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Arrow from 2011! Agenda 21 Plans to Burn Up Northern CA

from 2011! Agenda 21 Plans to Burn Up Northern CA

Published on Oct 27, 2017

Debora Tavares' interview with Jeff Rense in 2015 conclusively provides documented proof of premeditation of fire destruction of Sonoma and Mendocino Counties, in Northern California using microwave weaponry.
Additionally, RFID trackers are being used to locate victims in the vaporized rubble that is left of former residence's.
Part II will cover the logging companies efforts to provide massive fuel for West Coast forest fires using the hackn' squirt tree destroying methods of the Fischer Brothers, of Levi Strauss Jeans and GAP Stores fame.
This is all part of Agenda 21, which we will show is in full swing directly after the fires.
2011 PG & E and Cal PUblic Utilities Email exchange

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Sure ...we all know what happened , the question is are those that were burnt out just going to lie down and take it , or Sue the government !!
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Yes WE know what happend but the poor people in CALI probably have no idea and believe what they say 1000%
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I live in a dry part of the world and we saw massive fires this past summer. Lots of people having to leave their homes for weeks at a time. Variety of things put forth about what caused these fires--some were human caused, but not all. What made them worse was the poor forest maintenance practices in which undergrowth and dead wood is not dealt with and lies on the forest floor providing great fuel for fires. Government and forestry companies know the importance of dealing with and removing this dead stuff, but they never do it. I would have to say that it is deliberate to ensure that fires occur and that they can grow and expand to destroy whatever is in their path.
I think wildfires, like weather, are weapons to be used against people, --provides fear, destruction of property, unsettlement, death. Also, floods/rain like in Texas. Banks can get the property from those who are unable to pay mortgages on destroyed homes.
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"California’s governor has said that deadly wildfires in the winter will be ‘the new normal’, as fire crews rushed to contain the fires, with dry desert winds expected to intensify over the weekend.

Governor Jerry Brown on Saturday toured Ventura County neighborhoods ravaged by a weeklong wildfire that killed at least one person and destroyed hundreds of homes and other buildings...."

There you go they're telling you this will be the new norm!!!

Unless people in that area get off their arses and start a class action lawsuit against the government, this will continue every year till all the property is gone.

Don't say you weren't warned ...if all those burnt out put $100 into a fund that should be enough to get things moving....

Failing that install lots of cameras streaming real time to the web ... then at least we should some good film as they incinerate houses , be clearer about which type of energy weapon is used.
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I have suspected that the hurricanes and wildfires were a deliberate attempt to frustrate the POTUS and to make him crack under the pressure. I also wondered if it was an attempt to halt the economic growth to make his base weaken.
Unlike a lot of other people, David walks the talk. Be careful who you trust in this alternative media and research.

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2017 has been a disaster, from start to finish. The ruling 'elite' would have us focus on the many False Flag terror events, orchestrated by them, to reinforce the notion that Islam is the enemy within; when the real terrorists get on with the job in hand... the hidden hand. Their goal is to enslave humankind in the 'Smart Grid' controlled by A.I. and everything that can be chipped, will be chipped, including you... Total surveillance with an 'Active Denial System' to ensure you comply with mandatory NWO directives.

Meanwhile, they continue terraforming the earth in accordance with the Wildlands Project and Agenda 21. That requires removing people from rural habitations into concentrated 'stack & pack' city dwellings, connected to the carcinogenic 5G network, where you slave for the Corporate Master. First, they deployed weaponised weather to cause record breaking flooding across the world, destroying homes and devastating crops. Then, they burned thousands of acres of land in select areas, with directed energy weapons.

Millions of people are already displaced by Rothchild's wars and many more face starvation and disease. Environmental destruction, not only due to altered weather patterns, but the high frequencies, which are killing plant and insect life, will cause major food shortages. In order to "benefit" from the convenience of 'Skynet' the clouds must be manufactured by chemtrails and laced with nanoparticles to act as the conduit for EM waves. I won't pretend to fully understand the scientific principles, but I get the gist of it...

I do know that they are opening Pandora's box with the 'Internet of Things' and have no idea what "things" may emerge from Artificial Intelligence. But we still have hope... hope that people will realise health is more important than faster broadband and happiness is not found online. Reject this "super-efficient" society where robots make you redundant and return to a more natural and simplistic way of living. Otherwise, you will become an integral part of the neural-net-based Beast System, a slave in a futuristic hell...
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