on planet). Any threats to their work is checked, and if true, programs are issued to send mental pressures, diseases, etc.

Planet's "Secrete Service".

The information gets processed in this place, and the different threats are handled after the instructions given by them.

Compose of: ET's 25 - Homo Sapiens 40 - Hybrids 25 - Ships 16.


Place: Warden Valley West from Fort Collins.

Works tightly with Colorado Base and with their Boss in Montana.

Purpose: To make people sick, stressed, even to the point that they commit suicide. Their information comes from Gore Range, they execute and check if orders are accomplished.

They use certain mental gadgets, which, when finished with their work are retrieved back to base.

They send people to handle "danger" areas

ET "police". Total hidden population control.

Give "special" treatments to make "threat" work for them such as Hypnosis, change of the beings running VIP's bodies etc.

Full access to any weapon needed if not available in base.

Composed of: ET's 30 - Homo Sapiens 50 - Hybrids 35 - Special Ships for sending waves on specific places 3 - Spirits trained to take over another person's body, and come back when mission is accomplished 40.


Place: Lake Cherokees.

Purpose: Blood Bank, mainly from animals, but also from people. With this they are preparing ET's food supply. Genetic experiments with children, sex. Using young women as incubators. Also doing animal tests.

Composed of: ET's 68 - Homo Sapiens Scientists 7 - Hybrids 5 -

People for experiments 550 - Animals to experiment with 155,783.


Place: Between Danway and Delaware.

Purpose: Brain implants, Experimental machinery.

Bodies are kept in coma, some refrigerated. Great human suffering. Implant people to make them tell the stories they wish known.

Composed of: ET's 16 - Homo Sapiens 16 - Hybrids 15 - Ships 5 - Patients 100 -


Information received on 18/1/95.

Place: The Dalles, Mt Hood.

Purpose: To infiltrate areas and provoke conflicts. Investigation of troop movements the whole planet.

Provoking all sides with intrigues, to make them fight endlessly.

Intelligence service with computerized data.

Language Center. A study place to make programs for infiltration.

Check on all known leaders (opinion leaders). Here they study their life to be able to handle them, and if necessary to cause them a "natural" death. They make programs for the future of the countries. Manipulation of the different crisis on the planet.

Composed of: ET's 78 - Homo Sapiens 9 - Ships 10 -


Place: Barron, between Mt. Logan and Jack Mountain.

Purpose: A Study Center to create a world under their control (Greys From ANDROMEDA).

Models for future cities.

Training leaders to take over the different governments. Each studying the country he will take over.

Make models for future cities.

Hybrids are trained to be "nice". The best products from the other bases come here.

They want a society with no revolts totally robotic, peacefulness all over the place. They like nice and orderly environment. Low class people and bums are not needed.

They want well trained and disciplined people.

Plants, forests, the sea, can regenerate fast under their control, with their own microorganisms.

Only thing they fear are earthquakes in their zones, as they have no weapons against this.

Composed of: ET's 35 - Homo Sapiens 5 - Hybrids 120 - Ships 5 -


Place: Colville, Calispel Peak.

Purpose: To train beings to make war, die and come back.

Beings are trained to duplicate a specific person. Done under hypnosis.

These beings are used as revolutionaries. When sent out they stay in telepathic communication with "base".

Their job is:

1) Take over a body.

2) body dies, back to base to be sent anew.

This way quarrels continue endlessly.

Composed of: ET's 80 - Homo Sapiens 10 - Hybrids 20 - Ships 8 -


Place: Fort Wayne, area Churubusco.

Purpose: Telecommunication.

Satellite check and its programs. Main control on data about ET's, Authorization Center for programs. Public Relation, programs of how to get known.

Public reactions tests.

Cartoon ideas approved.

Need populated areas to test reactions. Have power to cut any transmission via Satellite.

World Communication control. Phone Communications can be traced via computers, main interest being data about them.

Composed of: ET's 16 - Homo Sapiens 5 - Hybrids 12 - Ships 4 -


Place: Terre Haute, area Rockville - Greencastle.

Purpose: Fauna and Plant life experiments.

Need fertile areas. They want to have the planet as they like it.

One way to be accepted is improving Ecology. "Helping" farmers. Efficient Public Relation!

Petroleum will not be used as main energy source.

They can change climates, but can't control earthquakes.

Compose of: ET's 17 - Homo Sapiens Scientists 6 - Hybrids 25

Ships 9 - Animals 50,000. Seeds from this planet 7,000 different sorts - Seeds from other planets 5,551 - Making experiments to mix them.


Information received on 21/1/95.

Place: Las Vegas area. Baldy Pk. - Cowles.

Purpose: To drive the world crazy.

In different ways, direct attention on sex, even shooting these picture in the air. Also pictures projection of people should be seeing via satellites.

Center for different mental machines specially.

Mind experiments. Hard to approach this area even mentally.

Using and manipulating negative beings.

Mind suppression.

Composed of: ET's 26 - Homo Sapiens 3 - Hybrids 67 - Ships 7 -


Place: Gallinas Mt.

Purpose: Execution of Las Vegas plans. Sending things out "to drive the world crazy"

Homo Sapiens trained for purpose from Las Vegas base.

A big Center.

Composed of: ET's 62 - Homo Sapiens 47 - No Hybrids nor ships. Using those from other bases. Want the least possible attention on this area.


Place: Grants area - Paguate - Mt. Taylor -

Purpose: Important military attack zone.

Training military strategy and the use of weapons as well as ships.

Composed of: ET's 595 - Homo Sapiens 48 - Hybrids 500

Troop transporting Ships 6 - Ships usual size 52.


Place: Tajique - Laguna del Perro area.

Purpose: Procreation of Hybrids.

Training of children. School area.

Composed of: ET's 36 - Homo Sapiens 15 - Hybrids 630 - Ships 6.


Place: New Market "Cumberland Plateau".

Purpose: Animal and Human Experiments.

They take in animals from this planet and from others, also fishes. They want their own fauna.


We are considered their animals too.

They breed human and animal bodies.

Composed of: ET's 66 - Animals 7,200 - Homo Sapiens Children and Grown ups 250 - Ships 6 -


Place: L M Smith Reservoir.

Purpose: To train them to walk on Earth. Let ET's get accustomed to this place. Walk at night. Frighten population. Mix with population, and make experiments to see how they are accepted.

Composed of: ET's 47 - Hybrids 92 - Ships 6 -


Place: Falkville.

Purpose: A Scientific Center.

Water experiments. They want a clean planet.

Pollution tests. Planning of how to make the environment as THEY want it, after they take over.

Ecological planning. Programs to see how many Homo Sapiens are needed for THEIR Civilization.

Pollution to kill what is not desired.

Composed of: ET's 17 - Homo Sapiens 2 - Hybrids 2 -
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Information received on 25/1/95.

Place: Mt. Pleasant, area New Landon - Wapello.

Purpose: Scientific Center. Tests of how much Homo Sapiens can take, to take only the most able survive. Tests for diseases & bacteria. Also virus and the spread of cancer (through water).

They wish to kill people, but not plants. They try to produce an epidemic catastrophe, but they must also know how to stop it! This is important to be able to have the exact amount of people as they need.

Composed of: ET's 42 - Homo Sapiens 66 - Hybrids 22 - Ships 5 -


Place: Mt. Everet.

Purpose: Government advisors.

Heads of States come here for instructions.

Friendly environment.

Make agreements about the "prosperity" of the countries. For their "help" they are paid in gold and diamonds.

Paper money is useless and worthless. It is issued just to keep us busy.

Infiltration into the heavy industries. They need some missing supplies.

They do have supplies problems.

Composed of: ET's 40 - Homo Sapiens stable there to make guests feel at home 60 - Hybrids 25 - No ships of their own.


Information received on 25/1/95.

Place: Not far from the Canadian border. Area near Eagle Lake.

Purpose: Landing field for big ships.

Investigation into Canada and running Canada.

Helping New York base to control population.

Training criminals to infiltrate society.

Check on drug cartel lines

Sex experiments under drug euphoria.

ET's cemetery. Military Police for ET's. Highest posts are given from here.

Emissaries land here to check situation on the planet.

Scenario preparations for the coming of a "Helper" to this planet. To enforce this "Big Helper", there are frozen bodies waiting for the take over action. This troops stop at NOTHING.

There is nothing that can be seen from the air, only clouds. Anyone approaching gets pulverized.

Composed of: ET's 60 - Frozen ET's 465 - (these are hidden from Homo Sapiens) - Hybrids 40 - 182 ships trained to get out simultaneously Tremendous magnetic field.


Information received on 15/1/95.

Place: Area Bismark - Aberdeen - Napoleon -

Purpose: Main Base as Boss lives here.

Planning for take over, preparing things using huge maps of the planet. Experiment and training area.

Center for making weather changes.

Implanting their people in order to have robotic obedience.

Tight union with U.S.A.. government.

Composed of: ET's 750 - 5,000 hybrids trained in take over technology. There are no Homo Sapiens nor ships!


Place: Lake Michigan, Near Big Sable pt. Under water base.

Purpose: Unknown to us, weapon storage. We have no idea of what kind of weapons they have.

Machine, and flying tests.

Work directly under Boss's orders.

They have problems with spare parts!

There are tunnels to communicate with others.

Composed of: ET's 75 - Homo Sapiens 15 - Hybrids 30 - Ships 17 -


Place: Livingstone area.

Purpose: Repairing of their ships.

Composed of: ET's 85 - Homo Sapiens 22 - Ships 7 -


Place: Piney Buttes.

Purpose: Genetic Experiments.

There is great suffering for all beings.

Composed of: ET's 110 - Homo Sapiens 15 - 700 Hybrids -

Animals 10,000 - Ships 5 -


Place: On the Northern part of the State, area Noamy Pk.., Logan City near Garden City.


"Incubator" area with 14,876 bodies in progress.

Composed of: ET's 150 - Hybrids 71 - Animals 666 - Ships 10 -


Place: Southern part of the State. Baldy Pk.

Purpose: Political manipulation area for Canada - USA - Mexico -

Highly computerized, all very confidential.

Coordinator of American Politics.

There is such a Base on each Continent, but this one is the most important one. They have the programs and the machinery to "shoot" at politicians.

Highly specialized in taking over actions.

Composed of: ET's 60 - Hybrids 20 - Homo Sapiens, taken for data, who have knowledge of the structure of the different societies 200 - Ships 7 -


Place: Kendrick Pk., Area Flagstaff - Red Lake.

Purpose: Base for radiating devices, much of it comes from Andromeda, as there are very sophisticated ways of manipulating people and population. With these things they manipulate big cities as they radiate their stuff from their ships.

This is also sent to war areas, as well to very populated places. With this they can keep people in apathy and desperation.

This base has a camouflage of being a Repair Base.

Composed of: ET's 16 - Hybrids 66 - Ships 9 -


Information received on 29/1/95.

Place: Fond du Lac.

Purpose: To keep in communication with Lake Michigan base This is done with a tunnel.

Over ground this base works as an observatory for weather changes.

They make tests with their lethal weapons here, as if this would be the real base where they keep them. A camouflage base for Homo Sapiens to know about.

It is shown to different world governments.

Exchanges are then made. To get their knew technology, the ET's get money to build their bases, and get a quota of how many people can disappear without any government interference.

This is the way how many new lethal weapons have appeared on this planet! Also other "extraordinary things", only, they give us something to keeps the government people happy, and take great care not to give anything that could be used against them!

Meanwhile we keep happily killing each other with this new "inventions".

Composed of: ET's 35 - Homo Sapiens 10 - Hybrids 32 - Ships 6 -


Place: Elkhorn - Willlam Bay.

Purpose: To be able to destroy New York fast. This is the way to get rid of surplus population.

To do this they need the OK from Boss in Andromeda Galaxy. Basically all major orders come from that place.

Test area for flights at certain distances.

As their plans are not allowed by any agreements, when they attack, they must act fast.

The ET's are not at ease here, and are afraid to stay trapped in their positions.

Homo Sapiens's main disadvantage is his lack of knowledge about the whole situation!

They do not need our big cities!

They need disasters happening around the planet to keep attention off their work.

Composed of: ET's 70 - Homo Sapiens as scientists 28 - Hybrids 20 -


Place: Center City - Area Turtle Lake.

Purpose: Center of their Organization.

Secretariat for the Boss area. Their "Heart".

As the Boss is hidden, his orders are executed from here.

Computerized Center of Communication to the bases on the planet.

From here coordination's are made between the different bases on the planet.

Also their Justice Center.

This is a very strict Organization, but all robotized, which also is their weakness! If something gets out of order they get easily confused. A strictly military Organization. This base is their "nucleus". Any order coming from here has precedence on any other base's command.

If this place got destroyed there would be great confusion among all bases!

Composed of: ET's 120 - Ships 5 -

They do not want to draw attention on this area. It is a relatively small base.


Place: North Platte - Seneca and Ringgold.

Purpose: To plan and execute the Programs. For this purpose there are 2 bases in this place, and they are connected by a tunnel.

Here they have the sight of all what is occurring on the planet, such as wars, population movements, disasters, etc.

This is the place for meetings on a high level such as Bank loans meetings from IMF, and other important institutions.

Composed of: ET's 15 - Ships 5, specially equipped for VIP's and as all is made through computers, these are part of this place too.



Place: Evarts Harlan - Cumberland nets.

East Point - Dewey Reservoir.

Sandy Hook - West Liberty.

Denton (entrance).

Purpose: Atomic War shelter.

Military reservoir.

Government Management.

Secret Service.

Andromeda Communicator.

Central government for this planet.

Equipped with luxurious hotel rooms. Totally organized to "protect" high politicians. "Safety" place in case of an Atomic War. But this is really a LIE, just to get it built.

They do not want any of these people whom they are trying to "save", they plan to kill them or implant them and just use them for their purposes.

NOTHING of what they say can be trusted.

They are masters in manipulating opponents.

Composed of: ET's 650 - Homo Sapiens 190 - Hybrids 3,486 Ships 56 -


Place: North of the State.

Adirondack Mountains - Long Lake area. Piseco.

Purpose: This are really 2 bases.

A military one and one to check all airline traffic, as well as control New York population.

Send waves on populated areas. Have total check on what is going on there.

Military strategy is also developed here.

Military equipment such as clothing, guns, radios.

There is also a potent receiver that can get outside communications. (From outside this planet).

Their gold is also kept here.

Composed of: ET's 150 - Hybrids 400 - Military Ships 11


Information received on 16/2/97.

Place: Livingstone area, direction Big Timber - South West from Big Timber.


Base disguised as a Ship Repair Base.

His place is 89 meters under earth and protected against any bombing.

Many communication devices are installed in the ships for "repair". The most important communication is for outside this planet. They are the only ones to know about incoming Space Ships, as well as in which direction this planet should go.

Those analyzing from outside have a clearer view about the whole planet.

N0 orders go to bases from here except to their Center Base in Wisconsin, area Center City - Turtle Lake.

So, this is the heart of the Grey's Organization on this planet, and its main artery is in Wisconsin.

What we should do is KNOW about this organizational system. With this knowledge MUCH of their power would vanish.

Composed of: ET's 75 - Hybrids as servants 28 -

There are misleading tunnels around this Base, as it is the most secret part of their Organization.

Entrance from another direction than the Repair Base.
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Information received 3/8/96.

Place: Admiralty Mountains - Mt. Levick - On top of the Ice.

Purpose: Weather regulator after orders from a Space Ship.

Human experiments to make bodies tough.

Radio interference, and checking communications of Southern Hemisphere.

Can set in their communications at will.

Interception of any message considered important.

Homo Sapiens cannot communicate outside this planet without colliding with their interference.

Composed of: 25 Ets - 73 Homo Sapiens, for labor and training - 55 Hybrids - 11 Space Ships for weather regulation.

Equipment for the control of Television

Highly sophisticated Atomic Reactor.

Unconventional Atomic weapons for attack on other planets. Earth is their Base for warfare against inhabited planets in this area of the Milky Way.


Place: Sör Rondane Mountains.

Purpose: Fauna Experiments.

Here they work on the surface, make different climates with their Atomic energy heating.

Hybrid animals.

Communication with other Bases that work on similar projects.

DNA of their own animal species. Making new species.

A Purely Scientific Base.

Composed of: 26 Ets - 100 Hybrids - 21 Homo Sapiens - 7,855 animals from earth - 4,350 animals from other species - 20 Space Ships for freezing their transport.

They are accustomed to do this even with human bodies.
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Information received 17/7/97

Place: Border with Brazil - Not far from Rivera - Santana do Livramento - Area Minas de Corrales.

Purpose: Agricultural Base.

To find out how these territories can be used by them.

Want to have own farmers and vast areas for themselves.

Wish to have their own people, trained by them.

These kind of Bases are in different parts of the planet and they work together in organized way.

Test are made for diseases that can come through food. To manipulate population with the food they eat. Also can be used the other way, to make bodies stronger.

NOT ALL IS MENTAL CONTROL! But the purpose is to make this place their civilization.

Abducted people work for them and food is also being tested on the prisoners. All their experiments are done with living things.

People from this Base are trained and implanted so that they can go back into their areas and perform whatever is needed. these people look totally "normal".

So, if someone has been missing for even a short time, one has to be prepared for the possibility that he could be monitored. This could be the reason why abductions are happening in a rather "peaceful" way. All is happening between "compatriots"!

It will be happening as well in Brazil as in Argentina and Uruguay. All this is a great agricultural area. Kept unused for their use!

Experiments are made out in the fields to see how things develop in these soils. For these, PEOPLE are needed. They are given a technical education. It also looks so peaceful, but it is made with the purpose of maintaining control over us all.

Composed of: Ets 45 - Hybrids, experts for this job 100 - Homo Sapiens as scientists 10 - Abducted people of different ages, mostly young. They come and go, but there is space for 180 of them.

6 ships, rather big ones.

Sophisticated atomic equipment for working with seeds.

800 different animals which are mainly used for testing the food.

Cages, even for people, as prisoners are tightly controlled, mostly by the hybrids.

They live in a state of unconsciousness through special drugs originated from Andromeda.
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Information received on 18/7/1997.

Place: Northern part of the Province - Area Villa de Maria -

Purpose: Investigation of the Results of their experiments in the Andes Area.

What they want is submissive people, not all dead!. Reason for bringing people from the areas where they use their biological and electrical weapons.

Some of the prisoners are radiated directly from a very short distance.

As they get new weapons, they use us on this planet to test them. Their usefulness is also for other planets.

Composed of: 50 ET`s as scientists - 75 Hybrids. 31 Homo Sapiens as scientists - 20 Ships, small and fast, to pick up and bring back people - Space for 160 prisoners.

Often the victims are taken back to be able to observe the reactions when their are in their environment. It is rather easy to do in deserted Andes areas. small isolated villages are rather useful.

Andes area is for them the vital spine from where to direct the Continent.

Distances mean nothing to them, so, most of the South American Bases are situated here since more or less 500 years ago.

Before they were mostly as watch posts, for Andromeda to know what is going on here.

About 50 years ago they became more aggressive as they do not want this planet to go out of their hands and control. This is the only reason they want to take it over.

We, here on earth are not easily subdues. Some strong beings are giving them a hard time.

Even in the Andes, they look submissive, but in reality are not! This confuses them as they are so accustomed to OBEDIENCE.

Their main purpose, as I have stated many times before, is full control over everyone, as this is their way of life.


Information received 23/7/1997.

Place: North West from the Province - Area Cerro las Tórtolas - IN THIS AREA THERE ARE TWO BASES!

People living in this area will know a lot about them.

Purpose: POLITICAL BASE. Their territory to survey is Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil.

The main purpose is the gathering of information.

These countries can never come out of their poverty, although these are in themselves rich areas in many ways. The economy is monitored toward poverty, through clever manipulation and a complete check on the educational systems.

Some few families are allowed to gather wealth, but only up to a certain point. Only the big bank funds may have the economic power, and behind them is the ET´s Organisation With their fabulous communication system and strict obedience to their programs, they keep an iron hand on Politics, mostly through Economy. Behind this success there is a great organised work, part of which is in this Base. Information is arriving through different channels, spies are much in use.

In this Base the information is being processed and suggestions for different moves are made. This is done adding to Programs which link to those already in existence. It is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to start on any new action without due permission. This comes from "central" for each region, but has been approved by the Boss, who possibly got the OK from Andromeda (depending on the importance of the program that should be implemented).

In this Base some high intelligence is gathered.

Composed of: An elite group of ET`s of about 10, all trained in Andromeda - Ets as clerks 45 - Hybrids, also of a higher capacity than average 70 - Homo Sapiens NONE! - Ships 7 - They work tightly with the other Base in the area.

They also have their own "Internet" system into which we cannot come, but if we do we are immediately traced and "handled" in different ways such as death through suicide or accident, abduction, made to appear crazy in different ways.

They do not want interference in their communication system, but they monitor ours! A truly unfair game. There is more information about this Base through the next one.


Information received 21/7/1997.

Place: Area Cruz del Eje.

Purpose: Serum Production.

They need some protection themselves as they are in contact with our civilisation and live mostly under earth, so they make vaccines. They want also to keep their bodies fit.

Reactions are tested on humans and animals. Some extracts are used out of plants.

There is an interchange of information about the workability of a product before it is sent into a real production. At the same time tests are made on our own people in "how to calm them down". (It is much easier to kill). For this Andes villages are great.

If something they can use is found, they see that our medicines also get it. These things are often sold as miracle medicine! It is made known through TV, etc. The help is mostly less pain and feel less. A gradual descent into unawareness.

Their work is very methodical, no hurry at all. Feel certain as no one ever detects them. The equipment is very sophisticated.

Composed of: Ets 30 - Hybrids 70 - Homo Sapiens as scientists 10 - Animals, also for their need of blood 1,150 - There is great suffering as no one cares about their fate.

In medicines they put live cells which are supposed to do specific things, mostly destructive to bodies. Naturally that for themselves, constructive live cells are produced. They have advanced techniques and long practice. Ships 3 - Capacity for 50 human prisoners.
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After receiving so many messages about the different Bases on Earth, one appeared "from above".

This simply means that to be able to coordinate all their activities on this planet, the best way Et`s can do it, is from a distance.

For this Mars is ideal, as it is very near us. Suddenly it seemed clear that to promote the U.S as their One World Government, Europe had to be reduced in its power.

The tactics in use at this moment are to strengthen the U.S economy to attract the third world nations to them, and squeeze Europe through this on the one side, and the huge inundation on the other.

Europe being their only competition for the time being is getting its share of problems. Mars, as well as the Moon are ideal because of their vicinity and our inability too move with adequate Space Ships ourselves.

As I started with the title of FACTS OR FICTION, again it is up to each of you to decide and act according to your viewpoints.

Regards, a FRIEND!



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Information received 3/8/1997.

Place: North East of the planet - There is no water to separate continents - Built on a plateau.

Purpose and general information: TO COORDINATE THE TAKE OVER OF EARTH.

Laser projected pictures of whatever they wish to see. From here the areas they want to keep "clean" for their take over, are marked. This means the soils that should stay out of use.

Programs, naturally, are originated in Andromeda and refined here.

A team of experts in take over tactics.

Done many times before all over the different galaxies, whenever things get too much out of their control. In this Bases, Homo Sapiens are working hoping for a better condition for themselves and for some few others of the "chosen" ones.

As we have seen before, they can pin point the places where they want inundation to occur. They have NOTHING against us in particular, just a job that must be executed.

They are used to win, as the "enemy" is undetected. The 3 Bases are connected subterraneously.

The Moon is used as their satellite. (Most planets have "moons"). From Mars, some make trips to the Moon or to Earth to check on the different conditions on the spot.

Their job is INFILTRATION WAR. Here they have the programs for each Base on Earth, Mars and the Moon. Here it is played with the value of currencies all over Earth. The intention being that the masses of population should have less, having apparently "more". This we came to call inflation!

Economy is made to appear so complicated that everyone is kept in confusion about it. Simplicity is not taught: spend less than what you earn, and you will always have!

Terrorism is planted with exactness, taking into consideration different places, as well as its timing. As I said before, all is aimed at ONE WORLD ORDER. All this is a tiny part of a huge Organisation, and no one in it is free!

This is a big enslaving machine for everyone involved. If a break appears in the system here on Earth, the whole Organisation will start to shatter as it is built very much the same way all over the place, and there, naturally, is interconnection.


Information received 4/8/1997.

Purpose: Food and Medicine Supply.

Storage for spare parts that might be needed. Ships arrive here and are placed in shelter as there are terrible winds which sometimes carry stones.

Composed of: ET's 28 - Hybrids 350 - Homo Sapiens about 90. These are here because they are considered of no use in any other place.

Storage space is huge as there is no necessity here to hide, but much is built under earth for protection against the elements.

For our scientists here on Earth, many stops are being made when they want to "visit" Mars, as there obviously are areas which should not be seen or studied!

In storage there are also spare parts that are much needed on earth, part of the reason for a lively traffic between these two planets. Possibly astronomers could spot this!?

Here we have really big INTERGALACTIC ships. As mentioned before, enough space without fear of detection. These ships come and go. Sometimes there can be 3 of them in the area.

Food supplies come from Earth. There is underground water in the area!

20 own Ships. (For them to come to Earth is like for someone from the U.S to fly to Paris!). There is also here some stock of live animals that reproduce themselves. "Green Gardens", all under roof. Very much as in Science Fiction.

A Hospital, naturally only equipped with their advanced technology. It includes a Psychiatric Ward where implants are perpetrated for missions as well as to subdue ANY revolt.

All is very peaceful in these Bases! Sex is not allowed in any of the three Bases. Only grown ups are "admitted". Age 20 as minimum.

Anyone that is of no use to them gets eliminated by implanting the being and used against us "down here".

Due to this system, all work as efficiently as they can. Fear drives them not ideals! Possibly this is the reason that I am allowed to come out with these data.They want us to KNOW about their situation!


Purpose: To Coordinate the Programs They Have With the Actual Situations.

The Purpose is settled, but to be able to achieve it they have to be somewhat flexible. As we already know from the Bases on Earth, they gather information from all over the place. The main information comes here, where, with a clear view of the WHOLE planet's situation, programs are prepared or changed, as needed.

Each one is made for a specific Base.

Whatever activity is done from a Base on the Moon, the orders come from this "Base Number 2". (The Base on the Moon is situated on the back side of it. Just "around the corner", not to be seen from Earth)

Composed of: Ets 400 - Hybrids 3.000 - Homo Sapiens 500 - Homo Sapiens is needed to evaluate certain situations. Space for Computers. Space for picture projections. Space for analysis. Conference rooms. Space for telepathic communications. Space for relaxing. All very spacious!

The "amazing"thing is that they have very little discussions or disagreements. Basically all are prisoners in different degrees.


Purpose: Sending Out the Orders that Should be Executed.

There is more movement in this Base. Most is done by their Internet system, through which they can talk and be seen as well as transmit written materials.

Some times people are brought up here to be instructed or trained, or implanted to ensure execution. Other times some leave from here to give instructions to people on Bases on Earth or the Moon. One could say that they can work with the "speed of light".

This being the fastest moving organisation in the area. The reason for this is that if change of plans have to be done, not to loose their power, it has to be done fast!

Composed of: The fastest brains in terms of ACTION. 350 Greys - 300 Hybrids - 75 Homo Sapiens - Under the command of this Base there is a crew for handling their ships. Only the best ones are stationed here. 60 Hybrid pilots, as they are more dispensable. No Homo Sapiens as pilots are allowed, as they are afraid that they might escape.

Post Scripture: Amazing, but all wish to be able to be free to decide on what they want to do, and the way how to do it. UNTIL NOW THIS HAS BEEN UNATAINABLE. Strange as it may sound, through this message they are seeking for help!.
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Information received 13/8/1997.

Place: Just around the LEFT side seen from Earth, there is still some light there.

Here again Bases are linked together. No need of any underground passage, as they can move freely, without any need of hiding.

Not necessarily # 1 in importance, but this is the way I found them.

Purpose: To Receive Space Ships of Different Kinds. This means that from here they also take off. Here Ships get prepared for longer trips, same as in our international airports.

They can land easily, so big Ships prefer to come here to load or unload, then from this place down to Earth. A rather big area is in use with storage space included.

No need to go under for protection because there is not much danger from the elements. Some of "our" people know about this place, but are naturally, not allowed to speak about it freely. Just "round the corner" there is a good view of our Planet and all what is surrounding it. From a distance, manipulation is easier.

They have some powerful equipment which can be installed on their Ships. They build things in such a way that most of their Ships can be installed with different machines.

Their technology in machines is fascinating.

Surrounding this Base there is vegetation, half covered. Drop irrigation is used. Water can be found around 500 meters under the surface.

Everything looks peaceful here as they are not afraid of being seen. Adjoining is a space for training on the different missions they are supposed to execute.

Many of the Mars made programs get trained on here as distance to target is shortened. People sent to Andromeda also get prepared here in different ways. Many bodies are being made ready for the freezing period used under longer transport.

There is another space for living quarters. These are much more comfortable than underground Bases. The Greys are not too happy when they must do their "military service" on our Planet. All are being sent on a military mission for a certain period of time.

Composed of: Staff stationed here: 199 ET's - 500 Hybrids - 17 ships needed for their own administration.


Information received 14/8/1997.

Place: Same area.


The ones that leave debrief for the new ones to get grooved in. Erasure of memory takes place after debrief. These missions are secret even for the Greys going back to Andromeda.

The new ones get grooved in with the help of implants, that is, data is installed under unconsciousness.

This state is achieved through the use of special drugs, as standard operation on missions. This is the reason why they work so robotically.

Here some of Homo Sapiens is also being manipulated in such a way that they do not even know about this visit to the Moon. Possibly there will be a person reading this information who will start to remember something.

Please be aware that this might be followed by pains or disagreeable feelings such as dizziness, wish to vomit, shout, etc. But, when through the experience, they will feel less crazy!

Obviously to be brought up here, the abducted must have quite an importance for their take over game. Here lots of movements can be seen, but there also are spies listening to "confidential" talks.

These are well trained in getting the information which did no appear during the debrief. The ones considered traitors get shot, and as knocked out beings, used to suppress others.

We could call it "higher level Witchcraft".

Naturally all is being recorded and double checked. They are afraid of leaks.

A VERY busy place. Looks confusing, being in reality tightly controlled.

Composed of: Staff for the management of this Base. 300 ET`s as doctors, specialists in debrief, trainers, spies, all highly indoctrinated themselves. 400 Hybrids for menial work. About 40 Homo Sapiens for interpretation of abducts. Also used to make them believe they are "at home", such as being in a hospital, in an office, etc. Ships are in the other Base.

Here fast Ships are needed for the abduction business. The reason for taking some to this place is that none of Earth Bases know about these special projects.

This is also one of the reasons no one can easily put the whole set up together. Special medicines for keeping bodies in the state needed for different purposes.

Their manipulation of bodies is far more advanced and sophisticated than ours. Homo Sapiens working here are full effect of these techniques!

Everyone seems free to go and do whatever he wants, while , in reality, they are all prisoners in different degrees. Real freedom is non existing, it is all a false appearance!


Place: Same Area.

Purpose: Recreation Area.

There are many people here, and the surroundings do look rather sad, so spaces have been created for different activities such as sports, movies, paths for walking, which at the same time link the different Bases.

Composed of: "Breathing " equipment for oxygen - Machines for entertainment - Comfortable sitting spaces - Areas for sleeping - Swimming Pool - Small Stadium for contests - Machines for keeping it all in shape -

Personnel in charge: ET's 30, as managers - 150 Hybrids for keeping the area.


Place: Same, but further away. Considered RESTRICTED AREA.

Purpose: Special Coordination Centre.

Handling of "delicate" situations and important individuals.

The area is rather small.

They only work on very special missions or people.

High Security. Not all operations are aimed at Earth. As things have to be coordinated, this is an important link.

Main Base on the Moon, and the smallest one.

What is amazing is to see how careful they are not to be seen, when they live in such an isolated area. This makes me think that there are beings from other planets who are aware of their movements.

If a Homo Sapiens would ever come into this place, he would never leave it alive.

From here communication lines go out to Earth, Mars, Space Ships in different locations, Bases on other Planets as well as to Andromeda.

A high reach in a small space!

Work is being done continuosly.

Anyone that makes a mistake here probably will be the cause of his death.

Composed of: Special Metal through which cosmic rays cannot penetrate. Reminds me of a Space Ship, but this is on the ground.

100 ET's, all trained in Andromeda.

130 Hybrids, highly specialised and bright.

All their computers are very small. If there is something they want to look at it gets enlarged. Transmitters are also in mini size, but their power is hard to grasp when compared to our "satellites" which seem grotesque in comparison.

To produce electricity, there is no need for our huge and expensive reactors.


Place: Same Area.

Purpose: Energy Supply.

Work shop for repair of mechanical equipment.

Only ET`s work here, Homo Sapiens should not learn these skills.

Composed of: 70 ET's as engineers - 110 Hybrids, also very skilled.

Most tools are electromagnetic. Laser beams are also in use.

A real pity that they are not here on a friendly mission. We could learn a lot about energy from them!

This not being a restricted area, the path made to come here is used for walking. There is no danger of radiation.

Homo Sapiens may look at things, but is not taught in how to use all these tools, or on how to produce energy in a thousand times simpler way than on Earth.
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April 27, 1998

Up to now, I have found 144 Alien Bases, from this number, 3 are located on Mars and 5 on the Moon.

On the Bases located on Earth, there are only 14,619 ET’s.

On Moon and Mars, there are 427 ET’s.

I would like to locate them all over the planet, but, in case that this is not possible, because of much other work or death, I would like to tell you, my dear readers, that you already have enough information for the understanding of the Grey’s Organisation, and how it influences our daily lives.

As you see, they are few, and their sole power lies in our miss-information as well as unwillingness to see the facts, which are presented in many different forms.

To get an easy grasp of how they work one can just scan through the present Bases, and look at Purpose, write these down on a list, and the Organisation will be apparent.

Even if I continue and cover it all, the pattern will be the same.

I repeat myself, saying that they are our real enemies, and NOT the neighbours, which we are constantly fighting.

The planet is bleeding to death, without ANY positive results! The main reason for this is that our TARGETS are WRONG!

By plain logic, if one does the correct things, life improves. I am sorry to say that this is not happening for the time being.

Any person that can analyse his life correctly, will live much better than the one that just continues without any logical planning.
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All your blog are belong to us
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Historical and actual link to the Greys

Information received 4/2/1999



BERMUDA (One base)



PUERTO RICO (Three Bases)


ACKLINS (One Base)




Information received 22/2/1999

Place: Bermuda – 195 Km West of Somerset Island. The location is under water.

Purpose: Electricity Base.

Pulling energy in from water and air, to charge turbo and hydroelectric machines needed for their experiments of life forms.

Machines come in to be recharged.

Water is pulled in, goes through powerful centrifuges where the necessary molecules are extracted, then compressed in not too big machines which are installed in different experimental areas.

This energy is used because nuclear power of their production kills the life forms they work with.

Please, do not think that it is made with the purpose to protect anyone, no, just to get better results for their purposes, and protect their own bodies.

Same system, to suck in air, up to 35,000 meters, pulled into metal containers where the wanted molecules are extracted. When the rest of the air is thrown out, waves appear in the ocean. Not to draw too much attention they let it out with some care, but in the inflow, no care is used, as big quantities must come in in one pull.

Here we have Andromeda's technology to provide non nuclear energy.

This Base is "old", constructed in 1938, helped by the United Kingdom government (only few people know about it) in exchange for some of their experimental machines.

Our new technology could have been originated by this exchange. The Greys have made their payment with the least sophisticated machines, even obsolete ones, which they gave us.

Today they produce this electricity using less force, their technology also improved, so plains and ships are in less danger now. Naturally, they used what they could, such as metals, BODIES and supplies, from the planes and ships that ended in the ocean.

From the start a technically strong Base, with seniority over the 12 Bases in the area.

This Triangle, with all the information it has gathered, has been an important link for future Base Organizations.

For them it is vital to organize what they do, this makes them strong, and is at the same time their weakest point because they rely on organization and NOT on any individual.

For aeons they have not thought as individuals! So, if organization brakes down in one link, only very, very few are able to re-establish the lines. In the meantime, the greys at work are in a great confusion as their "brain" is cut off.

May be, you can now understand the reason for such tenacity in the persecution of able individuals, and all the help that is given for the GLOBALISATION and the transnational enterprises.

The importance of this Base is the precedence it has given to the history of our planet.

The structure of this Triangle has been successfully copied all over Earth and, other planets have the same kind of system!

Composed of: only ET's. In the start, only the best-trained ones from Andromeda were here. They had experience in building Bases in a "virgin space". Yes, we do have much older Bases around the world, but those were more in single form. Here 12 Bases were planned.

Today its importance is greatly reduced, it has served its purpose.

At this time their machinery is up to date, but its crew is of a lesser rang than before.

There are 129 ET's – 220 Hybrids to handle the machines.

No ships of their own. Space for 3 ships to load and unload. If a ship is needed it comes from one of the other Bases. With logistics, it takes from one to two hours.

Yes, this is part of a good organization!



Information received 23/2/1999.

Place: Antigua Indian Town Point direction East, before it gets too deep. About 160 Km out to sea.

Purpose: Surveillance of Caribbean area.

They want it for themselves, and no intruders are allowed to land there.

Was kind of an entrance point to the eastern side of the US.

Also a place for gathering information.

Composed of: Extensive kind of radar machines with which air traffic is being continually checked.

Before their installations were made, other ships landed in this area. Somehow the Greys have taken over. This could be done due to agreements with various governments. The other aliens did not intend to settle here, only landed, did what they came for, and took off. Their purpose seems to have been trade and support, NOT conquest.

Only 65 ET's and 70 Hybrids.

No ships of their own. Ships come with information and upon request.


Place: 180 Km north of Barbuda, under water.

Purpose: Genetic Base.

This is what they always do, try to use what they can from the area they occupy. They do need food supplies, blood being the most urgent commodity. So, they must figure out how to provide it. Animals and humans are the providers.

For them it is fun to do genetic experiments of all sorts. It even seems that for them, it is a natural endeavor.

These Bases are rather small compared with the ones on main land.

Composed of: tiny rooms, which look more like cages.

Incubators. Here their electricity is used. It is very powerful and seems to be also nourishing.

Resources are also brought from outside our planet. These are used as well for growth and for food made out of powder.

Here we have Homo Sapiens as prisoners and used as jailers at the same time. It has some similarity with the concentration camps.

ET's 128 – Hybrids 75 – Homo Sapiens 1048, here dead bodies are included.

This looks worse than any Science Fiction film.

2 ships, only for emergencies.


Place: 260 Km North West of Barbuda

Purpose: Different Machine Repairs, mostly for their Communication System.

They would have been lost without it.

Here prototypes are kept. They are needed as a model for repairing machines all over the planet. As these Bases are now relatively small and little traffic is going on, it feels as a pretty safe storage place.

As it is not too deep down, a bomb in the right place would produce havoc. The problem is that the men working BEHIND our governments protect them.

It is used as emergency sender as all their equipment is in perfect order.

Composed of: 15 very specialized ET's and 50 ET's learning through experience. No Homo Sapiens – 91 Hybrids with some intelligence as the machinery is of a delicate nature.

Some Ships so that the finished product can be sent right away.


Place: North of Antigua. It points toward Barbuda. Placed in the middle, between these two islands, as the water is not too deep.

Purpose: Processing and Programming Base.

Seems to be one of the first Bases. Used for planning. From here they took off to do the treaties for further constructions.

A "comfortable Base". Still used to make top secret projects. All looks so elegant and safe. (This is naturally the trap in which our people fell).

Unexpectedly I am finding the history of the Base agreements, and plans of how to secretly take over our Planet.

Surprise, WE have given our OK, otherwise it would not have been possible. Here you can see some "minor"consequences of corruption!

In this place data is processed and plans made of how to keep going in the direction of globalisation and One World Government, which is THEM!

Their planning is subtle, they proceed slowly, and we follow everything they say. This IS the reason for less and less freedom, done through expert computer systems. People have every day less, and they have us practically under their, until now, hidden control.

Their "great" organization started at this innocent Base.

Composed of: About 50 Top-notch organizers, some have taken our kind of bodies - No Hybrids – 25 Homo Sapiens as staff. These are highly trained and implanted! (They do not know it).

Ships only as requested.

The computers they possess have very little similarity to the one they "gave" us.

The reason for this development could stem from the rule that individual thinking is forbidden. Very few leaders are allowed to do this, but they are, naturally, needed to create the plans and programs on which they operate.



Information received 24/2/1999.

Place: Santa Lucia, Mount Gimic. Source of many rivers, with all the water supplies needed.

Purpose: Mental Experiments With Humans.

How to subdue us without our knowledge. A vital technique in order to get us to build for them. Total mental amnesia, but the bodies must be able to produce.

As far as I can see, it is the way they operate in every planet where they work in a clandestine way. This makes the technology highly refined.

All these Bases look so small, but they are the prototype of future constructions. The area made it possible to take people and send them back without much questioning.

Today it is used more as research and refinement of control over the masses. It is made for various purposes such as strikes, revolts, voting and psychosis of different nature.

Gases thrown form Space Ships are also used.

On an individual basis, special drugs are the best, and naturally, implants.

Waves that vibrate on a high frequency used on population. These include the commands they want us to obey.

With electrical waves they send agreements about the terrible situation we are in, among which are the deadly diseases appearing all over the place.

We are treated very much as cows. To the animals we play nice music in order to get a higher production.

To us they play NEGATIVE waves and news, to keep us in apathy, and obedient to them.

They, to keep us in constant confusion stage all the revolts and wars we see.

Tests can be made on islands, each with a different wave or gas.

In reality we do not know if, or when these tests are USED on all of us. It includes the whole planet.

There is a tight communication with other experimental areas.

Composed of: 75 ET's – 183 Hybrids – 275 Homo Sapiens – Prisoners come and go.

All their machines are up to date, the newest development from Andromeda are here. In this place we do not have quantity, but quality!

Seems such a nice and safe Base, but it is deadly for us terrestrials.

5 Ships equipped for tests.

They are very busy, as this project is supporting the political scenario, which is 100% manipulated by them.

Some diseases are spread this way, therefore we have strange epidemics which doctors cannot really cure. But, we take lots of useless medicine, which work as "drugs" for people that are not actually on drugs.

They prefer kind of zombie population, being AFRAID of any possibility of us handling our own lives. In case this would happen they would be LOST!



Information received 25/2/99

Place: Puerto Rico, North of Ponce, in the Cordillera Central, nears the river, which ends in Playa de Ponce.

Purpose: Infiltration Base.

The Greys have always worked with data and they train people to work for them. The work of this Base would be impossible if it was under water.

The Cuban situation could have been staged by these organizations. Not all people working for them were forcefully abducted. Some agreed to a fantastic adventure.

Naturally, the work started with people around the area. We have a good start with Che Guevara, ever since guerrillas have been and still are all over the area.

This Base is used as a training camp. The climate is also easy to work in. In these primitive places less attention was drown on their work.

In training, sophisticated weapons and "persuasion machines" are used. The training consists mostly in covert warfare. An area is infiltrated, and wars keep going on as long as needed by the organizers. (You have Yugoslavia as a living example).

Please understand that for a fight to continue endlessly, SOMEONE must keep instigating it. It is relatively easy to do, as we terrestrials "love to hate each other".

Base still in use, but now only for very specific aims in different places of the world. The Base with most experience in this field.

Composed of: Differently trained Greys. Some are experts in programming, others in executing. Naturally the data they operate on is NOT local. They use worldwide co-ordination with strong attention on the area they want to get into. The result of their "attention" is generally turmoil of rather similar character.

YOU can easily spot it in the International News.

This is vital to be able to bring in a New World Order. (Before this can be done, they NEED disorder)

Some are very knowledgeable in how to INFILTRATE and create fights between neighbors. Sounds crazy, but there IS a technique to it. This is the psychological side of it all. Here is taught how to use the "invisible weapons" in order to make us do what they want.

There are also physical trainers. For guerrilla wars one must be fit. They must also be able to "teach" the people they infiltrate. There is far more psychology and implants involved than we can dream of.

About 200 Greys – 150 Hybrids which are mostly used as guards, to ensure no escapes.

The ones that fail in training are being used in different Bases, for human experiments, but for security sake, memory is erased first.

Space for about 180 trainees.

8 Ships.

It seems as if some shield through which ordinary telepathy cannot pass, protects whole Puerto Rico. On must be able to go "over it"

Here lots of "intelligence" work is going on. They DO work with the human mind, controlling intentions. They also must have full knowledge and control of what their "pupils" are doing.

Sound incredible, but we fall for these hidden robots. They often play the role of "liberators", but give us only death, misery and confusion.

The Mexican EZLN leader, Marcos, could easily be such a product.


Place: Puerto Rico. North East of Cerro de Punta Cordillera Central. They use the river going to Lake Caonillas.

Purpose: Hangar Place for Space Ships.

There is naturally also maintenance. Some Ships can go under water, also some of them are getting old, so nearby there is a dumping place for unusable metal, etc. It is melted down and hidden or used again.

An efficient Base, as several other Bases depend on them.

Composed of: 85 ET's as pilots and mechanics – 128 Hybrids. Some high technology machines for repair and maintenance.

There is death penalty for mistakes. These should not happen. Special computers check everything before using a ship.


Information received 28/2/1999.

Place: Puerto Rico – Cordillera Central. Area Monte Guillarte where Rio Grande de Arecibo starts. This river flows into the Atlantic Ocean. Again, it s obvious that they need water.

Purpose: Construction and Logistic Base.

Whatever was needed of imported materials for the construction of the other Bases came here, and still does today, for minor replacements. It still supplies the needs of the 12 Bases. The shipments were, compared with today, much smaller.

Some parts are assembled here. For easier transport things are kept as flat as possible.

Computer system geared on construction and maintenance. This has to be organized very thoroughly, as shipments are not arriving every day.

Seems that Mars does receive the very big Intergalactic Space Ships. From there things get distributed as needed. It is obvious that Puerto Rico is too small a space for intergalactic transportation.

Mars is undisturbed.

Much of what is found on Mars is kept highly confidential, but I am rather sure that we DO HAVE most of the information. Simply because this huge project could never have been made without the knowledge of the terrestrials.

Movies make as believe that they are made of some "other dimension stuff", but all is very much in our dimension. Their bodies can die, their machines can brake, they need water, etc.

Composed of: ET Engineers as well as Homo Sapiens – There are 80 of our people, naturally all monitored the usual way – Erasure of memory, chips in head or body or implants – But, these people, even though they are being used, are feeling OK. The monitoring is on the subconscious level.

Many abducted people do not even know that they have been gone! They have become living spies, without even knowing it.

185 ET's – 310 Hybrids

Space made for storage and for assembling things. Planning of constructions. Their know-how is kept in rigorous systems. They have no competition. If someone occludes some data and is found out, again, the penalty is death. A hard system which gives high production, and no corruption.

Experience from this place has been used on later constructions.

Good space for landing. Ships 30.

From here plans are made of what is needed from us terrestrials. All transactions are done by monitored Homo Sapiens. There is no danger involved for the greys; a person goofs, heart attack or something similar is imminent.

Much of our money goes into these projects.

¿Where does our tax money go? Taxes are every day higher, misery every day bigger. Not too logical. ¿Is it?

We rarely see what is happening behind the scenarios.



Information received 1/3/1999.

Place: Bahamas – Eleuthera – An underwater Base with a tunnel connecting to land in the Western Bay. Here water is shallow.

Purpose: Logistic and Information Centre.

Used for further construction projects and expansion. A rather small, but very efficient Base.

Their main interest was the American continent. Possibly the huge technical explosion stems from the interchange with the Greys. We all know that there has been a huge expansion of Bases on earth. We hear about more abductions, see more "strange" lights in many, many different places, (some can even see them on the moon with a private telescope!). Also, our planet is getting crazier every day, (¿what do YOU think about KOSOVO?) and control is getting tighter through all this new technologies.

The start of this expansion we find in this famous Triangle, and this Base has masterminded many different events in our recent history, possibly also the Hiroshima bombing, which historically has been rather hard to explain.

Basic training is done in other Bases. Here the real tough work was, and is being done. Only the master spies or infiltrators have access to this Base.

All looks so safe and quiet. The only machines are data computers, maps, and sketches of plans (all done on a screen). We can say that here the mind is at work, more than machines! In this place ideas are accepted and expected. They can even come out on land, for a stroll!

This Base has much of the American top secret data filed. Really, at this time, for the Greys there are no secrets about us. Through super spies and access to ANY computer, they get all the information they might need.

¿Did you know that university books are being controlled by their EXPERTS? They even have book scanners to ensure that certain data is not taught. This, though, is not handled in this specific Base.

Composed of: 20 ET's capable of making business with terrestrials, especially with the US government. They even have contact with some of the groups BEHIND the president, who knows very little of what really is going on. He must be able to appear "clean" in front of the nation and world.

75 ET's to prepare programs – Space for 50 visitors such as businessmen, or people who must be grooved in about certain programs. Guests can also arrive by ship, and can go to the meetings through the tunnel.

90 Hybrids, mostly for menial work.

The ships for VIPs are not their own.



Information received 3/3/1999

Place: Bahamas – In water, situated between Acklins and Ragged Island Range.

Purpose: Camouflage Base.

It is a Communication Centre to stay in touch with the outer world such as other planets and "home" Andromeda.

The very potent receivers and senders are being continually improved. Programs are being received, information is sent, but the only thing that can be seen of this activity is work with wreckage, and investigation to study fish fauna! The important Base is constructed underneath the apparent Base.

If we were able to intercept this communications, we would know what would happen next in our turbulent history.

Also this area is rather small, and efficient. A peaceful environment is required for the thinking and planning of the Robot Society.

They wish as to be Robots under their programming directions.

In these Bases we find the intelligence that was missing in most of the Bases around the planet. Here plans are made, and followed scrupulously, while we are living in chaos, which is the result of this very exact planning.

Anyone can spot this by looking at the global situation. Local news tends to make you believe that it is only happening to YOUR country.

These old Bases still keep their importance. In this one there is not much ship movement, instead LOTS of communication waves. It would be real fun to have the adequate receptors to pick up their frequencies!

Secrecy is their best protection. (Part of the reason for these articles!)

This Base must have great importance, otherwise it would not be hiding so thoroughly. It is protected physically as well as mentally. This have been very tough to approach telepathically.

It is also dangerous for ships or planes to get too curious. If they felt threatened, they would destroy the threat with lethal beams, but only if they considered it dangerous, otherwise they prefer to work without showing their presence.

Composed of: All ET's, in both Bases. The upper one has trained guards for the lower one. Also some machines to reinforce the hidden one. Their work is to send and receive information, and for this, they have TOP specialists.

Communication to or from outer space for Earth Bases goes via Mars or Moon, but never directly.

ET's as specialists 35 – Other ET's 47 – No Hybrids – No Ships



Information received 4/3/1999

Place: Bahamas – North East of Little Inagua, before the sea gets too deep, and is still in US territory.

Purpose; Execution Base.

There is much more movement in the Execution Bases. These must implement the programs. If things fail, they get punished. Here it is still allowed to query an order as they may encounter unexpected problems. In further links, execution is, as we well know, robotic. They have NO power of decision.

People sent on missions have to be trained.

It seems that here we have gathered some "intelligence" Bases. Possibly they started out with more building administration, but as the purpose is to take over the planet, there are some things that have priority for their ever further expansion.

In reality, not much space is needed for subversive actions, as it is all made as hidden as possible.

Composed of: 50 ET's, highly trained in subversive wars. The trick is to make us fight against each other, and not allow these fights to stop. (The Yugoslavian continuous problems are a living example).

The agitators stay hidden, and are being directed from such Bases as this one.

This Base can be approached by ordinary ships, and entered through a tunnel from Little Inagua.

Here Homo Sapiens works for them. They have been prepared and tested in other Bases, have done successful missions before starting to work in this place.

Space for 35 trainees. Once they start working here, this is their Base of reference. Flubs, are not being discussed with, they are simply eliminated. The only reason they might protect the ones working for them is that it is time consuming to produce the kind of person they need.

175 Hybrids, taken among the most capable ones.

Food supplies must come from land Bases situated in Central America, as well as in Venezuela.

No spaces for own ships, but there is always one ready for whatever might be needed. 3 ships at a time can operate here.


Written 19/3/1999



Please, understand that the reason they are hiding, and making everything so secret is that they are AFRAID OF US. (I am aware of repeating myself!)

This is also the reason they are producing bacterial diseases, using our media to, slowly make us agree to everything they are planning. If we all knew what is really going on, no one could suppress us. Knowing and united, we are unbeatable, but unfortunately we do not have these qualities for the time being.

This is the reason they can keep us fighting each other, sink us in different catastrophes and crisis all over the planet. We are ending up in gradual lethargy, so no one dares, nor has the courage to do anything about it.

We allow things to continue happening THEIR WAY.

Soon we will be able to say good bye to OUR civilization.

The reason for these articles is to help as much as I can, to keep it truly OURS.
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I repeat the recomendation given by the author: Verify for yourself the validity of this information.

As far as I can see, the text contains scientologeese, that is: scientology terms, and language.
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Red face San Jose de la Popa, Mexico Area

Hey here I leave a photo taken in San Jose de la Popa Mexico Area... It's weird what I was doing there for a living... In a Industrial Waste managament company...

Hahaha I've always joked with people there that they would have 2 heads babys...


Itś a big photo so better the link...
"No tenemos tiempo, ni tu ni yo..., la unica opcion es cambiar..."
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Originally Posted by alexav View Post
Hey here I leave a photo taken in San Jose de la Popa Mexico Area... It's weird what I was doing there for a living... In a Industrial Waste managament company...

Hahaha I've always joked with people there that they would have 2 heads babys...


Itś a big photo so better the link...

Think the waste was just dumped over the ground, that's standard procedure in those areas.
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interesting. and scary if it s true.
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Best laugh I've had all day
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