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Default Moon/Mars discussion on Richplanet

Watched another cracker of a show from Richard D Hall (btw what's with the D in his name?) and fellow researcher Andrew Johnson talking about Mars all things secret space and space coverups, particularly regarding Apollo and the faking of the Mars landing missions. I have to agree with Hall that I do think he's right that they likely faked those images and that they were actually taken on Earth somewhere. The clues in the strange photographic anomalies seem to hint at that rather than there being from Mars itself.

I agree completely with Richard when he said all this talk about finding water in the news is the same old regurgitated crap they've been going on about for years. As regards to the "face" on Mars in the Cydonia region, yes it is likely a face of something, but what I don't know. Whether there is a link between Mars and Avebury, I'm not so sure. The photos showing possible trees and tubes has stuck in my mind ever seen I came across the photos in an early 2000s edition of UFO magazine (shows how long ago those images have been around for in the public domain). I assume if these are indeed trees, then Mars must surely have an atmosphere?.
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