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Originally Posted by techman View Post
Taxi drivers spying on people, jeez its getting silly now. I'd like to know what taxi driver is gonna be bothered about someone saying something that's nothing to do with them and is merely that persons opinion. All these laws are just there to keep workers chasing their tails and distracted IMO.

Icke makes some chilling comments regarding Orwell's and Uxley's predictions. But what does he mean by restriction to travel? in what way?. One thing I'm seeing increasingly lately regarding travel are more turnstiles being put up at train stations with more and more authority everywhere and a dreaded oppressive feeling everywhere you travel, not helped by knobhead little Hitlers everywhere treating you as if you're a criminal or terrorist; I think these turnstile barriers are there to instill fear and authority over you and not to make youre ticket is valid or faked, what are tne staff there for and the ticket inspectors on the trains?. More CCTV cameras of course being put up on an almost daily occurance in places you'd never have imagined.
I predict people in the future will not be allowed to travel overseas through legistlation if they are unable to repay loans to banks and credit card companies.

Possibly young people too who are unable to repay their student loans. This will be tied in with facial recognition (which Tesco have rolled out and others too of course) and the current biometric passports.

The next stage will be micro-chipping. Children first because parents will be afraid of their children being snatched by paedophiles.

Tesco first to roll out Amscreen’s facial recognition technology

Facial recognition: is the technology taking away your identity?


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David Icke Headline today:

The invisible credit card of the future.

‘Imagine strolling into your local supermarket, popping your essentials into a basket, heading to the bagging area – where no items are unexpected – and walking out with your weekly shop.

There is no need to make a payment, no fiddling with coins, and no placement of a debit or credit card in a terminal. In fact, there is no till at all.

This is not casual shoplifting but a realistic prospect of the future way to pay – when technology recognises your presence, scans your shopping, and invisibly takes payment from your account.’

More here:

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Anyone whom has been monitored in there lifes, knows the dangers, from having people having power like this in your life.

Like william cooper said in the behold the pale horse video, if they want you stuck in a certain area, they will be able to make sure you cannot use money outside that area. So in effect forcing you to stay there, in a variation on an open prison in effect.

Ignore any rubbish about, they will only track you if you want it. What rubbish, of course all sorts of groups and people, will use these things to do what ever they want to your life.

After being monitored all my adult life, i doubt there will be many safeguards in this money system either, like the system, of how ever they choose to target someone for lifetime surveillance.

So if i was you, if you want such a system, do not be so sure, it will be safeguarded like they claim. Humans are mostly corrupt, and thats something any system will not change. They for the most part like seeing others lifes ruined, so how will that effect such a system.

Personally i would never trust others, like this. If your all for this system, then your placing your trust in something, that is not warranted. Why would you believe anyone saying there is safeguards to protect against all sorts of dangers.

I will always stick with a physical card, although i have no money and never will, till i die.

Of course people being born into this system, will never know what system you lot really lived with. So they will be more accepting of it, until it bites them in the arse.
"You put 10 tonnes of proof in front of people, if they are not ready to accept an idea, they will not accept the proof. No amount of evidence will suffice to prove anything, it is the jury that will decide, and you are the jury."
William Cooper - behold a pale horse video
So true
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