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Arrow The David Icke Videocast: Silencing The 'Truthers'

The David Icke Videocast: Silencing The 'Truthers'

5th October 2014


The David Icke Videocast can be delivered to your email every Sunday.

Here’s a clip from this week’s video …

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The government are OPENLY trying to frighten the population with the threat of violence and death if they dare say things that the ptb dont like. The ptb are dangerous and dont give a shit. They would murder people who get in their way. That's what I think.
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this AWAKE (Truth Movement ) is annoying as flies.. &even beginning to believe the 'possibility' that it's part of the D&C programing as well..(I know it is)...Icke, & the like Never Mention anything other than to point at it. & people are Aware.. only... People Awaken through the Heart & only when they are ready..down with All Domination & Control ( Hi Vib programming ) .... There is Only One Place to go. where the Thugs can't reach you> & Truly AWAKE.. maybe ..aaughhh .... that "Quantum World...popped up (auto) . but will leave : " People Awaken though the Heart &...,"
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This started with the Patriot Act, when the US Government ratified what it meant to be "mentally ill" and they included a bit which stated that people who question or are suspicious of the motives of the US Government were "mentally ill". They started this offensive years ago. I now see it as fodder for those who still believe the news on TV and trust that the Government has their best interest at heart. Those people don't want to know anything but this system, and they are afraid of what might happen without Government and the "order" they impose because every mainstream film shows people going ballistic in the streets and slaughtering each other as though that's all there is left to do. Without a sick, psychopathic government screwing everyone into the ground, we will just fall apart....

I'd suggest that when these extreme systems of control no longer work on us, we'll rise above rather than sink.

(PS David, about the historic levels of ridicule and the Wogan Show.... I hope you realize that these events were necessary in your development -- time to move on brotha. It's past, what's important is now and tomorrow. )
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ok when your father wakes up it's a time for celebration, when you video him it 's a miracle when he speaks more truth than an MP has in fifty years well its a truthers dream, well he's just getting warmed up http:////www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6k...ature=youtu.be only when we are pushed into a corner, then the English rise up, it is just the way the English operate.

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david icke, videocast

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