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white light
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Everyone is full of shit. If they weren't we wouldn't have to keep going to the toilet.
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northern star
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Part of Labours failure is the obsession with celebrity and media presentation, rather than a properly formed party to fight an election with a strong leader with convictions about what they believe in, and talented people around them who have equal exposure. I never heard a single name mentioned in all the parties election campaigns apart from the leaders and chancellors. Thats not how you build a party of the future: it is comprised of a group of people, not just one person who looks good on the telly. All the focus was on Miliband who has no personality. I watched a bit of him on the Russell Brand thing then saw Blair in front of the inquiry panel and it struck me, both were programmed to produce comments and answers. The moment any free thinking, original thought or natural response was called for, they were totally flummoxed and confused. This isnt what theyre programmed for.

Labour used to be the party of the people, who wanted fairness and rights that they passionately believed in, not some simpering Etonian who really wants to be a Tory. You cant go back, but you can go forward and be modern and fair without being some corporate puppet. We had four Tory parties to choose from, with different coloured ties. Until the Labour Party reclaims the ground of real people they are pointless.I hope Nicola Sturgeon uses her powerful mandate to make a change, the way Tony Blair could have done, but didnt. If she doesnt, she'll end up much the same as the rest.

Until the public stop demanding perfect machines and low rate celebrities for leaders, nothing will ever change, and the people who can really be good politicians will never get a chance.
Keep on keepin' on
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