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Ah yes transhumanism. There is some info in which Jones mentions his film referring to transhumanism.

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According to the RFID Journal here and here these are the characteristics of RFID tags the students wear at West Cheshire College:

* Active tags
* UWB tags emit brief RF signals across the entire 6.35 to 6.75 GHz frequency band.
* Average battery lifespan of a tag is seven years.
* Receivers, which can receive tag signals from up to 328 feet away, located throughout the campus buildings, in order to ensure that the tags can be pinpointed no matter where within the school a student might be located. (Toilet? Showers?)
* Designed to provide accuracy greater than 1 meter (3.3 feet).
* Transmission rate of once per second.
* Enables observation of student and staff in peer groups.

Here's a video on the technology that is being used
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Originally Posted by cosine90 View Post
never heard of it...... care to expand?

like I said:
the... chip... in... the... card... is... dead
it has no internal power source.
it has no battery
It relies on an induced current - from the reader - to work
the effective range for a reader is measured in millimetres.

RFID cards are often called 'swipe cards' because your card has to be so close to the reader that you 'swipe' it across the reader. - that's the sort of range they have

if you're going to quote 'small print via the web' it would be more credible to give a link so people can judge whether you are quoting a peer-review science source, or some raving nutter with a website (or - third posibility - just inventing some rubbish and using a made-up source to justify yourself)

A rfid have a coil that sucks power from the cellphone network. the range is longer.... guess how looooooooong it is??????????????????????????????????????
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Originally Posted by sibby View Post
Hi Cosine90 - these tags have a very long range, they are very high Htz, wifi RFID tags...

"In the meantime, West Cheshire College has issued tags to its 5,500 full-time students. Upon first registering for classes, each student is issued a photo ID card, along with a Zebra Dart UWB badge tag. Zebra's UWB receivers, which can receive tag signals from up to 328 feet away, are located throughout the campus buildings, in order to ensure that the tags can be pinpointed no matter where within the school a student might be located."

From http://www.rfidjournal.com/article/view/9476/3
Wow these tags sound mental, they are self powerd with 7 year battery life and operate at a real low frequency 1hz very close to schumann resonance which is concerning more noise in the elctromagnetic soup! And imagine your mobile phone only needing charge every 7 years like this!

From the site: http://www.zebra.com/us/en/products-.../dart-tag.html

Zebra's ultra-wideband (UWB) Dart Tags are affixed to assets or personnel to monitor and track their location at all times – in real time – to an accuracy of up to 30 cm. DartTags have a unique ID and emit UWB pulses that are received by Zebra's UWB Dart Sensors. Dart Tag is part of the Zebra Dart UWB family of products.
They are easily configured with Zebra's DartWand, a small wireless transmitter, to a wide range of update rates and feature a 7-year battery life at a 1 Hz update rate. Dart Tags are offered in two form factors; a small circular tag used on assets and a low-profile badge tag used on personnel or assets, both suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
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Try a Tesla Coil. Fry the circuitry.

It works for implants... most people reading this probably have about eight already.

It's not new... as usual, the disinfo agents begin to announce it decades after the technology has already been used in practice.
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I've just read the article and end up thinking, so what? So what if a building want to give me limited access, so what if an organisation want to be aware of my movements in their building. I'm sure most people in this thread don't leave there doors open, have keys and don't allow free access to everyone into their homes.

It's just a non story to crank up paranoia.
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