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norfolk boy
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Exclamation Hearing Microwaves?

I have tinitus fairly mildly and can hear high pitched electrical tones associated with domestic appliances that other people are not bothered by, lucky them - hearing our freezer is like having a nail driven into my head! But for a long time now I've been hearing a different 'character' of sound that has a more complicated structure.

Ever left your mobile phone next to a speaker and heard it receive a signal? Whatever is playing on the speaker gets 'muted' by a kind of background interference and then de -de -dede de de of the actual signal comes in. The sounds I've been hearing are clear electrical tones, of different intensities, volumes and levels of discomfort, but I always hear them very clearly because this background 'muting' of, general sounds of wherever I am, music I'm listening to gets 'turned down' first. Its a disturbing experience as you cant ignore the tone and the muting feels like a vibration, maybe even makes me feel a bit hot or nauseous.

Are these microwaves I'm hearing?
I had operations on my ears and an eye when I was a kid in the late 60s early 70s for things I dont think needed a general anaesthetic, what the hell went on then? Is there any way of being scanned to see if those f******* scum implanted something?
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I have the same thing happen to me. I have a Tmobile Sidekick and this thing makes a funny sound when on the charger. My wife and everyone else seems to never hear the noise. Also I can predict when I am going to get a text while at work. What happens is the computer screen gets all fuzzy and then I recieve a call or text. So if it does that to the computer imagine what the electromagnetic waves do to us. I always charge my phone downstairs and never in my room while sleep. I also hear the frequency of many electrical appliances and know one else does, or cares not to listen. Just imagine how clear minded we would be without all these electronics messing up our body. Even if I turn my cell off and take the battery out, you have wi-fi everywhere, cell towers, the saturated us with these elf waves. Its disturbing.
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I have had something similar as well. I have never injured my ear drums.. and am always at least somewhat careful about playing music too loud. My ears are generally sensitive. Lately though I will get this ringing in my ears that makes me want to slam my head against the wall. It irratates me so badly that I cannot focus on anything else. It isn't happening constantly, but at least every couple of days I'm noticing it. I know that it's easy to get really paranoid and jump to conclusions, but after looking into psychotronic warfare, it wouldn't surprise me if it is indeed frequency weapons. Here's a blurb by Alan Watt that touches on psychotronics in the beginning.

"Synchronicities, Psychotronics and Behaviour Modification - By Environmental Stimuli"
All of them are essential, but go down to August 30th, 2007


"Control Factor" movie clip



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chip implants, emf, emr, microwaves, noise pollution

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