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Default positive and upbeat july forecast

July Overview

July is universally an EIGHT month (in numerology) and brings in a high energy of focus toward career, business and accomplishments. Mercury is moving through the last degrees of Gemini and bringing forward the resolutions from information brought to the table in June. The resolutions are finding their way to a solidification process and will finally be implemented. This becomes an important part of this year as we can finally move forward. The stepping stones of resolution move us through the past issues that are being resolved and into our new directions.

At the current time, so many people are stating that they don't know what they are doing and where they are going. It is because we are in this time of transition. So many situations in the outer world are part of the new and still fluctuating landscape. As 2008 is a ONE year, which precipitates this new, still evolving landscape, we are trying to build and integrate our new energy into a still new outer world. This requires that we have a new focus, new approach and new directions to our life. With July being an EIGHT month in the ONE year of 2008, we are moving our life and decisions from June into the new environment and new energies of July.

The New Moon on July 2nd in the emotional sign of Cancer opens the door for this connection to also be fanned out by Jupiter in Capricorn. The issues and resolutions are fanned out to create the very bridges and stepping stones needed. Our connection to the resolutions of this new pathway takes us beyond the old issues. The Full Moon on July 18th exemplifies this whole process as the Cancer/Capricorn focus gives us the rights of passage to move beyond the past. Mercury connects with Jupiter at this time as well to bring forward these rights of passage and information becomes the ticket to our passage.

With Sun and Mercury moving into fiery Leo in the later part of the month, the connection of Sun and Mercury on July 29th opens the pod bay doors for our entrance into a whole new ocean. This provides the graduation experience that the rights-of-passage symbolizes. Similar to walking beyond the many gates at an airport, different transports taking people to different locations, we will move through this time, leaving behind old issues no longer our reality. Our passage will allow us to walk past many of the options and issues that are now resolved and are not needed to hold us back or contain us. We are moving beyond each gate to go to the right entrance that will be activated according to the rights of passage earned in this process.

On July 29th, we will sign on the dotted line to activate our passage to our new life and to move beyond the past issues, situations and events. Our new Life awaits us as on August 1st, the Solar Eclipse/New Moon finds us standing on the threshold of our dreams. At 9 degrees Leo, opportunities open up our new journey, which is created by our bold, courageous and dynamic essence of Self. This Self is the result of Pluto moving through Sagittarius since 1995. Our Self becomes the essence earned and is seen as we move through the rights-of-passage into our new life.

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I hope your right...
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Smile Good Morning

I have my doubts, K
America, which some say is a great country, and some blame it for the worlds ills is a Cancer country and some see it as falling. George bush is a Cancer.
Cancer is a sign that says do as I say not as I do.
Please don't think I'm down on Cancer for my personality according to today's astrology is Cancer, but I think that there is something amiss with astrology. Could it be that the thirteenth sign is missing?
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Such a detailed analysis)) You probably an astrologer?
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