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Default Paedophile Ring ran from Central Edinburgh .

So are we supposed to believe that a paedophile ring ran from central Edinburgh went unnoticed by the law enforcement in central Edinburgh?! Considering that Edinburgh has always been a "paranoid-fishbowl" for the UK security services, I cant see how they didn't know.

Keep your children away from Edinburgh.


Quote ;

A former soldier jailed for sexually abusing six girls is being investigated over claims he operated a paedophile ring in the centre of Edinburgh.
David Scott, 60, was sentenced to 12 years in prison in May for abuse spanning 45 years.
But one victim has told police that in 2010 Scott took her to a flat where five other men also abused her. The girl, who was aged eight at the time, says she saw the men give Scott envelopes containing cash.Her claims of a paedophile ring are being investigated by Police Scotland.

'Absolute monster'

The flat at the centre of the probe is in Blackfriars Street, just off the Royal Mile.
A relative of the teenage girl, who cannot be named, said: "Scott is an absolute monster, but these five men also abused her and they must be identified and brought to justice."
Scott began abusing children in 1970 but was not convicted until May this year.
He had served four years with the Royal Scots, but left at the age of 20, allegedly for getting a 14-year-old pregnant.
After admitting 10 charges at the High Court in Glasgow in May, judge Lady Stacey told him: "You moved through generations of girls.
"You created a culture of fear which allowed your abuse to carry on."

Victim Laura Lunn last week waived her anonymity to reveal that she had reported Scott to police in 1997 after suffering three years of abuse which began when she was seven.
Police claimed that Scott was not prosecuted at the time due to a lack of corroboration.
But Laura, 30, says they failed to investigate property by not speaking to other girls who had already been raped and abused.
They were only approached 20 years later in 2017 after two new victims came forward.
Laura told BBC Scotland: "I can't believe he got away with it for as long as he did and I do believe that the only reason he did was because the police didn't do their job.
"If they'd they done their job properly, at least two of the six victims would never have been abused.
"There was just too much.
"There's so much evidence now when you look at it that you think how, what happened there 21 years ago?"
Flat video
One of Scott's two most recent victims provided a detailed statement 18 months ago claiming that he sold her to other paedophiles.
Detectives have arranged to take an additional statement from the girl this week.
She said that he took her to the flat on numerous occasions where five men, who she has described to police, raped her.
She saw the men hand Scott envelopes.
The girl said that Scott then took her for a McDonald's or shopping at the city's St James Centre.
The girl's relative said: "Afterwards, he took her to the shops and [she] would see him taking money out of the envelopes to buy her something such as a handbag or a hat."
Last week the girl's family identified what may be the address where Scott allegedly took her.
The relative said: "She had already described this flat in great detail when she gave her first statement about Scott to the police 18 months ago.
"There is no doubt in my mind this is the flat.
"When she saw a video of the entrance, she confirmed it in two seconds.
"We were relieved for her because after all this time, it was such a big breakthrough."
A Police Scotland spokesman said: "Police in Edinburgh received a report of non-recent sexual assault, which took place at an address in Blackfriars Street sometime in 2010.
"Inquiries into this matter are continuing."

End of quote.

the problem that Edinburgh has is that the British Deep State paedophile-protectorate uses "Tradecraft"/"Fieldcraft" to keep a low profile and to reduce the presence of evidence. There is a high probability that the scum involved in this have deep state connections. the flat off the royal mile was chosen tactically due to its proximity to the hotels and the train station.
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Originally Posted by PathogenAlpha View Post
"Police in Edinburgh received a report of non-recent sexual assault, which took place at an address in Blackfriars Street sometime in 2010.
"Inquiries into this matter are continuing."

the black friars were the dominicans which were the people who led the vaticans grusome inquisitions

Interestingly when roberto calvi known as 'gods banker' because of his work for the vatican bank was found hanging from a bridge leading to the city of london banking district the bridge was the blackfriars bridge...

One area to explore in edinburgh might be the hellfire club which is rumoured to have used at one point the gilmerton caves that are still existent under that part of the city. It is also rumoured that there are tunnels that lead from the caves under the city to various points including craigmillar castle. Another tunnel, possibly a ley tunnel attributed to monks was found east of edinburgh

Around edinburgh there are also many aristocrats claimed to be 'magicians' which i would take to mean qabalists for example the wizard of yester (said to have used demons to build his castle) and the mathematician John Napier who discovered logorithms and also 'napiers bones' and who now has a university named after him

from wikipedia:

''Napier's bones is a manually-operated calculating device created by John Napier of Merchiston for calculation of products and quotients of numbers. The method was based on Arab mathematics and the lattice multiplication used by Matrakci Nasuh in the Umdet-ul Hisab and Fibonacci's work in his Liber Abaci. The technique was also called Rabdology. Napier published his version in 1617 in Rabdology., printed in Edinburgh, Scotland, dedicated to his patron Alexander Seton. ''

the setons are one of the templar families

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Default Edinburgh smart light rollout: %G wifi by the backdoor?

Is this an attempt to introduce weaponised 5G wifi in Edinburgh through obfuscation?


Quote ;

Edinburgh City Council has unveiled plans to begin a £24.5 million roll-out of brighter, energy-efficient street lights.

The installation, which will start this month, is expected to save Scotland’s capital city £54 million over the next 20 years. The decision to roll out the new lamps follows a successful pilot project in 2014, which saw 7,000 obsolete lanterns in Edinburgh replaced with LED lights.

The LED lights give off a clearer light and have a considerably longer life-span (20 years) than the current lights, which last just two to four years. Edinburgh City Council said that the brighter light and new technology will also improve community safety by enhancing CCTV images and allowing light levels to be varied.

Currently, the council’s energy bill for just running the city’s 65,000 street lamps sits at £3 million per annum and, as energy costs continue to increase, the current lamps are swiftly becoming obsolete, costlier and harder to maintain.

New Upgrade Will Help to Ease Street Lighting Staff Workload

Along with the new lamps, a dynamic street lighting monitoring and control system (CMS) will also be installed, giving much more centralised control over the city’s lighting.
The CMS is equipped with real-time monitoring, enabling it to identify and report faults, which will remove the need for street lighting staff to undertake night-time scouting work to identify faults. In turn, these improvements could reduce the number of residents’ complaints about faulty fixtures and broken lights.

Councillor Lesley MacInnes said: “Residents in the pilot areas for the new lights overwhelmingly said that they preferred the crisper, brighter light to the orangey glow of the old inefficient street lights. As well as saving the city millions of pound, replacing the old lights will help cut our CO2 emissions in Edinburgh and comply with Scottish Government energy efficiency legislation.”

End of quote.

Notice how that they don't give you the specification of the kit and tech they are using. Also what about that CMS system they are using; How would they be able to determine when a light is off? Sounds like they are using a 5G wifi system and not telling the public. also the public has not been consulted on this in any form.

If you out there are local to Edinburgh now is the time to question Edinburgh council about this. Its run by middle aged tech illiterate people who will have been fed a load of rubbish over this kit/tech. If this system is allowed to roll out in Edinburgh the city will become uninhabitable. That's how serious this is. 5G will lobotomize you.
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Default Effects of Edinburgh H.A.A.R.P, street signs go unnoticed for 6 month

when they start doing the roll out of 5G on the population nothing will be noticeable immediately... However its the small signs you need to recognise first.

Now that the world knows the British state is testing psychotromic weaponry on the Edinburgh public, here is a curious side effect of this weaponry;


Quote ;

A street artist who hacked about 20 road signs in Edinburgh city centre said they had gone unnoticed for six months.
Frenchman Clet Abraham, 52, has confirmed he was the artist behind the altered signs including sumo wrestlers and wine glasses.
The fine art graduate said he thought people had not noticed his work because there were too many signs in the city.
He said he hoped they remained in the streets as they were for everyone.
Speaking from his home in Italy, Mr Abraham told the BBC Scotland news website it normally took about three months for people to notice his art work on road signs in other cities across the world.

He said: "I was in Edinburgh in March 2018 so it was very slow for there to be a voice about my work, I find it very funny.
"I think there are too many street signs in Edinburgh and so people don't like street signs and therefore they don't bother looking at them. It's very crazy and bureaucratic to have that many signs.
"I never cover more than about 10% of the sign as I don't want to disturb the meaning, which is very important to me.
"My work is about prohibition and therefore to cover the sign too much would mean it had lost its meaning.
"I'm against authority without discussion. While I'm not against signs they are a symbol of authority as they give an order."

Mr Abraham said he had also left his stamp on 10 signs in Glasgow.
He said he had picked Scotland because he had a cultural affinity with the country and its green landscape, and he singled out Edinburgh due to its "beautiful" architecture.
The artist takes between two days and two years to come up with each design before hand drawing it and then putting it onto a computer to make a sticker.
He has hacked signs all over the world and been arrested in Japan. He was caught by the police several times but has usually been allowed to carry on once he has explained to the police that he is "not a vandal".
He said: "I take care to do it at night and it doesn't take long as I've already made the stickers but yes I have been caught in Italy, London and Japan.
"My girlfriend is Japanese and when I was arrested I was banned from entering the country and she was banned from leaving the country for five months. It was the worst day of my life.
"I'm very respectful to the police and explain what I'm doing and usually they are

He makes extra signs he then sells to private clients and buys the signs from councils who take them down. His signs sell for between £1,000 and £10,000.
He added: "I'm so pleased they haven't been removed in Edinburgh and I would feel it was a pity if they were taken down. They are in the street so everyone can see them."
So why not remain anonymous like his fellow street artist, Banksy?
He said: "I don't think I'm doing anything wrong so I don't need to remain a secret."

End of quote.

This is the scary thing about 5G/H.A.A.R.P/ psychotronic weaponry. It doesn't discriminate.

The context of this piece is that between the local police, the road maintenance, the council staff, the local public, and drivers in Edinburgh; Not one of them picked up on this for 6 months.

There was no presence of mind. There was no awareness. Their perception was inhibited to the point where the vandalism of the street signs didn't register in their minds. so the H.A.A.R.P tests in Edinburgh have been a "success" in their eyes.

This is why Edinburghers as a collective people, can no longer be trusted. They are no more than lab rats and guinea pigs for this psychotronic weaponry. Even if they seem nice, they are not to be trusted under the present circumstances in Edinburgh.

It will be incumbent on the Scottish people to ensure once they have independence that the Scottish Parliament is relocated to another city. the psychotronics used in the city will have and will affect the ability of the parliament to function. (why do you think Salmond introduced the travelling cabinet, that travelled around Scotland during the summer months?; to get out of Edinburgh for as long as possible.)

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Default Another H.A.A.R.P test? mysterious power cuts in Edinburgh.

They still seem intent on pushing out the use of HAARP in Edinburgh, even if it means turning the city into a dysfunctional place ;


Quote ;

Postcodes in the EH4 postcodes of Edinburgh were hit by a second power cut in as many weeks earlier this morning, leaving homes and businesses again without power. It is not yet known how widespread the loss of power, which affected the offices of the Scotsman and Edinburgh Evening News, is across Edinburgh. There has been no comment as of yet from Scottish Power Energy Network, who are responsible for the smooth running and upkeep of power across central Scotland. The power cut comes less than a fortnight after several postcodes in the Edinburgh area suffered an outage on Friday November 16, which affected homes and businesses for nearly three hours.

End of quote.

If memory serves people were warned about an EMP attack happening in Edinburgh a few months back. No one seems interested in Edinburgh though. Too busy wrapped up in their smart phones......
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Default More H.A.A.R.P in Firth of Forth: Three whales dead.

The psychotronic weaponry that they are testing in Edinburgh and beyond is still killing mammals and sealife;


Quote ;

Three whales have died after beaching in the Firth of Forth.

The pilot whales were found stranded on mud flats at Torryburn in Fife on Wednesday, a day after being spotted near the coastline.

The mammals had been refloated at high tide on Wednesday by a British Divers Marine Life Rescue team, assisted by coastguards and firefighters.

However, Kinghorn Coastguard confirmed on Thursday that despite their best efforts, the whales had died.

End of quote.

The frequencies that they are using are scrambling with the navigation of the whales. Again it needs to be stated , if its doing that to the sealife then what is it doing to the local human population either side of the Forth?!

(edit: Also around the same time about 50 dolphins washed up dead on a New Zealand beach ; http://earth-chronicles.com/anomalie...w-zealand.html)

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Default Military personnel carrier on Edinburgh Streets

This is interesting;


Its was seen on a street in Leith. I know the street. There is no government offices anywhere near there.

Did the military trace the H.A.A.R.P signal to a locality?....

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Default Chelsea Clinton at Edin Book Fest 2018. Disturbing.

And so we come to one of the main new movers and shakers, in the next generation of illuminati whores; Chelsea Clinton.

Now i have eyes and ears on the ground in Edinburgh, and from what was relayed to me, when Clinton was at the book festival, the square surrounding the festival tent was (for lack of a better term) invaded by heavily-built steroided to the eyeballs, goons, whose sole purpose was to ensure clinton got in and out in one piece. (Also none of them where British. They all had foreign accents.) It was quite a disturbing sight. Also no ones phone worked properly at that side of Edinburgh for the day. so its probably the case they were using psychotronic weaponry to make the locals docile to her presence in Edinburgh.

Now we have here a piece from the BBC, who done this vanity interview with her supposedly about her childrens book she published (yes it is weird), and vague questions about women in politics. the video in the page is only about 30 secs long. I remember seeing the full length interview they put on Reporting Scotland, and i have to say it was disturbing. She had the most empty dead hollow eyes. There is nothing going on behind that facade. She was "initiated" into her fathers lineage.......


Quote ;

Chelsea Clinton has described Nicola Sturgeon as "incredibly courageous" for talking about the challenges of being a female leader.The daughter of former US president Bill Clinton, and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, was at the Edinburgh International Book Festival.She spoke about women's rights as she launched her latest book for children.
She told the BBC that Scotland's first minister was among the many women she admires. Ms Clinton has written two children's picture books, She Persisted and She Persisted Around the World.Both books focus on women "who have used their voices and determination" to change and shape history.

She said equal rights for women remained a hugely important issue."We know that in no place are women fully equal - equally enfranchised, equally empowered, equally supported," Ms Clinton told BBC Scotland."How we change that requires a shift in norms and expectations and I think some of that starts with the stories we tell our children - not only our girls but also our boys."Ms Clinton said she admired Ms Sturgeon for "talking about the challenges of being a woman leader"."I think that's an incredibly courageous thing for her to do - to have that level of candour in public discourse," she said."I think we need more of that, and we should see that as a sign of strength and not remotely a sign of weakness."

She added: "I hope that it sends a strong, positive message to girls and young women, indeed to all women, across our land - there should be no limit to your ambition for what you can achieve."She has since launched a competition to find a young women to mentor, and encouraged other women in leadership roles to do the same.And she has also spoken out, along with other female politicians, about the online abuse women face.Ms Clinton said: "I think that her candour will hopefully make it easier for more women to go into politics here in Scotland, and in other places where women are watching her example."
Among those who feature in Chelsea Clintons books are physicist Marie Curie and Harry Potter author JK Rowling.She described Ms Rowling's story of being a young mother, writing her novels when she could in Edinburgh cafes and hotels, as "deeply inspiring"."She encountered resistance but was unbowed. She persisted because she knew she had something unique and special and important to contribute to the world," she said.Ms Clinton said her mother and grandmother were the two women she looked up to most
Ms Clinton said she was inspired by both historical and fictional characters, but she added that the two women she had looked up to most in her life were her mother and her grandmother - "both of whom persisted over unimaginable odds and never gave up".

Hillary Clinton was First Lady of the US from 1993 to 2001, then a senator and secretary of state. She went on to be the Democratic Party's most recent presidential nominee, standing against Donald Trump in the 2016 election.Her daughter said she had dedicated her latest book to her grandmother who had been abandoned by her "unwed teenage parents" at the age of eight and had had to look after her younger sister.She added: "Even though she didn't have a model of women in her family going to college, she supported her daughter going to college and then she herself went to college in her 60s.

"I wish that my grandmother were here today and I could share my books with her."I wish she could see all that her daughter and granddaughter continue to do."

End of quote.

The full video package that BBC Scotland broadcast in Scotland showed her walking about on her bare feet. Also she appeared "strung out" and distant.

There is also a synchronicity here, in that Barack Obama used Edinburgh to publish his first book long before he ran for US President. So Chelsea is using that same tactic here. she is using the book festival to sell herself to international backers/bankers for some future run on the White House. (the Edinburgh Book Festival is all international boarding school-set. They are all fucked in the head and are dysfunctional.)

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