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"Its plain to see that the seeds from you and me, will be the ones that lead us towards unity, that's if we treat them right, must teach them right, raise your kids better than you was and see what it does" EDI - Outlawz
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Originally Posted by savethehumans View Post
I dont even care about climate change thats step one on a staircase 12 deep.

Its all about sustainability and we DONT have it.

^ if you disagree with this comment then you are talking out of your ass and havent done even the most basic of research.

For argument sake....a 75% decrease in the world population would be a great thing. Tell me, without being a tinhat wearing mouthbreather, why it wouldn't.

How do you think anything will change when corporations run everything? I will tell you....when millions or billions start to die and people rise against.

All you are saying is 6-10 billion would be fine if we all shared all resources and ate mostly vegetarian diets, while recycling everything...its bullshit. You talk about rethinking things, but give no examples of how or when this could ever happen. Its a pipe dream.
^The bullshit courtesy of shills for gates,monsanto and the elites.

^The evidence.

Game over.
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