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Default Russian Academy of Sciences reform - cover-ups

It's now more than a year since the Russian government announced sweeping reforms of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), in which its two sister academies are merged into one, and all of its institutes and properties transfered to the state agency, the Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations (FASO). The moratorium of any changes made to the staff and property of RAS is going to end on January 16th, 2015, and FASO was placing priority on firing 30% of the staff (I hope this includes the guys behind the failed Phobos-Grunt space mission, particularly Alexander Zakharov; whose team behind it was already disbanded), selling any property, closing or merging any institutes (possibly including the Space Research Institute and the Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry), and blocking just about every project that the government deems no longer directly serve the economic and political interests of the government and the oligarchs, including the repeat mission for Phobos-Grunt and any future Russian sample return mission to Phobos at any point in the future in response to BatteryIncluded's assertions - a confirmation of my speculative insistence came up in 2012 on Wikipedia, which was verified by the dismissals of all those who were older at 45 (including those behind Phobos-Grunt) at Lavochkin that disbanded the mission's engineering team following their punishments for their non-criminal offenses.

From what I've read the failure of Phobos-Grunt illustrates the questioning of RAS competence and management, and, given that the authorities is going to deal with each "concrete" academic institutes, they will surely hit IKI hard and make it count for failures. In addition, Olga Golodets and Ren TV accused the RAS of abuses, improper use of the academy's property and embezzlement of state funds, with statements and a 50-minute documentary television film Diagnostics of RAS. Golodets' statements and televised accusations were followed by inspections of the RAS, by the Russian prosecutor's office, detecting serious violations including the embezzlement of state property and budget funds worth millions of rubles; however, no official statement about the probe into the academy's financial activities were published and no charges were brought.

Bear in mind that, back in the 2000s, the Russian government tried to reform the Russian Academy of Sciences and they haven't succeed in improving the RAS if not for the global economic crisis. The alleged Anonymous operation, called "Operation Phobos-Gone", with an obligatory video and a series of postings on Pastebin and AnonNews, couldn't punish the RAS for not accepting the dire reality of the situation at the Russian space industry. And then a year later, the same government, including its science minister Dmitry Livanov, Mikhail Kovalchuk and Golodets herself was somehow be able to finally do it? It's an embarassment for the Russian scientific community for the record, and even the destruction of the RAS and the damage to Russian science in general was chilling.

Anyway, there are a lot of cover-ups about the information about what happens if the RAS reform law was passed. For instance, the reduction of science funding, the death of the RAS, the wholesale loss of labs, institutions and equipment (including websites operated by them), and the reasons why the government introduce such "reforms" that actually aim to destroy their own country. Perhaps they want to prevent the failed Phobos-Grunt mission from being repeated ever, or they want to boost their power?

If they do that, then why are they are willing to cover these acts up?

BTW, FASO has a say in appointment of institute directors, and I hope Lev Zelenyi will leave his position as director of IKI in light of the RAS reforms.
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