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Default The UK Foreign Aid is PC Ruse. UK Bombs Kill Yemeni Kids

The Foreign Aid is a PC Ruse. Dozens of already emaciated little kids blown into thousands of bits by a Missile, most likely built by and sold by the UK or US government.

Its time to call out the UK government on its making and selling weapons to countries (no questions asked) on the ethics of what these weapons will be used for.

I don't see any ethics committee overseeing the sales of weapons, ensuring they don't end up being used in unimaginable war crimes. The UK stays quiet about it, obviously because they had a hand in these war crimes themselves by proxy, and then the UK hands out 14 billion each year in a PC exercise to show the world what a caring humanitarian government the UK is.

Lets scale this down. Say there is a guy who wants to be known as a pillar of the community, you donate a lot of money to many humanitarian causes. You blow your own trumpet, so that the world knows what a great guy you are. Then on the other hand, you sell firearms to people overseas, that you know commit war crimes, and kill little kids.

Would you shake hands with this animal? Would this be the ultimate hypocrite? What sort of human being gives out money on one hand to people whose lives are destroyed by war, yet on his other hand, hands over more weapons that will cause incalculable death and destruction to millions more citizens of other countries?

The UK government of course! The second biggest hypocrite government on the face of the planet.

People scaremonger when they have no legitimate argument.
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