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The Mayan images were created by some else an then recreated. Then I recreated these in several diffident time's.1st time late 90's early 2000's They were displayed to friends on my MsN list. Then I had to reset redeveloped in to, what see here.

Headstones - Unsound

Which again was long process in self in both case's they may as well be glyph'ed at the same time if needed. which is a process in it self depending on any high lighting such deep back grounds. there Technic to what I do

The lower set is from several years back before I had a camera. and as I was using this camera I took several image's of my self for study. these would be use to glyph for my study at that time light n dark. a reexamination of early sets of Glyph's base on time an movement life style changes an ability to adept. What I can learn. + I'm not in a great mood for these shots.

When we look at the top. very much a per-modern civilization. With some very advance math skills. But they can only see. with in there world. up to the sky. an they lay'ed it out in a certain way. They could not tell what I would do to the image.

This one those super wonderful images. as these times. clash with that symmetry. As i said this very much part of a stander Technic I use on sett's i like to look at in a different way. ahhhh yea a different way. Its very much random set thing I do on imagery I like to work with or, have meaning.

Matrix Construct

I'm not big in to the dimension, magic or, simulate computer program reality. One mans magic is another's technology.
it all right here around us.

There is a higher and lower order to things.

the matrix welcome to the desert of the real
The reality of our own creation. The WORLD around us.

One question I love to ask is ; What do they eat.

Korn - Freak On a Leash (AC3 Stereo)

The impossible things about these images 1 both 2 of my face 1 where it should be The other under the object at the top. so this is not possible these Technic's. Its there or its not. an the 2 images time frame the symmetry's its just not possible then u add on cultural differences.

notice the out side ring how comes in to an object at the center top of the Mayan
stone. these would be the soul reinserted souls I would think base on other imagery I have per posted.
A is for Alpha- from where you came.
O is For Omega- to where your going.
I'll slay U l8rz

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