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Default Can earth lose all electromagnetism in 2012?

According to some scientists, there is a reactor at the very center of the earth. That creates the electromagnetism for the earth. The electromagnetism in turn support life forms.

There are evidences that the Mars was timing with life forms. Something weird happened there and the life as we know vanished from the Mars surface. According to some scientists, Mars lost its electromagnetism as its core cooled down.

The Mayans and other civilization have warned the world that some cataclysmic will happen between 2012 and 2025. What did they mean? Was it that the earth’s core will cool down like that of Mars? Does that mean earth will be lifeless like Mars?

The same scientists that say there is a reactor at the very center of the earth, also say the reactor is running out of Uranium fuel. It is possible that it will run out of fuel between 2012 and 2025

I'm not sure when this Reactor will run out, But the Same Scientists Believe between 2012 - 2025 that this will happen, What are your thoughts?
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From what I have heard, it is something about a electromagnetic field around Earth that protects Earth from the radiation in space, and that it would disapear when the poleshift begin to happen.
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