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Thanks for your posts.

Eleven Types of Scientism


I thought there was a lot of relevant points is this article.

1. Epistemic scientism
Epistemic scientism is an inappropriate view that natural science is the best source of knowledge (at least concerning some issue), or that science is the only source of knowledge (concerning some issues)....

2. Dismissive scientism
Dismissive scientism is an inappropriate knee-jerk rejection against a nonscientific source of knowledge. For example, someone might refuse to hear any philosophical arguments by saying that philosophy is a bunch of nonsense. Philosophical arguments that free will is compatible with determinism could be rejected out of hand, and the scientistically-minded individual could refuse to even bother reading such arguments.....
Check out Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride's videos on food is your medicine and MUCH more.

There 'should be' 1000's of REAL, high quality photograph's of earth from space/moon all over the internet - WHERE ARE THEY?!

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Originally Posted by ink View Post
Sorry my fault, I am not expressing my considerations correctly.

I will not use the ignore function.

Science is a religion.
It is based on results defined by monetary recompense and climbing the 'materialistic ladder'.
It is NOT to further this place nor the beings (of all kinds) within it.

If you accept that which you are told to be the truth without examining it for your self, including all and any aspects, then you will only promote a lie.

It is like me saying that the Aether is real, from my personal interaction, ...... you saying 'bullshit'....... but then a 'white coat' saying Dark Energy is real and you going

Originally Posted by tinfoil hat View Post
Science is not a religion, its based on evidence.
And it has both furthered us and hindered us.

I don't accept things without examining them, that's my point.
Originally Posted by ink View Post
Disagree....It is based on money end of.

Originally Posted by tinfoil hat View Post
Elaborate please as it isn't end of as far as I'm concerned.
Originally Posted by ink View Post
There is already a thread to discuss that, so I see no need to do it here

The Folly of Scientism

I am happy to discuss the concept there.
So you coming for a chat or not....lol

And bring ya 'little' friend?

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